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YANAKA Private Walking tour & Soba buckwheat noodle making!!

3 hours
up to 4 people
English ( License )
Private tour (only you and your guide)
Walking / Public Transportation Tour
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Learn Soba buckwheat noodle making and try your own made Soba noodle.
[The venue: Traditional Soba restaurant, ”やなか蕎麦YANAKA Soba” in YANAKA]
40 years experienced Soba chef, the restaurant’s owner spoon-feeds you!!(dough making,mixing,rolling and cutting the noodles) Additionally,this hands-on workshop come with 90minutes guided tour of the carefully selected highlights of YANAKA!!


Feel free to personalize this offer with Hiroki.

  • 90minutes guided tour of the carefully selected highlights of YANAKA!!(cf.the later half of the video)
  • Tour of Soba buckwheat flour milling process
  • Experience the Soba noodle making [dough making,mixing,rolling and cutting the noodles] (cf.the pics displayed on slides)
  • Enjoy the traditional Soba noodle meal consists of noodle made by chef and your own made one(come with complimentary two side-dishes and dessert)
  • Capture this rare and wonderful experience thoroughly!!(Commemorative photographing(dressed like a Soba chef outfit), Chef assistant or guide films all the your activity!!)

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What to Expect

★See the video above to know what to expect in this tour before anything else!!★
《Soba noodle making experience & walking tour in YANAKA noted for its nostalgic townscape.》
◆About "Soba buckwheat noodle"
Rooted in Japanese food culture(See [Soba history] below for further details), Soba noodle is served wide variety way. Served cold with a dipping sauce attached, called Mori-Soba, and served hot in a bowl with delicious broth and various kinds of toppings on it such as Tempura !! Incidentally, in Kanto region including Tokyo, the sophisticated way to enjoy Soba noodle at a Soba restaurant is to have a side dish and have a bit of Sake before enjoying the Soba noodle itself !! That's why good Soba restaurants offer delicious side dishes including Tempura !! In that sense, a Soba restaurant is the most suitable place to be immersed casually in traditional Japanese food culture. To our joy, buckwheat is nutritious and healthy because it has protein, vitamin B and a low calorie,moreover it's rich in rutin that works to thin the blood !!
◆Details of Soba noodle making (cf.the pics displayed on slides)
40 years experienced Soba chef spoon-feeds you how to make this traditional Japanese noodle dates back to the early Edo Period!!(dough making,mixing,rolling and cutting the noodles)
This program, held in the Soba noodle restaurant of "やなか蕎麦YANAKA Soba" noted for its authentic style and great tasting, is very popular among the locals!!
Since the Soba chef, owner of the "やなか蕎麦YANAKA Soba" spares nothing for a fine Soba, its work routine of making Soba begins with grinding husked buckwheat berries with stone mill.
Buckwheat flour ground by stone mills will create the top quality SOBA noodle. Roller mills are usually used for making buckwheat flour,but,the heat generated by rollers rotating at high speed spoils flavor of SOBA.
That's why,the restaurant grinds buckwheat slowly and carefuly using stone mill to make great tasting SOBA flour. And,this restaurant uses only domestic buckwheat from specified buckwheat fields for its high quality. More specifically,they use the top quality husked buckwheat berries organically grown around the area of Lake Towada.(Lake Towada located on the border between Aomori and Akita prefectures in the Tohoku region.)
The skillful art of Soba noodle making using carefully made buckwheat flour makes up the great tasting Soba noodle having excellent feeling of smooth throat pass!!
After making Soba noodle, you'll try your own Soba sitting comfortably in a reserved seat!! Moreover, it’s coming with complimentary two side-dishes and dessert(※)!!
(※)海老天Ebiten(Prawn deep-fried in batter), 蕎麦豆腐Soba-Dofu(Buckwheat tofu), 蕎麦アイスSoba-ice(Ice cream sprinkled with buckwheat berries)
And then, your thoughts go to the history of Japanese Soba noodle relaxing in spacious place!!
[Soba history]
Traditionally rooted in Japanese food culture, soba noodle is served at wide variety places such as teahouses for travellers. (A pieceof Ukiyo-e (Multicolored woodblock prints) produced by Katsushika Hokusai (1760~1849) shows a scene of travellers having Soba noodle in a teahouse.)
SOBA’s cultural ties to traditional Japanese customs are evident in Toshikoshisoba eaten on new year’s eve to bring longevity and prosperity.
Delivery service called “Demae” became common till the end of the Edo Period(1603~1868).
The "Demae" skill remarkably developed until the invention of "Demae"device in the 1960's.
(Delivery staffs called Demaet-moti skillfully delivered piled up Soba boxes!!(See pics and video))
And now,"Demae" delivery service is practiced with motorbike equipped with the "Demae" device(1).
((1)The "Demae" device is a special rack equipped on the back of a motorbike which swings and rocks on hinges to keep the food safe during transport.)

《90minutes guided tour of the carefully selected highlights of YANAKA!!》(See the video)
Before participating the Soba noodle making lesson, you can enjoy the walking tour of Temple Town YANAKA.
⚪ Nezu Shrine, Tokyo's oldest Shinto Shrine noted for its magnificent and mysterious views
Getting insight into Shinto, Japanese indigenous polytheism to make clear the mystery of their religious tolerance.
⚪Tsuiji-Bei, a wall of Kannon-ji temple that remains from the Edo Period
This wall remains from the Edo Period invite you to slip back in time to the Samurai period!!
You'll find other walls along temples, where you can feel the nostalgic air of the good old days.
⚪Many temples with historical background and YANAKA Cemetery
[Zenshoan temple]
Zenshoan temple is my favorite one, because this beautiful temple was founded by Yamaoka Tessyu(1836~1888)called"The Last Samurai", and he rest here!!
He was the Shogunate retainer, who played an important role in the Meiji Restoration(1868). He is also noted as the founder of the Itto Shoden Muto-ryu school of swordsmanship.
He’s real last Samurai!!
[Choanji temple]
This Choanji temple has the grave of Kano Hogai(1828~1888).
He was a 19th-century Japanese painter of the Kano school originated in the 15th century. One of the last of the Kano painters, Hogai's works reflect the deep traditions of the school. He's said to be "The last successor of the Kano school"!! (His most notable work, "Hibo Kannon", 1888 (Tokyo Art University))
[YANAKA Cemetery commands a distance view of the Tokyo Skytree]
With leafy trees, shrubs and flowers along the stone paths, this spacious cemetery feels more like a scenic park!!
Amongst the more than 7,000 souls that rest here are a great number of famous historical figures,such as Japan's last Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu(1837~1913).
He was the very last Shogun who greatly contributed to the bloodless surrender of Edo castle, and also worshipped by many people for his great decision as the head of Samurai class.
⚪Shitamachi Museum Annex (Former YOSHIDAYA Liquor Shop)
⚪Many traditional shops with nostalgic air
Many antiques and folk crafts shops full of refinement and elegance!!
Book shop,Shodo materials shop, Writing brushes and pigment for Japanese paint…
Japanese paper with colored figures called "Chiyogami"
Traditional Japanese sweets…
And,lucky cat shop!!(People have made positive effort not only to prevent evil but also to bring happiness.
Maneki neko or "a beckoning cat"(a.k.a. lucky cat) have been created as symbol of happiness!!
Public bath called Sento,Museums,Japanese style coffee houses…
A bike shop within an old Japanese style house with a modern, fancy interior…

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Departure & Return

Starting time 14:30 PM ( recommended )   Flexible
Meeting Point Nezu station(Chiyoda line), Sendagi station(Chiyoda line), Nippori station(JR), Your hotel in Tokyo(only the 23 wards of Tokyo)
Ending Point YANAKA Soba(5 minutes walk to Nezu station), Nezu station

Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

Guide fee,Lesson fee(instruction by chef and assistant,ingredient etc.),Rental outfit for Soba making,
Transportation fee(guide):including hotel pick up cost

What‘s not included

Transportation fee(you)


Thursday is not available.

Please send me message for inquiry about availability for activities regardless of the Availability Calendar.

◆Check for availability
Thank you for your interest in booking my tour!!
Please use the mail form ”contact Hiroki” above to inquire about availability for your desired date and session. And,I’ll email you a valid availability for them within 2 hours!!
☆The lesson itself lasts approximately 70 minutes. Duration of walking tour includes moving time from the last point of walking tour to the Venue(7 minutes walk) and time to change your clothes.
[Schedule] Please choose from the two sessions below.
14:30 Walking tour start
16:00 Lesson start
17:30 Finish
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19:00 Finish read more

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 30 days prior to meeting date
  • 50% Refund - 15 to 29 days prior to meeting date
  • No Refund - Within 14 day(s) prior to meeting date

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Reviews ( 42 )
4.7 (42) Reviews
Very Good
Susan Susan United States ( Couple )
2 days ago

“ Walking in the Yanaka District ”

Hiroki was a terrific guide who led us around the Yanaka district showing us important sites (where the last Shogun is buried) and many famous temples. He was well prepared and informed us of much of Japan's history and in particular, this area of Tokyo. His english was great and his enthusiasm to teach and help us was fabulous. I would definitely recommend him.


Dear Susan, Thank you very much for joining my tour and giving me such a wonderful review !! I'm so glad that you fully enjoyed the nostalgic townscape of Yanaka district, one of the few towns escaped from being burnt-out ruins during World War Ⅱ. Definitely, please come back to Yanaka again especially in the springtime when Shidare cherry (drooping cherry) trees of ineffable beauty are beautifully blooming in these historic temples !! (Above all, Cherry blossoms blizzard in Zensho-An Temple you stopped by is really overwhelming!!) Thank you again, please give my best regards to your husband !! Sincerely, Hiroki

Julie Julie United States ( Couple )
5 days ago

“ Excellent introduction to Japan ”

We had a great day with Hiroki. He picked us up and returned us to our hotel in Kanda. It was our first day in Japan and he gave us an excellent historical and cultural overview of the city. We saw interesting sights and he taught us about how to use the different transportation systems while exploring the city. We will be traveling in the country for a month so it was helpful to learn about food, religion, important words to know where to buy souvenirs for our family. Thank you for a wonderful tour day, Hiroki!


Dear Julie, Thank you very much for joining my tour of "selected destination in Tokyo to learn about Japanese History and Culture"!! Since the tour includes transportation orientation and its destinations are strictly selected and combined from the perspective of answering your simple but significant questions about Japan effectively, it came to be the most suitable tour for your 1st day in Japan !! And also, today's tour really turned into a meaningful one for me, because I learned a lot from your questions to the point!! Thank you again, and I hope your trip in Japan will be a memorable and wonderful experience for you. Sincerely, Hiroki

Gerald Gerald Australia ( Family )
Very Good
2 weeks ago

“ Generous with his time ”

Hiroki was very generous with his time. He had a lot of knowldeg about he history as we asked many questions around japanese traditions


Dear Gerald , Thank you very much for joining my tour !! The duration of 2 hs quite seemed to be too short for the tour of YANESEN area, but I'm glad you seemed to have had a fun!! I had a great time with you, too !! Especially, your questions to the point activated my brain were so impressive for me !! Thank you again, and please enjoy the rest of your trip in Japan !! Best regards, Hiroki

Agnieszka Agnieszka Japan
Very Good
3 weeks ago

“ It was nice trip around Tokio ”

Positive tourgide


Dear Agnieszka, Thank you very much for joining my tour between your international conferences in Japan and posting a nice review despite being busy at work !! Unfortunately, it's a day of unseasonable cold rain and poor visibility, so we had to end the tour skipping over a few highlights, but I'm a little relieved as you enjoyed in its own way. Thank you again, and please give my best regards to your colleagues !! Sincerely, Hiroki

Ajay Ajay India ( Family with kids )
1 month ago

“ Short transit trip around Samurai town and Naritasan temple: amazing guide, very helpful and knowlegeable ”

Our experience with Hiroki was simply amazing. He is very knowledgeable about history of the area and patiently and clearly answered all our questions. But most importantly, he is extremely courteous, considerate, prompt and resourceful (we were traveling w/ of 2.5 year old who was a bit riotous at times:-) partly due to jetlag and travel -- but Hiroki was simple amazing in helping us throughout our tour, which involved a lot of walking). Would any day recommend his services to make your trip around the area joyous and memorable!


Dear Ajay, Thank you very much for choosing my tour for Narita Stopover !! It's considerably tight schedule for 5 hs stopover tour as we toured both Samurai town and Naritasan temple being a bit far apart from each other, but I'm so glad you had a memorable time. And also, I had a great time with you and your family including your cute son !! This time, it's only a few hours stay in Japan on the way back home, but please have Japan in your mind when you plan your travel next !! Thank you again, and please give my best regards to your wife and son !! Yours sincerely, Hiroki

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