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Tsukiji Outer Market, Hamarikyu garden, Asakusa, Shibuya ,Harajuku

by Shizuko
(12) Reviews
7:30h $ 246 Price up to 5 people


  • Hamarikyu garden: Big Japanese style of garden. You can try Japanese maccha-tea and sweet at the tea house..
  • move from Hamarikyu-garden to Asakusa by Sumida river cruising or by subway.
  • Asakusa Sensouji -temple, Nakamise,-shopping street etc.
  • Lunch Various kind of lunch, Halal lunch is available as well
  • Shibuya the Big Scramble Crossing, take a photo with a stature of a faithful dog
  • Harajuku Takeshita street (or Meiji shrine)
  • Tsukiji Outer market
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Price up to 5 people
FREE cancelation 30 days prior

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Extra hour.
$ 9.10
Hotel pick-up fee for a group ( away from JR Yamanote line or....
$ 13.65
Extra person.
$ 9.10
Hotel sending fee for a group.
$ 13.65


This tour is designed for visiting most popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo in a limited time.
If you want to visit some other places, feel free to let me know..

What to Expect

We start the tour from Tsukiji Fish Market.

*Tsukiji Outer market The most popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo.
The outer market consists of small retail shops and restaurants in a narrow lanes.
Above all, Tsukiji is the best place to eat SUSHI. So delicious ! Why don't you try to eat Sushi in Tsukiji ?

*Walk from Tsukiji Outer market to Hamarikyuugarden

*Hamarikyu garden is located along side of Tokyo Bay. It's only within several minutes walking distance from Tskiji fish market.
It used be the garden attached to the feudal lord's residence, and became the property of the Shogun family in Edo period.
At the tea-house in the garden, you can enjoy Japanese maccha-tea and sweet on tatami-mat room.

*Sumida river cruising from Hamarikyugarden to Asakusa.

Asakusa is one of the most popular traditional sightseeing area in Tokyo,.
At the long charming shopping street (called Nakamise runs across to the main hall) you can enjoy shopping various kind of souvenirs.

* Lunch at Asakusa
Japanese food, Sushi, Tempura, Unagi(eel) Ramen, Udon, Okonomiyaku (Japanese pizza), Oden, Beef-cutlet (recommend), Yakitori (grilled chicken skewer ) etc.
*** Halal lunch is available. (sometimes needs reservation)

* move to Shibiya by subway

* In Shibuya, cross scramble-Crossing, take a photo with a stature of Hachi (dog)

* Move to Harajuku by JR
We visit Takeshita Street a mecca of girls' KAWAII-fashion , Oriental Bazaar, Kiddy land, Cat street, etc.

If you wish to visit Meiji Shrine, I will take you to the Meiji shrine instead of visiting Takeshita street.

* End of the tour:
at JR Harajuku station or where you 'd like

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Organized by

Shizuko Licensed Guide
(12) Reviews
Contact Shizuko Response Time: 3 hs


  • Hamarikyu garden: Big Japanese style of garden. You can try Japanese maccha-tea and sweet at the tea house..
  • move from Hamarikyu-garden to Asakusa by Sumida river cruising or by subway.
  • Asakusa Sensouji -temple, Nakamise,-shopping street etc.
  • Lunch Various kind of lunch, Halal lunch is available as well
  • Shibuya the Big Scramble Crossing, take a photo with a stature of a faithful dog
  • Harajuku Takeshita street (or Meiji shrine)
  • Tsukiji Outer market


Tsukiji market is closed on Sunday and some Wednesday.

1. Please note that the Sumida river-cruising is suspended by the bad weather. In this case, I will take you to Asakusa by subway.
2. Admission fee of Hamarikyu garden ( 300yen /person over 12 years old , 150yen/over 65 years old, free under 12 years old )
3. Water bus fare from Hamarikyu garden to Asakusa ( 740yen/person over 12 years old , 370yen /from 6 years old to 11 years old, free under 6 years old)
4 Halal lunch is available.

What‘s included
guide fee
hotel pick-up fee in Tokyo
guide's lunch
What‘s not included
transportation fare (for guest and guide), JR, subway, water-bus
hotel pick-up fee for a group ( if the hotel is located far away from in JR Yamanote line)
lunch, drink, food. for the guests
admission fee (garden)
maccha-tea & sweet
Meeting Point
At your hotel
Ending Point
JR Harajuku station or where you would like
7:30 hours
Starting time
09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 5 people   Flexible

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Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Reviews ( 12 )
Eva Eva United States ( Family )
2 weeks ago

“ Great guide and lovely person ”

Suzuko was our guide for two days in Tokyo. It was easy to work with her prior to our visit to develop a plan that efficiently fit in all of our wish list sights. Most importantly, she was a delight to be with—her English was perfect, she was extremely knowledgeable, was flexible when we wanted to linger or move along and quickly picked up on our interests so she could adjust the pacing and focus on information that she thought we would find interesting. She went above and beyond!!! When she met us for the second day of touring she came with tons of information for the rest of our stay. She wrote out instructions for the taxi driver to get us to the correct entrance to the Tokyo station for our bullet train, wrote out subway directions to get us there, drew a map of the relevant area ... read more


Dear Eva, Thank you very much for your warm and kind review. I am so happy to know that you were satisfied with my guiding in Tokyo. Although the second day of the tour was extremely cold like winter, I was glad to complete the tour to the end. I hope you've enjoyed many things in Tokyo including a hot spring bath in Shinjuku. I hope to see you again sometime in the future. Please give my best regard to Alexa. Thank you very much again, Eva.

Eric Eric United States ( Solo )
4 weeks ago

“ Great guide for a first time traveler ”

First time in Japan and as a solo traveler and she helped me ease up on the nerves I've had and made feel more comfortable around Tokyo and the transit system. She is very knowledgeable and friendly and shown me aound from Asakusa to Shibuya on the Yamanote Line and even to Odaiba. We even went to a Maid Cafe in Akihabara, which was the highlight of the tour I would say. Haha. I still find it funny that you shown me the Statue of Liberty for the first time and as an American I never seen the New York version. A Japanese person showing an American the Statue of Liberty. Haha, I'll never forget that. Overall, sad to see the tour is over. Loved you being my guide! Would book again if I could!


Dear Eric, Thank you very much for your wonderful review for me. I’m so glad to know that you enjoyed and were satisfied with the tour with me. I myself enjoyed the touring you and had a nice experience at Maid Café especially. It was so lucky for us to enjoy their pretty dancing and singing at the stage. I had also funny feeling to guide you (an American) the Statue of Livery in JAPAN. You have a lot of plans to do in Japan, I hope my guiding will help you to get around by yourself easily all over Japan. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of your days in Japan to the fullest. If I could have a chance to guide you again, it would be great. Thank you again. Shizuko

Haylie Haylie Australia ( Family with kids )
1 month ago

“ Day tour of Tokyo’s main attractions ”

My family had a lovely and very interesting day tour with you Shizuko! You were very informative and explained to us about the Japanese culture and history at every place we visited. You made a very detailed itinerary, which really helped us as this was our 1st trip to Tokyo! We kindly thank you for your time, and will always be grateful for the memorable experience you have given us on your day tour of Tokyo. Tokyo is such a big busy city, and for you to guide us around by train, subway and water taxi we are very fortunate for that experience. We will definitely be back to Japan for more adventures, and would recommend you to anyone for tours. Warmest regards Haylie & Family from Australia


Dear Haylie, Thank you very much for your wonderful review. I’m so glad to know that you were satisfied with the tour with me. I felt very happy that you could take pictures of some cherry blossoms still bloomed in the Japanese garden. I hope your younger daughter, she was a little tired in the crowds of people, is fine today and enjoy her days in Japan. Please come back to Japan someday in the future. It was so nice meeting all of you. Thank you again and give my best regards to your parents and lovely children. Shizuko

Elena Elena United States ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ One day in Tokyo ”

Shizuko is a wonderful guide. She is very knowledgeable about Japanese history and culture. She showed us how to navigate through the underground metro maze in a few very simple steps. Shizuko made a lots of pictures during our tour and email them the same day. Also, she gave detailed information how to get to Yokoyama from Tokyo. Overall we are very satisfied with her guidence. Do not hesitate to hire her , she will not disappoint.


Dear Elena, Thank you very much for your kind and warm review to me. I am so happy to hear that you have enjoyed the tour with me. I was impressed by your questions about Japanese tradition and cultures. As you said, Shinto might be something different from other religions in the sense of no-founder, no-official doctrine ad no-written scriptures. It was nice talking with you. And next time, please come back to Japan with your children. I love to see them. I hope you enjoy wonderful cruising trip and happy time the rest of your days. Thank you once again. Shizuko

Henrietta Henrietta United States ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ Lovely personality. Totally profitable ”

We had a fantastic day with Shizuko. She was on time and took us to the areas we had prearranged, although a couple of “Sakura” spots, as it was full bloom. We learned so much about the history and culture of the area and of Japan in general. I would highly recommend using Shizuko. Her English was very good. Thank you, Shizuko for making our trip memorable.


Dear Henrietta, Thank you very much for having me as your guide on that day and sending me such a great review. Tsukiji has so much to see, and I thought it may have been too short to enjoy there to the fullest. So, I am so glad to hear that you have enjoyed the tour with me. I enjoyed myself showing you interesting Japanese food stuffs in Tsukiji Outer Market and having nice Tofu lunch at the traditional restaurant in Asakusa. By the way, how did you like Wakayama city? I believe you had a wonderful time with your friend in a peaceful Kansai region. I hope to see you again when you’ll visit Japan to see your friend next time. It was nice meeting you and your husband. Thank you very much again. Shizuko

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