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by Kaneo
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  • You can learn a little bit of Japanese history while walking along modern Tokyo streets. In front of Tokyo Tower, an old temple of Zojo-ji will show you a traditional Japanese taste. An authentic Japanese garden of Hama-rikyu is surrounded with cutting-edge skyscrapers. Back of Senso-ji temple in Asakusa, a famous tourists spot, you can see Tokyo Skytree,the highest TV Tower in Japan. Zojo-ji, Hama-rikyu and Senso-ji are deeply connected with Edo Shogunate. They show you the way of living of samurai warriors in Edo era.

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Tokyo is a modern metropolitan city built on an ancient Edo, where Tokugawa samurai government was settled. Even now we can find old relics of ancient Edo among truly modern Tokyo streets. Asakusa, Ueno and the Imperial Palace itself are some of the examples. Let’s explore Tokyo with me and find the soul of Japan.

What to Expect

Tokyo has so many attracting tourists spots. You can visit only 4 or 5 spots in a day. If you tell me your preferences and your starting area: near your hotel, I will make your own itinerary.

1. Tokyo Tower:Just backside of Zojo-ji temple, stands the tower. 300 meter high Tokyo Tower is one of the symbols of Tokyo. At the Main Observatory Deck you can enjoy panoramic views of Tokyo.

2. Zojou-ji temple : Zojo-ji is an old temple founded in 14th century. The second Shogun appointed it as the Tokugawa Shogunate family temple. Its contrast with Tokyo Tower shows Tokyo Now & Then.

3.Imperial Palace:The resident of the Emperor family. It used to be an old castle called Edo-jou, where Tokugawa Shogunate family had been living for almost 300 years until 1868.

4. Asakusa area: A big red paper lantern welcomes you at an entrance gate for Senso-ji temple. The souvenir shop street called Nakamise-Dori is so amusing to visit. Senso-ji itself is the oldest temple in Tokyo, which is said to have been built about 1400 years ago.

5. Ueno Park:The largest park in Tokyo, covering an area of 53 ha(131 ac). Originaly it was a garden of Kan-eiji Temple. In spring it is also famous for its Hanami party.

6. Shibuya crossing:Shibuya station is one of the busiest station in Japan. In front of the station, this crossing is always crowded with people.

7.Meiji Shrine: Meiji Emperor is enshrined here. Even in the middle of Tokyo city, you can feel calm and sacred atmosphere with rich nature.

8. Takeshita-dori shopping street: Located near Meiji Shrine, it is famous for its "Kawaii" goods.

9. Tsukiji fish market:A largest fish market in Japan. You can enjoy an authentic sushi lunch and other traditional Japanese foods here.

10. Hama-rikyu garden: Japanese style garden by the sea. It used to be a resort villa for Tokugawa Shogunate family. You can reach Asakusa by boat from here.

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  • You can learn a little bit of Japanese history while walking along modern Tokyo streets. In front of Tokyo Tower, an old temple of Zojo-ji will show you a traditional Japanese taste. An authentic Japanese garden of Hama-rikyu is surrounded with cutting-edge skyscrapers. Back of Senso-ji temple in Asakusa, a famous tourists spot, you can see Tokyo Skytree,the highest TV Tower in Japan. Zojo-ji, Hama-rikyu and Senso-ji are deeply connected with Edo Shogunate. They show you the way of living of samurai warriors in Edo era.


Please wear comfortable shoes because you will walk a lot.
You had better buy Tokyo Subway Ticket (24-hour) , which can be got before you coming to Japan. You can ride all subway lines in Tokyo for 24 hours with this ticket.
If you have a JR pass, the itinerary will be a little changed to use JR lines as much as possible.

What‘s included
guide fee
hotel pick-up fee in 23 words in Tokyo
What‘s not included
transportation fee (you and guide) :Tokyo Subway Ticket(24 hours) 800 yen, Sea bus(from Hama-rikyu to Asakusa) 740 yen
entrance fee(you and guide): Tokyo Tower 900 yen
lunch(you and guide)
hotel pick-up fee (out side of 23 wards)

Meeting Point
At your hotel in Tokyo or Hamamatsucho station.
Ending Point
At your hotel in Tokyo or any place you like
7 hours
Starting time
09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 5 people   Flexible

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Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Reviews ( 4 )
Michael Michael United States ( Friends )
2 weeks ago

“ Money Well Spent ”

My husband, two friends and I had a 12 hour layover at Narita and hired Kaneo as our guide to Tokyo. Kaneo was a great communicator leading up to the tour day and went above and beyond planning for us. He sent a detailed itinerary including pictures that helped us easily locate lockers at the airport to leave bags and to find our decided meeting place. Kaneo had some suggested sites to see and augmented his suggested itinerary with things we requested, such as a trip to the outer Tsukiji market and a visit to a Ramen restaurant I read about and wanted to visit. Kaneo not only made our day in Tokyo a stress free day of fun, but he was also a wonderful companion. We all enjoyed conversing with him throughout the day. We hope to see Kaneo again in the future. Money well spent.


Dear Michael Thank you for your warm review. I am really happy to hear you enjoyed Tokyo small tour. I also enjoyed talking with you and your companions. I truly hope to see you again in the future. Kaneo

Joshie Joshie Indonesia ( Family )
5 months ago

“ Fun Exploration in Yokohama ”

Prior to the trip, Mr. Kaneo was very proactive in creating the itineraries and he even created two: one for sunny day and the other one for rainy. This was done so we would not get wet much. I believe that was very considerate of him. He was also quick to reply to my messages and update me with any information he believes I should know. There were six of us taking the Yokohama tour with Mr. Kaneo. We visited the Landmark Building, Cup Noodle Museum, Red Brick House, Chinatown and the Ramen Museum. Throughout the trip, Mr. Kaneo was very helpful with our inquiries and walking pace. Mind you, there were my parents, my husband, our two young kids and myself. As you can imagine the walking pace could not be fast. It was on my request that Mr. Kaneo did not have to take us back to the ... read more


Dear Joshie. Thank you for your warm and long review. I was very lucky to have a chance to guide you and your family. It didn’t rain on that day even in the middle of the rainy season. Maybe our weather welcomed you and your nice and warm family. I was happy to hear that your father told me he enjoyed eating a really good ramen at Ramen Museum. The coffee you kindly brought me from your country smells so good. I love it. Thank you. Sincerely, Kaneo

Brianna Brianna United States ( Family with kids )
8 months ago

“ imperial palace, shibyua, asakusa shrine, karakuma, the great budda ”

If you are searching for a tour guide, look no further. kaneo is the one. kaneo is not only excellent tour guide, he went above and beyond to customized our tour. He took us to many interesting places within a day, very efficient. Prior to our arrival to japan, he physically went to Narita Airport to snap shoot step by step instructions on what train and subways to take from the airport to my hotel. It is above our expectation. He is such an amazing, detail oriented, kind man. He always ensured everyone was entertained. We have a total of eight people in our group and every single person in our group is happy with Kaneo especially my two teenage daughters. While waiting, he taught my daughters how to do origami. I highly recommend Kaneo to anyone who looks for a tour guide in... read more


Dear Brianna Thank you for your warm and excellent review. I am happy to know that every person of your group enjoyed our tour, especially your daughters. We could not see Mt. Fuji during our two days tour. I hope you could enjoy a gigantic and beautiful view of Mt. Fuji on the way to Kyoto. Kaneo

Jess Jess Australia ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ Amazing afternoon Tokyo tour! ”

Kaneo is a fabulous tour guide that went above and beyond to make our tour of Tokyo wonderful. Using the subway system I was able to create my own tour to see the sights easily with Kaneo’s help. Kaneo was wonderful with the children and spoke English very well. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a tour of Tokyo.


Dear Jess Thank you very much for your warm review. I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed my tour. Your families are truly good, especially your kids. They are so cute and clever. I wanted to teach them more about Origami. Best regards, Kaneo

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