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One day modern culture towns visit

by Uemitsu
(21) Reviews
8h $ 223 up to 5 people


  • Visit Shibuya scramble crossroads and back streets, the most popular spots among foreign visitors.
  • Visit Sky tree vicinity and appreciate the state-of-the-art architecture technology.

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What to Expect

As one of the most exciting cities in the world, Tokyo has unrivaled variety of amazing and exciting places for visitors from abroad.
In addition to the places with historical flavors, visitors can enjoy visiting districts with modern cultures.

This tour will guide you to the most trendy towns, Harajuku, Shibuya, and Akihabara as shown below to enjoy the contemporary
daily life and atmosphere of young people.


1) Visit Harajuku and Omotesando avenue
- highlights : Harajuku is the cultural holy place for most all Japanese young girls , and Omotesando avenue will let you have the similar image of L'Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris.
- duration : approximately 2 hours including transportation

2) Visit the Shibuya
- highlights : Shibuya is one of Japan's most colorful and exciting districts as a center for youth fashion and culture, also famous with its scramble crossroads .
- duration : approximately 1.5 hours including transportation

3) Lunch (please let me know your favorite dishes)
- duration : 1 hours


4) Visit Akihabara

- highlights : Akihabara used to be a electricity device town, now becomes the center of Japan's modern culture, such as anime (cartoon) or costume plays, including maid cafe shops.
- duration : approximately 2 hours including transportation
(visit a maid cafe is an optional)

5) Visit Tokyo Sky Tree

- highlights : Tokyo Sky Tree is the highest tower in Japan with 634m height where you can enjoy view from the observatory as well as stroll the shops and vicinities.
- duration : approximately 1.5 hours including transportation

- highlights : Tokyo Sky tree is the highest tower in Japan with 634m height where you can enjoy view from the observatory as well as stoll
the vicinity to enjoy shopping
- duration : approximately 1.5 hours including transportation

* Stroll Tokyo Sky tree vicinity town

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  • Visit Shibuya scramble crossroads and back streets, the most popular spots among foreign visitors.
  • Visit Sky tree vicinity and appreciate the state-of-the-art architecture technology.


City Tokyo

Meeting Point At your hotel or your designated point

Ending Point At your hotel or the station near Tokyo Sky Tree

Duration 8 hours

Starting time 09:30 AM ( recommended )   Flexible

Number of people up to 5 people   Flexible

What‘s included
  • - guide fee for 8 hours
  • (incl. 1 hour lunch time)
  • - pick-up inside the Tokyo 23 wards area

What‘s not included
  • - transportation fare of guests
  • - meal and shopping of guests
  • - drink charge or option service fee at a maid cafe for both guests and guide
  • - admission to the Sky tree for both guests and guide
  • - public transportation fare of guide inside the Tokyo 23 wards area (est. 1000 JPY)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the admission fare to Tokyo Sky Tree observatory ?

- Ticket with advanced reservation : 2570 JPY / adult - Same day ticket : 2,060 JPY / adult - Fast ticket : 2820 JPY/ adult ★ The guests should pay the admission for the guide If the guests request the guide to accompany them to the observatory.

How much is the average charge in a maid cafe

- Average one hour stay and one drink will be 1000 JPY

Can I make changes after I book?

Yes! If you need to make changes such as removing or adding someone to your booking or changing the date or time of your tour, contact us by phone or email

Starting and ending points of the tour.

After you secure your booking, the starting and ending points of your tour can be customized to your convenience (ex.: your hotel, nearby stations, etc.). Don't worry, we will take care of you! Some tours may have an extra fee for this service, make sure to check the tour page.

What happens after I book a tour?

After booking a tour, the guide will accept (or decline) your booking within 24 hours. Then you will be noticed by email from Triplelights.

Can the guide pickup me at the airport?

Yes, but there will be additional charge for that and it is not by car. The guide will go pick you up using public transportations. For further details, please contact your guide directly.

I'm travelling alone. Can I book this tour?

Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel at least 14 day(s) in advance of the meeting date, there is a 100% refund.
  • If you cancel between 2 and 13 day(s) in advance of the meeting date, there is a 20% charge.
  • If you cancel within 1 day prior to the meeting date, there is a 40% charge.
  • If you cancel on the meeting date, there is no refund.

Organized by Uemitsu

National Certified Guide

(21) Reviews

Contact Uemitsu
Response Time 3 hs

Languages spoken
  • Chinese ( Cantonese ) ( License )
  • English ( License )

Having been lived in Tokyo area for more than 40 years, I am competent to plan and guide a tailored Tokyo city. The itinerary will be selected from major commercial districts (such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akihabara, Ginza) , popular sightseeing places (Imperial palace, Asakusa, etc.) as well as famous architectures and building (Tokyo tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Government Building, etc.) .

Please contact me and let me know your interests to have a unforgettable memory in Tokyo.

Reviews ( 21 )

1 week ago |   by Tommy

“ Great Guide ”

Uemitsu not only gave us a great tour but help us with tickets to North Japan on the bullet train. He is truly dedicated to providing great service. AAAAAA Rating

Very Good
1 month ago |   by Ethel

“ Rains comes with Patience ”

Thanks to mr Uemitsu (Kage). He was most patient and very helpful during our day tour. Although it was a bit of hassle for it was raining - we were able to enjoy esp our Shibuya Crossing experience. He was easy to talk to with some of the chnges we had to make with regards to our tour. Thanks again mr Uemitsu.❤️

Very Good
1 month ago |   by Eva

“ Tokyo tour ”

Uemitsu was a vey helpful guide. He took us to places that we had never seen by ourselves and showed good time management skills. He also adjusted to our needs and made changes as per our requests. Uemitsu took us to the most beautiful place for lunch. We recommend him.

7 months ago |   by William

“ Tokyo Highlights ”

We spent one full day with Uemitsu and he understood our tastes and wishes and delivered! On time, knowledgeable and kind.

8 months ago |   by Nancy

“ Action packed day exploring multiple unique sights ”

Uemitsu was a wonderful and patient guide. This was a first visit to Tokyo and we asked to exxplore many areas and get help with understanding the subway and bullet train to kyoto. I loved the Akihabara sights with the anime character dolls and robots but everything we saw was interesting. Our tour was nicely paced for all we saw and we had a lovely lunch. Every request we had was in the tour and we could not have gotten a better introduction to Tokyo!

Very Good
8 months ago |   by LINDA

“ Full and interesting day ”

He was very pleasant and tried hard to show us everything we requested to see

Very Good
8 months ago |   by Cheryl

“ ast Day in Tokyo ”

For my last day in Tokyo, I decided to go on an organized tour to catch some missed tourist attractions. We went to the Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine and a search for some tress with full cherry blossoms. We were unlucky in the botany department. We ended up in at Rapongi Hills area. Uemitsu was helpful, planned the routing, made sure we could get into the Palace Grounds tour and helped me make reservations at the Kanda Michellin Rated Restaurant.

10 months ago |   by Timothy

“ Great full day walking tour of Tokyo ”

We had a great experience on our tour with Uemitsu. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. It was a great introduction to Tokyo and set us up for the rest of our trip perfectly. Highly recommended!

11 months ago |   by Maynard

“ Uemitsu or "Kage" his nickname is Great ”

I highly recommend Uemitsu. We planned our trip weeks in advance and he designed an itinerary that maximized our time. We saw a lot of beautiful tourist spots and some "secret" sites that many are not familiar with. Uemitsu or Kage is patient and an expert in what he does. He has a ready smile all the time partnered with superb customer service.

Very Good
11 months ago |   by Brendan

“ Great overview of Tokyo - customised ”

Our guide uemitsumet us on time at our hotel. The first thing we did was he assisted us with the best travel card option, and he recommended Pasmo. The tour was tailored to our needs as it was our first time in Tokyo, and we were looking for a guide to show us the sites and important must see things. It was my wife and Myself and our 2 teenagers. We travelled by rail, and walked miles covering Temples, shopping districts, electronic shops and other places of interest. Uemitsu caterd to our pace, and needs and was happy to rest when we wanted to. We stopped for lunch at a very nice plaza. We visited the must see areas, and often looked at things (Sky Tree For example) from the building next door.. great and free, and only something a local would know. He recommended times to come back to areas, and places or times to avoid. He also provided us with some snacks, and hand warmers, and showed us the best places to buy different Items we were chasing ( Flavoured Kit-Kats for half price). Absolutely value for money and we were exhausted. He gave us confidence to revisit many places over our next few days. Excellent tour guide.

11 months ago |   by Keith

“ Tokyo and shrines ”

He was a very good tour guide. Very prepared and conscientious about us enjoying our tour.

1 year ago |   by Per

“ Great one day visit to Tokyo ”

Uemitsu made our one day stay in Tokyo memorable. We left all the museums and temples for a future visit and asked him to show us daily life in this great city. We learned to use the maze of trains and metros. We walked through areas of the city from the most touristic to the more subtile, we included a bit shopping... Great day, great guide. We feel we left for home with a good picture of life in Tokyo. Knowledgable, friendly, good English, flexible......We will be happy to come back to Uemitsu.

1 year ago |   by Guadalupe

“ Tokyo at its best ”

My son and I went to Japan for a week, which is not much. We needed a tour on our first day in Japan to see Tokyo's most representative sites of its culture, and its exactly what we experienced. Our guide took us to fascunating sites. We also learned about history, how transportation works, and propper manners to have in this extraordinary city. Thank you Kage.

1 year ago |   by ISRAEL

“ Uemitsu- Highly recommended ”

Uemitsu was well prepared for the tour. He took us according to our request. Showed us places, not sure we know how to reach them. was flexible in terms of changes during the day. His English is good and understandable. Highly recommended

1 year ago |   by Michael

“ Whirlwind Tokyo Tour ”

Had a few days vacation in Tokyo and figured it would be good to get a guide for one day to see as much as possible and if I liked anything go back on my own and explore at my own pace. After booking Uemitsu and sending emails back and forth (he even suggested starting the tour an hour later in order to avoid rush hour) he met promptly at 10am in the lobby on my hotel. He helped me get a pass for the subway which helped speed things along since we were off and on trains all days. We visited many different parts of Tokyo including Akihabara (which I was able to return to the next day and fully explore thanks to him teaching me the subway lines), The imperial palace and various other places. He was invaluable with navigating the streets and helping to talk to people in shops and restaurants. His english was very good and I liked how laid back he made the tour. He wasn't in a uniform or use a microphone or carried around one of those flags on a stick. It was made it feel more like having a family friend or co-worker show me around and didn't make me stand out as a tourist to much. Thank you Uemitsu K and Triplelights for a great Tokyo Experience!!!

1 year ago |   by Pablo

Uemitsu was a fantastic guide. We tailored our tour to suit the interests of all our family members (party of 4) and it all worked great. Having a local guide made moving around Tokyo extremely easy and we did MANY more things that we thought possible on a single day. Highly recommended!!

1 year ago |   by Rebecca

He is very nice and responsible. He took us to the restaurant at the end of the tour.

1 year ago |   by Brad

We had a wonderful full day tour of Tokyo with Uemitsu. He was knowledgeable of the city and we enjoyed the information that he shared. Having a private guide for our family of four was very nice. We were able to move at our own pace and select the sites we were interested in. We were able to see and learn much more than had we toured the city on our own. Uemitsu went out of his way to ensure we had a nice experience and he came well prepared; he had a second cell phone so we could easily meet up after our Rickshaw ride, he brought a bag for our trash (as there are few trash cans), and he even brought snacks for our kids (the Green Tea Kit Kats were a big hit with our seven and four year old). Even though this was not part of our original schedule and even though we already were over our allotted time, Uemitsu offered to escort us on the subway back to Tokyo Station and help us get to the Pokémon and Hello Kitty stores for our kids. I would recommend taking a private Tokyo tour with Uemitsu as it was one of the highlights of our trip to Japan. Uemitsu, thanks for the great tour!

1 year ago |   by Marisa

Our half day tour with Uemitsu was really great and enjoyable. He was patient and very helpful with our needs. We started a few minutes late since we just checked in at our hotel so he has to wait for a while. We highly recommend his tour to those who would love to explore Tokyo for a short time. We enjoyed the amazing view of Tokyo from the 45th floor of the Metropolitan Government Building and the Shibuya area. Thanks Uemitsu for our unforgettable experience hope to see you again in the future. Sincerely yours, Marisa

1 year ago |   by Andrew

Tour Guide: Uemitsu Tour Date: ********** Tokyo east part 1day tour I arrived in Japan without any plan but 1day in Tokyo made me realise I needed help to make the most of my visit. With less than 1-day's notice I had arranged a full day tour with Uemitsu and ti complicate his life further I didn't want a standard tour as I had seen some things on day 1 Uemitsu could not have been more obliging despite my constant questions (some pretty random) .. I can honestly say it was a great day out - maybe a little unconventional (it felt not so much like a guided tour but a wander through the city with an old friend) but a great investment 16km walk later, it was me who had to give up! Uemitsu was happy to carry on. Heartily recommended Andrew

1 year ago |   by Editha

It was a good learning and sightseeing experience for our family. We appreciate your patience and also your flexibility on schedule to be able to accomodate our request. Lunch was great! Very good choice of restaurant! Will surely recommend your service to others. Best regard!

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