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Douglas Douglas United States ( Couple )
2 years ago

“ Three-day Japanese Language Study of Esoteric Shinto-Buddhist Practices and Thought ”

Yoshiko served as as an outstanding Japanese language instructor during our in-depth discussions on the difficult topics of esoteric Shinto-Buddhist practices and thought and the amalgamation and eventual separation of Shinto-Buddhist practices in Yamagata, a traditional center of Japanese religious beliefs and practices. Her detailed knowledge of this area and her professionalism were key to the success of my effort. She was outstanding, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone visiting Yamagata.


Hello, Douglas, I'm happy to know that you enjoyed 3-day tour in Yamagata. During the tour, You gave me pointed questions many times and I was really impressed by your deep knowledge about shugendo and Esoteric Buddhism. I am looking forward to meeting you again. Thank you very much for your review. Yoshiko

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Yamadera and fruit picking

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by Yoshiko
Yamadera is one of popular tourist destinations in Yamagata. The official name is Risshaku-ji Temple, but people call it “Yamadera”, which means “Mountain ...
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