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Kaguraszaka 2 hours: Walking Tour in the Historical Town

by Tak
(18) 口コミ
2h ¥‎ 12,000


  • Kagurazaka maiin street
  • Small paths which remain historical view
  • Kaburazaka Bishamon Ten
  • Akagi Shrine


12,000 JPY

人数 大人
1 人 12,000 JPY
2 ~ 5 人 15,000 JPY
FREE cancelation 30 days prior


See the movie!!!
Once, it was a residential town of high ranked Samurai. Once, it was a town of Geisha Girls. We'll walk on the small paths of Kagurazaka and trace the good old days.


1. We can find the 800 years of history of Kagurazaka.
2. In the small paths, we can learn some impressive stories relating to those sites.
3. Foods and souvenirs, which you can find only this area, are available.


Tak 通訳案内士資格
(18) 口コミ
Takにメッセージを送る 平均返信時間: 1 h


  • Kagurazaka maiin street
  • Small paths which remain historical view
  • Kaburazaka Bishamon Ten
  • Akagi Shrine


This is a walking tour and in some area there are bumpy stone pavement. I strongly recommend to join this tour wearing sneakers or walking shoes.

guide fee, hotel pick up (limited in Tokyo 23 wards)
transportation fee (you and guide, from Tokyo or Shinjuku station, 160yen for each), food, other fees if need. if your accommodation is outside of Tokyo 23 wards, additional fees are required (1,500yen for an hour and my transportation fee from Tokyo station)
At your hotel (limited in Tokyo 23 wards)
A Train station around this area
2 hours
10:00 AM ( recommended )   フレキシブル


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Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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口コミ ( 18 )
Myca Myca United States ( Family with kids )
2 months ago

“ It was s great experience ”

He was very nice and patient with us. It was a great experience touring around Tokyo with Tak.


Dear Myca. Thank you for the great day with you and the beautiful girl. It was quite a busy day, but I'm happy to spend time with your family. I hope you could have a great memory. See you again. Tak

Nady Nady Israel ( Family with kids )
3 months ago

“ Great time in Tokyo with wonderful guide ”

Tak is a wonderful guide, he is very professional, nice and patient. Thank you dear Tak, for the two wonderful days in Tokyo. Nadya&co


Dear Nady. Thank you for the joyful days. I still remember the smiling faces of the 2 families. In particular, I feel really happy a couple of mamas looked enjoying. I know your travel in Japan has a long way after this. If you have trouble, let me know. I think I can assist by sending you some information. I say again, thank you so much. Please good to the dads, the boys, the mom, and the girl. Tak

Simon Simon Canada ( Family )
3 months ago

“ A Taste of Tokyo ”

Tak was a very good guide. He took us on a a very varied tour of parts of Tokyo that we would not have sought since they are not typically the top things to see in Tokyo but were well worth it, especially with the explanations provided. He catered to a family with ages ranging from 13 to 79 and made it interesting for all. Thanks Tak!


Hi, Simon. Thank you for the day. That was the day I never forget. Everything went moderately and warm under the spring sunlight (actually, day after day, cold days after the day). I am happy if you enjoy Tsukiji, Hama-Rikyu Garden, and Asakusa. You must make great memories in Kanazawa, Kyoto, and Matsuyama, also. Wish you could see beautiful cherry blossoms there. If you have an opportunity to visit Japan again, let me know. I say thank you one more time. Tak

Katiya Katiya United States ( Couple )
3 months ago

“ Excellent planning & customer service with our wishlist to multiple destinations! ”

Tak makes you feel like family right from the first meeting with his preparation of a traditional Japanese candy gift. He arrived an hour earlier than scheduled on Day 1 and did not mind giving us a head start. We booked him for 10 hours for Day 1 & 2 and a half day on Day 3. He never once counted the start or end time so we really appreciated his flexibility. He understood that our goal was to go to as many attractions as possible and helped us prioritize making sure that we made it to our top attractions. He even checked out an unpopular hidden river valley for us (per our Google search) and went there to check it out for the first time a few days before our arrival - so that he could best accompany when we go there. We were very touched by Tak’s thoughtfulness and overall hospitality ta... もっと見る


Hi, Katiya. Thank you for the super review. It was my relief you and Tim enjoyed the days, even though the rain, the wind, and the homer in the 9th frame (lol) stood in our way. You always showed me what you'd like to do. Then, it wasn't so difficult to find a clue. I love to find a new place to take my guests. At least, you gave me 3 of great experience to collect new sites, the valley, the stock market, and the boat. Thank you for the opportunities, and I hope my collection will be the many like Tim's cars. Wish you could spend great moments in Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, and the flight going back to your home. I say again, thank you so much. I'll be waiting for the time to meet you and Tim again.

Missy Missy United States ( Couple )
4 months ago

“ Caring and very thoughtful Licensed Guide ”

We spent 8 hours total (3 the first night) and 5 the second with Tak! From the first communication to the day we finished up, he was genuinely caring and thoughtful. He provided to us exactly what we wanted/needed. Our first goal was meet up with us at hotel the evening we land (after traveling for nearly 20 hours), take us to an enjoyable fun place to experience some of the culture, eat great food and learn the subways! He told us what to do when we got to the airport, and then met our train (even changed stations "on the fly" when our train didn't stop). He ensured our second day included visiting running stores (I came in for Tokyo marathon), and included sights on our way over to the expo! We had a nice Ramen lunch and did a great job explaining everything. By the time he left us o... もっと見る


Hello, Missy. Thank you for a marvelous review for me. The voices of guests who enjoyed tours are my treasure more than anything. Thank you for pointing out for my English. I know that my English is not perfect, so I tried to prepare a lot and provide information to make my precious guests have the best moments. The memories of 2 days we spent together are everything beautiful even for the cold rain. Have a good run at Boston! Tak

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