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Sensouji temple & Asakusa shrine

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  • Snapshot at the Thunder Gate with the giant red lantern
  • Walking and shopping on the busy Nakamise-dori street
  • Experiencing the traditional customs at the font and incense burner and drawing an English written oracle.
  • Seeing both the old 5-storied pagoda and new Tokyo Skytree fom the temple ground.
  • Offering a prayer at the temple main hall and Asakusa shrine
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Starting from Kaminari-mon, we walk on the busy shopping street.
It's a fun walk on "Nakamise-dori" lined with many small shops selling souvenirs, traditional snacks, fans, Japanese sandals and many more.
There are a lot of attractive spots on the temple ground.
But remember to pray at the temple main hall and shrine before leaving.

What to Expect

The first entrance gate to Sensouji temple is Kaminari-mon or the Thunder Gate. Two wooden statues are welcoming the guests. Here you'll be excited to take a snapshot of two Gods and a big lantern.
Fujin or the God of Wind and Raijin or the God of Thunder are on either side. Between the two statues, the giant red lantern is hanging under the gate.

After passing under the gate, Nakamise-dori is right front of you. The busy street is lined up with many small shops selling souveniors and traditional foods. You'll enjoy looking for your favorites on the busy street.

Two Deva King statues invite the visitors to pray at the temple. Before a prayer, we need to follow the traditional customs at the water basin and incense burner. Smoke bathing is also believed good for healing the unhealthy part of your body.

In the main hall, look up and see the Dragon and Heavenly Maiden drawn on the ceiling. This is the holly place where you offer your prayer. It is exciting to draw a written oracle. You may buy a good luck charm of Sensouji Temple, which is said to be good for safe transportation, good health, successful business and study because of its rich history of the temple.

Asakusa shrine is next to the temple. The Torii gate made of stone leads the way to the shrine. It escaped from the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and Tokyo Air Raids in 1945. The color paint and lacquer were repaired in 1996. You 'll see the beautifully decorated building. This shrine's architectural style is called "Gongen-zukuri", which is also seen at Nikko Tousho-gu shrine. You'll be able to see it here without going there.

You may see two towers from the temple ground. The 5-storied pagoda and the silvery shining Tokyo Skytree.

Let's find the old and new in Asakusa together.

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Takayasu Licensed Guide
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  • Snapshot at the Thunder Gate with the giant red lantern
  • Walking and shopping on the busy Nakamise-dori street
  • Experiencing the traditional customs at the font and incense burner and drawing an English written oracle.
  • Seeing both the old 5-storied pagoda and new Tokyo Skytree fom the temple ground.
  • Offering a prayer at the temple main hall and Asakusa shrine


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Guide fee, major hotel pick-up in Tokyo.
Hotels should be within 10 minutes walk from the JR station of Yamanote(Circle) line or Yurikamome monorail.
What‘s not included
Transportation(Railway, monorail, subway, bus and taxi) fee(you and guide), meal(you and guide), drawing an orcle(¥100) and admission fee(you and guide) if any.
Personal expenses
Meeting Point
At your major hotel within 10 minutes walk from any JR station of Yamanote(Circle) line
Ending Point
2 hours
Starting time
12:00 PM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 4 people   Flexible

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Reviews ( 12 )
Dennis Dennis United States ( Couple )
3 months ago

“ All good Tax was very knowledgeable ”

Great tour


Dennis, Thank you very much for your wonderful comments on my tour. I am very glad to know that you and Sandra enjoyed the traditional spots,shopping and food. You visited two of three ancient cities in Japan. I would like to show you around my home town. Kamakura which you have saved for the next visit. Please keep in touch. Takayasu

Rosalie Rosalie Australia ( Family )
4 months ago

“ Highlight was seeing the wedding at the temple ”

Takayasu was full of information about the area. He knew exactly where to go in the quickest time and fitted in a tea ceremony for us. We ran out of time to complete the tour. We would recommend Takayasu and his tour to anyone


Rosalie, thank you so much for your deep gratitude to me and my tour. I am happy to know that you enjoyed the wedding, tea ceremony and my talk, which is my utmost pleasure. I remember having Bento lunch to save our limited time. Please get in touch with me and set up another visit plan to Japan. Takayasu    

Haydee Haydee Argentina ( Couple )
4 months ago

“ Una muy buena elecci?n! ”

Solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento para el Sr, Takayama. Nos ayudo en nuestro primer dia en Tokio enseñándonos como viajar en los medios de transporte. Hicimos todo el recorrido contratado con muy buenas explicaciones y ajustándose a nuestro ritmo. Lo recomiendo si es q desean disfrutar del tour con una persona agradable, amable y divertida. Gracias Taka.


Haydee y Bob, Mucho Gracious! Thank you very much for electing me as your guide. I am very happy that both of you were satisfied with my showing around the typical Tokyo and stories and legends. I want to guide a nice couple like you, Haydee and Bob again next time you visit Japan. Takayasu

Jonathan Jonathan United States ( Couple )
4 months ago

“ 1 Day of Tokyo ”

Takayasu was a fantastic guide! He was incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable. His English is really good and he goes at an excellent pace. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.


HI Jonathan and Samantha, Thank you very much for your highest appreciation to my guiding. I also enjoyed having spent some time with you, a beatiful couple. I wish I had more time to show you around. I hope your belongings come back to you. Tak

Rosa Rosa United States ( Couple )
8 months ago

“ Trip to Kamakura ”

The trip planning took a lot of time since we had only several hours that we could spend in Kamakura but we really wanted to see all the Temples and get a feel of this one of three great capitals of Japan. Takayasu was very attentive to details. Suggested several options for a trip. On the day of a trip he met us in hotel in Yokohama and we had a great time. Everything went exactly as planned, we accomplished entire itinerary. Takayasu took his time explaining us history of each Temple. I highly recommend Takayasu as a great guide and great human being, responsive to travelers needs and time limitations! Thanks Tak!


Rosa, thank you very much for the highest appreciation by giving me the full score. You have surveyed our history and Kamakura. I also enjoyed telling you the legends and answering your questions. All of you are wonderful guests. I am extremely happy if you bring many pleasant memories back home and talk about them to your families and friends. Thank you again for your beautiful feedback!

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