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Yanaka- nostalgic walking Tour

by Keiko
(21) Reviews
3h $ 92 Price up to 8 people


  • nostalgic streets with traditional wooden houses or museums
  • Yanaka Ginza street( to see daily dish such as tempura, yakitori, katsu, etc. you could eat them, too )
  • Asakura Sculpture museum( sophisticated house, admission fee 500 yen. )
  • Yanaka Cemetery (you could see difference from the one of your country)

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Price up to 8 people
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Yanaka is one of the few places of Tokyo which survived The Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and bombing during the World War Second. So you can see traditional atmosphere such as old wooden houses and stalls which serve for living residents.as well as Buddhist temples. I hope you could see and feel the life- style of Japanese people as well as Traditional Japanese culture.

What to Expect

Recently the life style of Japanese people has changed and westernized. We will walk slowly in order to show you what has changed - modernized Japanese culture- at the same time what still remains in the bottom of our culture. The time goes slowly here , and you might feel relaxed as if you had stayed here ,

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Keiko Licensed Guide
(21) Reviews
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  • nostalgic streets with traditional wooden houses or museums
  • Yanaka Ginza street( to see daily dish such as tempura, yakitori, katsu, etc. you could eat them, too )
  • Asakura Sculpture museum( sophisticated house, admission fee 500 yen. )
  • Yanaka Cemetery (you could see difference from the one of your country)


・Most shops are small , and most of them won't accept credit cards, It's better for you to bring cash a little , 5000 yen might be enough.
・There are a lot of Buddhist temples, but if you don't want to visit there, that's possible.
・This is a walking tour, so I recommend you to wear flat shoes.
・You do not need any transportation fees because we will stroll around there just on foot.
(If you take a taxi because of your poor physical condition or bad weather, those expenses are charged to you.)
・If you'd like to meet somewhere different from Nippori JR Station(ex: at your hotel or different station), picking up fees plus guide's transportation fees to the place will be
・Asakura Sculpture museum is closed on Monday and Thursday.  read more

What‘s included
guide fee, hotel pick up in 23 wards, transportation fee for guide
What‘s not included
transportation fee of you, lunch,sweets, snacks,drink (of you), entrance fee(of you and guide, Asakura sculpture museum costs ¥500)
hotel pick up out of 23 wards(¥1000)
Meeting Point
At your hotel in 23 wards of Tokyo
Ending Point
At Nippori JR station or your convenient place in 23 wrds
3 hours
Starting time
01:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 8 people   Flexible

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Reviews ( 21 )
Sandra Sandra United States ( Friends )
1 month ago

“ Very Accommodating ”

We had a great 2 days with Keiko. She was punctual and flexible when we asked her to meet us at our hotel even though it was out of her way. We were able to adjust our itinerary each day based on what we wanted to do. She knew all the places to get free samples at the Tsukiji fish market. We wanted to sample Japanese food so she took us to several places. She pointed out the best places to take pictures. She provided interesting information about each of the sites we visited. We rode a lot of trains and she got us around quickly. We highly recommend Keiko.


Dear Sandra, Thank you very much for your wonderful review of my tour. The days with me were the first two days of your trip around Japan, so I tried to inform the general aspects of Japanese culture. I was very happy because you were so enthusiastic that you often took notes and took pictures. I sometimes talked how your country influenced on Japanese modernization, and each time I did , you said that your country also was influenced from ours. I also wanted you to try as much Japanese food as possible. You courageously tried various kinds of Japanese food. I hope you will enjoy the rest of your trip in Japan and go back to your country with wonderful memories. Please say hello to your kind and friendly family members. Best Wishes, Keiko

Tiffany Tiffany United States
1 month ago

“ Great Day with Keiko! ”

We had a wonderful half day with Keiko! She met us at our hotel and showed us how to get to the train station and buy tickets and how to get around. We went to two areas in Tokyo and saw lots of places and learned lots of interesting things. She went above and beyond and took us to our next place we wanted to go even though it was after 1pm. My kids enjoyed her and we would use her again! Thank you Keiko!


Dear Tiffany Thank you very much for a wonderful review of my tour ! First we visited Tsukiji Fish Market. It was a special day for the Market; it was the last day for them to open the Inner market there. You bought big berries there. They were so delicious, weren't they ? Then we moved to Asakusa. You enjoyed traditional Japanese sweets. You and your family members enjoyed everywhere I shouwed , and it was my greatest pleasure. I hope you will have a good time during your stay in Japan. I also wish to see you again in Tokyo in the near future. Many thanks, Keiko

Robert Robert United Kingdom ( Friends )
1 month ago

“ A great day to remember. ”

Our tour was threatened with cancellation as a result of Typhoon "Trami" however Kieto kept on top of things and we agreed a small change in timings which allowed the tour to take place. Her tour was as discussed, at a suitable pace and very informative. We saw in our seven hours more than we could have done on our own in a week. All travel arrangements were handled by Kieto and involved several metro trips and a bus trip all of which were done seamlessly Many thanks Kieto "A GREAT DAY TO REMEMBER" Robert Janet William Irene.


Dear Robert, Janet, William, Irene, Thank you very much for a wonderful review of my tour with you. I am very happy to know that you enjoyed Tokyo with me. First,I worried about cancellation because of the typhoon, but fortunately we were able to start the tour by changing some parts. I really feel sorry that I couldn't help but asking you to walk long and climb stairs. At the same time I was very impressed by your sense of humor. It helped make our tour very interesting and friendly . Thank you very much .(Do-mo arigato gozaimashita ) I am looking forward to seeing you in the near future in Tokyo again. Best Wishes, Keiko.

John John United States ( Family )
1 month ago

“ 2 Day Custom Tour of Tokyo ”

We very much enjoyed our two days customized Tokyo itinerary with Keiko. There is no way we could have seen as many of the sights in Tokyo over that period and absolutely no way we could have understood so much of Japanese history related to the sites we were seeing and generally without Keiko. Keiko assisted us in designing two great days, was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you!


Dear John, Thank you very much for your wonderful review of my tour. I also would like to say thank you and your friend for great days you gave me. You were so interested in what I talked and tried to understand Japanese culture and history , and sometimes tried to adjust to it. It was my greatest pleasure to share the time with you talking about Japan and Japanese culture. I hope you will have a fantastic time in other local parts of Japan and go back to your country safely. I am looking forward to seeing you again in the near future in Tokyo. Please say hello to your friend. Best Wishes, Keiko

Stella Stella Netherlands ( Friends )
1 month ago

“ Wonderful tour of Tokyo - including Asakusa and Meiji Jingu Shrine ”

Keiko was a really knowledgeable and friendly guide. She travelled to meet us at our hotel, which was outside Tokyo in Kawasaki, and helped us to navigate the public transport system. She was very informative about the places we visited, and was able to give us many details about the history behind the sights. She was very friendly, and patient with our large group of people - which was indeed a challenge with such a variety of different ages, interests and abilities. We appreciated her flexibility to make changes to the tour schedule - and we were impressed with the amount of things we were able to see, given the time available. It was a perfect introduction to Tokyo! Thank you Keiko!


Dear Stella, Thank you very much for a wonderful review about my tour ! It was a great experience to me , too. Because each of you were from different parts of the earth and had different cultural background. I was lucky to guide such an interesting group of people. You told me about your own culture and experiences. It's really fun to me. You were flexible and respected other's opinion. I think this is the point we should learn to keep peace in the world. Anyway, I am really relieved to know that you enjoyed the tour with me. I remember you saw beautiful wedding couples in kimono , you challenged soba noodles with chopsticks, etc . I hope you will have wonderful days in Japan and go back to each of your countries with good memories. Many thanks to all of you ! Especially Stella, t... read more

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