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Exciting Tokyo in 4 hours – Private Tour

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4h $ 178 up to 6 people


  • Choose 1-2 destinations, and I'll make an itinerary concidering your preferences
  • 1. Omotesando, Aoyama and Roppongi district
  • 2. Ginza
  • 3. Marunouchi
  • 4. Shinjuku
  • 5. Shibuya
  • 6. Odaiba
  • 7. Tokyo Sky Tree
  • 8. Asakusa
  • 9. Experiences in Asakusa
  • 10. Ueno
  • 11. Kiyosumi-Shirakawa
  • 12. Shibamata
  • 13. Akihabara
  • 14. Nakano
  • 15. Harajyuku
  • 16. Ikebukuro
  • 17. Meiji-jingu Shrine
  • 18. Hie-jinja Shrine
  • 19. Zojo-ji Temple
  • 20. Tokyo Daijingu
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This tour offers exciting & interesting spots in central Tokyo within 4 hours. It's the best for those who don't have a lot of time in Tokyo, have a limited budget, or don't need a guide for the whole day. Please choose 1-2 places from the list first, and I'll make an itinerary according to your interests. If you have other places to go or something to experience, please feel free to ask me.

What to Expect

Every tourist has his or her own preferences and needs. This tour covers your own must-see spots within 4 hours. Tokyo is famous for its busy railway network system. On the one hand it’s so convenient, but it’s also complicated even for the Japanese. To fully enjoy attractions in Tokyo in a short time, well considered arrangement is necessity. Please let me know your interests, and I’ll make an itinerary especially for you. My policy is, if you give me 6 hours to cut down a tree, then I’ll spend the first four sharpening the ax. It’s my pleasure to do my homework well in advance in order to make you feel free from any anxiety and bring you wonderful travel memories.

Choose 1-2 destinations below, and I'll make an itinerary considering your preferences.
Tokyo modern places:
1. Omotesando, Aoyama and Roppongi district: a street lined with zelkova trees on both sides that provides a relaxing atmosphere. It is also lined with refined shops including brand shops, cafés, as well as restaurants. Let’s enjoy walking in the Minami Aoyama district to Roppongi! (1.5km form Omotesando to The National Art Center in Roppongi)
-The Nezu Museum in Aoyama: popular among foreigners not only for its collection but also its amazing garden.
-The National Art Center in Roppongi: designed by the famous architect, Kisho Kurokawa. The restaurant and café in this building are also fantastic!

2. Ginza: streets lined with good restaurants and a high-end shopping area. New landmarks have been built here recently.
-Kabukiza Tower: office tower that emphasizes traditional Japanese aesthetics, built adjacent to the Kabukiza
-Tsukiji Outer Market: you can find anything from foods such as fresh fish, fresh meats, fresh fruit and vegetables,and dried foods to food-related products such as knives and dinnerware. Also a famous gourmet spot.

3. Marunouchi: -Tokyo Staion: completed in 1914, designated Important Cultural Property, was restored to its original form in 2012.
- KITTE: a commercial facility run by Japan Post. You can enjoy shops that let you experience Japanese craftsmanship as well as restaurants that serve delicious food from across Japan.
-Imperial Palace: The Edo Castle, formerly the Tokugawa Family’s residence, became the Imperial Palace as the Emperor moved to Tokyo from the Kyoto Imperial Palace after the Meiji Restoration.

4. Shinjuku: -Tokyo Metropolitan Government: One of Tokyo's landmarks, with an observatory on the 45th floor
-Department store with popular basement food floors, which offer fancy sweets, delicious prepared dishes, and beautiful box lunches
-huge electronics stores such as Yamada Denki, Bic Camera, and Yodobashi Camera, which offer plenty of equipment such as PCs and electrical home appliances

5. Shibuya, teenager shopping area: Walking from Harajuku to Shibuya, you can see shop windows displaying the latest fashion for the young. And you can visit to Shibuya station to see the Hachiko statue and the ‘human scramble’ traffic crossing.

6. Odaiba: popular among both adults and kids. There are several kids' places like a big shop selling toys, amusement parks, and National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation along with fancy several attractive malls for adults. The Yurikamome elevated train to Odaiba is also popular among tourists.

7.Tokyo Sky Tree: the highest communications and observation tower in Japan, whose observation decks command a breath-taking panorama of Tokyo. There are also a planetarium, an aquarium, and a lot of shops and restaurants, so people from all age groups can enjoy there.

Tokyo good old places:
8. Asakusa: one of the most popular tourist destinations. Senso-ji Temple, famous for its huge red lantern is the biggest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. But do you know that Asakusa-jinja Shrine is in the same grounds? You can learn about the coexistence of Buddhism and Shintoism here. You can buy traditional Japanese souvenirs at the shopping arcade called Nakamise.

9. Experiences in Asakusa: You can enjoy experiencing the tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy, or photography in kimono.

10. Ueno: -Ueno Park: designated in 1873 as the first park in Japan. In the huge grounds are a museum complex, zoo, and Toshogu Shrine, which was built in 1627 upon request by Tokugawa Ieyasu in his will.
-Ameyoko (short for Ameya-yokocho) is famous for its extremely cheap seasonal goods and other wares such as cosmetics, shoes, sporting goods, leather jackets and jeans.

11. Kiyosumi-Shirakawa: old town with several popular coffee shops, temples and shrines, and a famous Kiyosumi-garden, which is one of the greatest masterpieces in the gardens in Tokyo.

12. Shibamata: Taishakuten Temple may not be so widely known to foreign tourist, but it’s been popular among Japanese people because the temple and the approach lined with many long-established shops used to be a set of the movie titled ‘Tora-san’, which has been loved by the Japanese for many years.

Tokyo Pop Culture like Anime, Games, Comics, and new fashion trend:
13. Akihabara: The center of electric, comic, card game shops, maid cafes, and anime products. Akihabara is the birthplace of "cosplay" and "maid cafes". How about visiting a maid café; café with waitresses dressed in cute maid costumes. You are welcomed by them saying, “Welcome back home, my master."
-Kanda Myojin Shrine: supposedly built in 730, which is dedicated to Taira no Masakado. The vermilion-lacquered main hall is spectacular. It’s also a sanctuary for anime fans now because of the scene of a popular anime “Love Live”. Adjacent to the Akihabara district, you can find omikuji sold in a capsule toy style.

14. Nakano: a Sanctuary for Otaku (geek, nerd, or freak); enjoy Japanese sub-culture fully at Nakano Broadway. If you love a certain anime character, you can even make your cell-phone case printed your favorite one. Anyway, everything Otaku want is here.

15. Harajuku, pop fashion shopping area: all sorts of fashion categories, popular snack such as colorful cotton candy, and unique cafes

16. Ikebukuro: within 10 minutes from Shinjuku
-Sunshine Aquarium: first rooftop aquarium in Japan based on the concept of “an oasis in the sky”
-J-WORLD-TOKYO: indoor theme park full of animated cartoons from popular comic book “Jump” such as “One piece” “Dragon ball” and “Naruto”
-Nanja town: indoor theme park that provides everything from amusement to food all at once, which is popular with groups as well as couples

Shrines and Temples:
17. Meiji-jingu Shrine: Located in Harajuku, Shibuya, it’s popular among foreign tourists. The Well of Kiyomasa in this garden has become famous as a so-called power spot. Pure water has been welling up for more than 400 years.

18. Hie-jinja Shrine: famous for its Sanno Festival, one of the three biggest festivals in Japan. You can also see the National Diet Building and other important buildings nearby.

19. Zojo-ji Temple: situated near Tokyo Tower, Zojo-ji Temple is the chief temple of the Jodo-Buddhist sect. It had a deep connection to the Tokugawa Shogunate family.

20. Tokyo Daijingu: called ‘o-Ise-sama in Tokyo’, this shrine is especially popular among young women who want to encounter their future husband. You can get a pretty charm on which flowers or Hello Kitty is embroidered.

If you are interested in shrines, please visit my blog, "Visiting Tokyo ten shrines".

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  • Choose 1-2 destinations, and I'll make an itinerary concidering your preferences
  • 1. Omotesando, Aoyama and Roppongi district
  • 2. Ginza
  • 3. Marunouchi
  • 4. Shinjuku
  • 5. Shibuya
  • 6. Odaiba
  • 7. Tokyo Sky Tree
  • 8. Asakusa
  • 9. Experiences in Asakusa
  • 10. Ueno
  • 11. Kiyosumi-Shirakawa
  • 12. Shibamata
  • 13. Akihabara
  • 14. Nakano
  • 15. Harajyuku
  • 16. Ikebukuro
  • 17. Meiji-jingu Shrine
  • 18. Hie-jinja Shrine
  • 19. Zojo-ji Temple
  • 20. Tokyo Daijingu


Please join my tour with the shoes which comfortable for walking.
This is a walking tour. We use public transportation mainly. The rate doesn't include the fare for your transportation, entrance fee and lunch.
If you have any concern about the tour, please let me know in advance. Its my pleasure to do my homework to get rid of your anxiety.

It's good for you to carry a decent amount of Japanese Yen with you. You can use this for transportation, snacks, souvenirs etc… Many small markets in Tokyo are cash-only, though most shops and restaurants accept credit cards.

Estimated Local Cash Needed:
Transportation expenses: about 1,000yen/person ( JR or Tokyo Metro) read more

City Tokyo

Meeting Point At your hotel lobby

Ending Point At the final destination or your hotel

Duration 4 hours

Starting time 08:30 AM ( recommended )   Flexible

Number of people 1 to 6   Flexible
What‘s included
  • Making your original itinerary
  • Guide fee
  • Hotel pick-up (in 23 ward in Tokyo)
  • Reservation of a restaurant (Lunch only, if we decided to go particular restaurant.)
  • Guide's transportaion fee (except waterbus, taxi)

What‘s not included
  • Your transportation fee (you can get a one-day ticket for Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway for 1000 yen. We may use a taxi depending on your phyisical condition)
  • lunch
  • entrance fee for you and a guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes after I book?

Yes! If you need to make changes such as removing or adding someone to your booking or changing the date or time of your tour, contact us by phone or email

Starting and ending points of the tour.

After you secure your booking, the starting and ending points of your tour can be customized to your convenience (ex.: your hotel, nearby stations, etc.). Don't worry, we will take care of you! Some tours may have an extra fee for this service, make sure to check the tour page.

What happens after I book a tour?

After booking a tour, the guide will accept (or decline) your booking within 24 hours. Then you will be noticed by email from Triplelights.

Can the guide pickup me at the airport?

Yes, but there will be additional charge for that and it is not by car. The guide will go pick you up using public transportations. For further details, please contact your guide directly.

I'm travelling alone. Can I book this tour?

Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel at least 14 day(s) in advance of the meeting date, there is a 100% refund.
  • If you cancel between 2 and 13 day(s) in advance of the meeting date, there is a 20% charge.
  • If you cancel within 1 day prior to the meeting date, there is a 40% charge.
  • If you cancel on the meeting date, there is no refund.

Organized by MAYUMI

National Certified Guide

(43) Reviews

Contact MAYUMI
Response Time 15 hs

Languages spoken
  • English ( License )

Hi, I’m your guide Mayumi. As I have long experience in teaching Japanese history and Japanese as well as English at a cram school, I'm sure I can help you learn Japanese culture, history, and traditions. And I love playing in the nature, such as scuba diving, riding uphill, and hiking in the wilderness. It's also my pleasure to guide you to not only Central Tokyo but also the calm, beautiful rural areas. Let me know your interests, I'll make the best tour for you. Please contact me. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

Reviews ( 43 )

1 day ago |   by David

“ A day outside of Tokyo ”

Mayumi guided us out of Tokyo on a fantastic tour to Hakone, Lake Ashi, Mt Hakone. We took in an experience on a pirate ship, two rope ways, and the Hakone Tozan Railway. It was a fantastic day and I would highly recommend Mayumi. We saw so much and covered a lot of things in just one day. This would not be possible without an experienced guide like Mayumi.

1 week ago |   by Robert

“ Mayumi is awesome! Must book! ”

We met Mayumi on our first full day in Tokyo. We could not have asked for a more patient, kind, knowledgeable, & energetic guide to introduce us to the biggest city in the world. She asked about our interests and then designed an itinerary around our interests while taking the time to show us how to navigate the multiple subways lines. Her insight as a local to the area was invaluable, and we also greatly enjoyed her company. We feel we not only learned a great deal about the city, but we made a new friend in her as well. We cannot say enough good things about this experience. She made all the difference in the world for us in our first experience with Tokyo, as we wanted to make the most of the short week we were going to be visiting. Highly recommend Mayumi!

2 weeks ago |   by Elisabeth

“ Mayumi is personable and friendly. ”

Mayumi emailed me several weeks before the trip and helped organize my two days visit in Tokyo based on my interests. Mayumi is punctual and organized. Mayumi has a warm smile and is pleasant company. As a single woman, I felt safe traveling with her. I would definitely use Mayumi again, and recommend her to anyone who wishes to discover this fascinating city.

3 weeks ago |   by Kim

“ Perfect guide for a personal tour ”

Mayumi made our stay & touring Tokyo PERFECT! Even with our last minute changes, she was able to meet all of our challenges. Her background as a teacher teaching English & Japanese history, make her a perfect guide. Very professional, friendly, attentive and always with a smile. Thank you Mayumi for such a special time!

1 month ago |   by Daniella

“ Fun tour of Akihabara & Ikebukuro ”

I requested a tour for my group of Akihabara & Ikebukuro from Mayumi out of her half day tour of Tokyo. It was mostly a shopping tour, as these two destinations are big shopping centers for Japanese nerds. I would have liked a more culturally oriented tour, but we still had fun and I realize that these two areas aren't historically rich. Also the pace was a little fast for us, but that might have been the jet lag.

1 month ago |   by Kathy

“ Excellent and Friendly Guide! ”

All we can say is Wow! Mayumi was warm, engaging and informative. Excellent overview of Tokyo and well worth the time and money. She is a delightful person! Highly recommend!

1 month ago |   by PETER

“ First time in Tokyo ”

Mayumi is an excellent guide. We enjoyed being with Mayumi for our first day in Tokyo. She is friendly and is very knowledgeable. It was as if a friend was showing us around. We would definitely request Mayumi again.

1 month ago |   by Glen

“ Wonderful day in Tokyo ”

Mayumi helped us both organize and lead us through a great day to see our rather disjointed list of preferences to see in Tokyo. Besides being very knowledgeable about the sites and obviously the best way to get to them, she added a lot to our understanding of Japanese culture and heritage. Was a pleasure to work with; professional and enlightening at the same time. Would be happy to use her again and to recommend her to anyone trying to assemble a productive tour of Tokyo.

1 month ago |   by Julie

“ Amazing Tokyo tour guide ”

Mayumi was punctual, knowledgeable and very personable. She also saved us so much time by helping us buy our train tickets to our next destination. I highly recommend her!

1 month ago |   by Mark

“ Tokyo Highlights ”

Mayumi met us at the Akasaka Excel Hotel in Tokyo at 9:00 a.m.. We were a group of four. We went to the Imperial Palace and walked through the Imperial Palace outer garden (about 1.5km) The Imperial Palace itself is not open to the public, so we walked through the grounds, looking at the famous Niju-bashi Buridge, the bridge to the main gate, and the Sakurada-mon Gate, which is designated as an important cultural asset while learning Japanese unique history. At 10:00 a.m. We traveled to Tokyo Station which is over 100 years old and is an important cultural asset. This station, originally designed by Tatsuno Kingo was reconstructed in 2014. Around 10:30 a.m. We went to Asakusa: Sensoji Temple, Asakusa-jinja Shrine & Nakamise shopping arcade. It was about 1 km from Asakusa Station to Sensoji Temple. We also enjoyed strolling through the Nakamise arcade. Lunch was around noon and we ate at a restaurant where we could enjoy both sushi & tempura. At 2:00 p.m. we traveled to Omotesanndo: the modern & high-end shopping street Around 4:00 p.m. we traveled to Roppingi: Tokyo City View is a fine-view facility having indoor fine-view corridor of 250 meters above sea-level and roof "sky deck" of open air of 270 meters above sea-level located at the center of Tokyo. We could see Mt Fuji along with landmarks including the Tokyo Sky-tree and Tokyo Tower. About 5:00 p.m. We departed ways back to the ship and the hotel after spending a delightful day with Mayumi as our tour guide. She was very knowledgable and we had a great time with Mayumi. She has a warm personality and a great sense of humor. We highly recommend Mayumi as a tour guide.

2 months ago |   by Cecilia

“ Our 3 days in Tokyo ”

I have to go to HK for a trip and decided a stopover to Tokyo since I am traveling on ANA. I researched for a certified tour guide and after days of research, I picked triple Lights . Then I looked at all the reviews for different tour guides and checked videos on them and emailed a few of them, I finally connected with Mayumi and she was great from day one of emails about 3 months ago. Long story short, she was better in person. My brothers and I had a blast for two days of touring. She is informative, excellent manners and she amazes us with all her history info. Even though we book d half day on second day she did not hurry us since we were shopping and she was very patient at the end. If you want a pleasant English speaking well informed guide, she is the one to book with. We will for sure call on her next time we back in Japan From USA

2 months ago |   by Paula

“ Tour Guide for NSW Government Delegation ”

I booked Mayumi from my office in Sydney, Australia. I chose Mayumi for her positive reviews and brief introduction video on the website. I had a good vibe about her and I was right. There was a lot of changes in the lead up to this assignment and I found Mayumi very understanding and accommodating. The planning for this assignment was over some public holidays in Japan but even then, Mayumi was contactable. There was a media component to this assignment and Mayumi ensured she organised the correct accreditation for photography purposes. I unfortunately did not meet Mayumi in person but received very positive feedback from my colleagues who did meet her while in Tokyo.

2 months ago |   by Soraya

“ Tokyo customized tour ”

Ms. Mayumi is a very friendly and cheerful person. We were very comfortable w/ her, she is also very fluent in english. We changed the itinerary on the day itself but we didn't hear any complain from her. She's flexible and sensitive to my mother's pace. We had a great time in tokyo with Ms. Mayumi.

3 months ago |   by Glynis

“ Great day and itinerary ”

Mayumi was a wonderful and informative guide! She made arrangements for our family to participate in Sampuru making workshop in Kappabashi and also guided us through Tsukiji inner and outer market in the morning. She was flexible while keeping us going from one destination to the next and also had wonderful insight and knowledge about the areas we visited and about Japanese language and culture in general. She even shared suggestions for what to see in the remaining time we had in Tokyo based on our interests. Highly recommended!

3 months ago |   by Regan

“ Great night time tour! ”

We booked an evening tour for our family of 4, with 2 teenagers. Mayumi first took us to popular teenager places like Harajuku and Shibuya. We found the statue for Hachiko and experienced the famous Shibuya crossing. She also made dinner reservations for us at an izakaya restaurant. She explained that it is very common for locals to come to this place after work and she explained to us during dinner some of the history of Japan. We then traveled to Shinjuku to experience the adult nightlife in Tokyo. We saw Godzilla in Shinjuku and walked through Kabukicho and the Golden Gai. Since it was on a Sunday evening, it was not very crowded. We learned a lot from Mayumi on how locals live in the city and where they go. The tour was great! We would highly recommend Mayumi as a guide. She was very knowledgeable and accommodating for our needs.

3 months ago |   by Anthony

“ Amazing Tour Experience ”

She were very fortunate to discover Mayumi on Triple Lights. She customized several 1 day and 1/2 day tours for us throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area over an 8 day period. My family ages ranged from 8-70, Mayumi took the time to create unique experiences for everyone. She was always very prompt, super diligent, extra thoughtful and went the "extra mile" each and every time to make this trip of a lifetime very special. Additionally, once we arrived she was very flexible with our schedules. I can't imagine us not using Mayumi for future visits (because there is still much of Japan to see). We would give Mayumi 10+ stars!!

3 months ago |   by Sandra

“ Lovely lady! ”

Mayumi was wonderful, and this tour was among our favourites. Would absolutely recommend!

3 months ago |   by Saul

“ Wonderful family tour ”

Mayumi was our guide for a family trip to Japan that included young children, college age kids and adults. Mayumi spent a full day with us taking to us to various sights and points of interest around Tokyo. She was friendly, patient, helpful and very knowledgeable about the history of the places we visited. We appreciated her fluency in English which made it easy for us to communicate. She was very courteous about offering suggestions for other sites, shopping and restaurants we should consider during our stay. We are happy to recommend Mayumi's guide services to other travelers to Japan.

4 months ago |   by Zachary

“ Hiring Mayumi was the best decision of our trip! ”

My wife and I loved our visit to Tokyo and our time with Mayumi was a highlight. Mayumi was thoughful, knowledgeable, and fun throughout our entire day together and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a guide in Tokyo.

4 months ago |   by Bernard

“ A wonderful day with a great guide ”

My wife and I travel all over the world and have experienced many guides. I can honestly say that Mayumi was one of the best. Smart, passionate, funny, and full of information and history. What more can you ask for. Thank you Mayumi.

4 months ago |   by Justin

“ Excellent knowledgeable tour guide ”

We enjoyed our 2 day tour with Mayumi. She was very organized and easy to communicate with. We saw the major highlights of Tokyo and learned much another Tokyo's history. She bought little souvenirs for my children and recommend a tea ceremony which was really fun. My 9 year old daughter in particular really enjoyed learning Japanese phrases and the art of orgamai with Mayumi. I highly recommend using her for your tour of Tokyo - especially if you are traveling with a family.

4 months ago |   by Alissa

“ Tokyo highlights ”

Mayumi was a wonderful guide. She was totally in step with our 11 and 14 year old daughters. She took us to all the places we wanted to go. We requested travel by metro and she made it fun and easy (and the Tokyo metro is one of the most complicated in the world!) Mayumi is a fun, flexible guide who is great with families, kids, teens and adults. She is very patient and helpful. We were so sad to say goodbye to her after our time together.

4 months ago |   by Gayle

“ Mayumi's tour was highlight of our Tokyo visit ”

On our second day in Tokyo, we enjoyed a fantastic full day tour with Mayumi. Her professional but warm and bubbly personality immediately put us at ease. Her English and knowledge of various cultures/religions is excellent. She is a high energy person with lots of enthusiasm. Even though she has visited the sights hundreds of times, she seemed to really enjoy each place she took us. We had a few email exchanges before we arrived in Tokyo so she could plan our tour for what we wanted to see most. Much of it was left to her discretion since she is the expert. We either walked or took the subway. She walked at our pace- a middle speed- and reminded us to drink water. It was well-planned for the most efficient use of time. We saw all of the major hightlights including Asakusa, the fish market, a lovely boat ride on the Sumida River to Odaiba and the Hamaryiku Gardens. When we accidentally happened upon both a Buddhist and a Shinto wedding, Mayumi was able to explain it all to us. She also taught us a few words and phrases. We had a great lunch at a popular local tempura cafe. What a perfect day! Thank you, Mayumi! We hope if you ever come to the US, you will let us know so we can see you. If we come back to Japan, we will be sure to find you again. Cheers!

4 months ago |   by Mark

“ Private 1 day overview tour of Tokyo, family with 2 kids ”

Mayumi was easy to communicate with. She was waiting for us promptly in the hotel and took us through Asakusa, Harajuku, Akihabara, and Meiji shrine, with lunch in a Monster Cafe and a short walk along Sumida river. In the end of the day we ended up in Shinjuku next to Robot restaurant, per our request. Mayumi was very easy to talk to and was very open and attentive to our requests (e.g. our son wanted to catch Pokemon in a few places). Towards end of the day we realized we needed to buy medicine from a drugstore, and Mayumi took extra time and care to find a pharmacy and to help us communicate with the pharmacist. She also texted the next day to make sure we were OK. In general, I found it to be a very positive experience! We used trains to get around; it was our first day in Tokyo, so following Mayumi helped me to get oriented and get more comfortable using trains on subsequent days. Mayumi, thank you very much!!! Sincerely, Mark & family.

4 months ago |   by Tony

“ Absolutely awesome ”

Mayumi was awesome. She was knowledgeable, fluent and flexible, short review since we r still traveling. spent 4 days with her. Highly recommended. Great personality and so friendly. Can't go wrong. She tailored the trip and modified it's we needed

5 months ago |   by Rebecca

“ Toyko Tour with Mayumi ”

Our flight was a day late and we were dying of jetlag, forcing us to cut our tour with Mayumi short, which was a huge bummer because it was our best tour in Japan by far! Mayumi made it very easy to communicate beforehand, and accommodated a lot of last minute changes. She helped us make some phone calls and figure out where to take a nap when our jet lag got the best of us. She seemed to know literally everything about everything, and was more of a very wise buddy than a walking encyclopedia. We had actual fun on our tour and learned a ton not only about what we were there to see, but everything else we had questions about. She checked in on us after our tour to ask if we needed anything also! Mayumi was cool and laid back and fun and we wished she had been our guide for the rest of our trip!

5 months ago |   by Tom

“ Superb full day tour of Tokyo ”

Mayumi did an outstanding job showing the Tokyo sights to my family. Prior to arriving in Japan she recommended many options for places to visit and experience. We worked together to select a day full of activities and experiences, from cultural to cuisine. She arrived to meet us a few minutes early, of course polite, smiling, and with fantastic English speaking skill. We reviewed the plans for the day and set out to tour Tokyo. Along the way Mayumi shared her knowledge of Japanese history and culture, explaining the historical significance of the various monuments, shrines, and temples. Always pleasant, she took a number of photographs of our family as we toured. We enjoyed a meal together where she introduced us to Japanese customs associated with eating a meal. We walked many miles and as the day concluded, Mayumi made sure we were returned safely to our hotel. The following day she emailed us copies of the photos she had taken with her camera along with well wishes. My family and I enjoyed her company and were well informed and entertained during our time together.

5 months ago |   by Jennifer

“ So many highlights in just one day! ”

There is so much to see and do in Tokyo, and it's spread out all over the city. Mayumi was the perfect guide, showing me all the sites I wanted to see at my pace. I loved that we had the chance to see all the spots I'd mentioned wanting to see, but also to stop and spend more time seeing what the day brought: A festival, a parade, a couple having photos taken after their wedding. Spending the day with Mayumi, who lives in Tokyo, made me feel like I was getting a look at life beyond the guidebooks, while still seeing all the guidebook-worthy sites. Highly recommended!

5 months ago |   by Nina

“ 5 star guide for the family! ”

Mayumi is an exceptional guide and hands down the best we’ve ever had. Before our tour she was in constant communication with us about our wishes and meetup time/destination and made all the relevant bookings for our special requests. As soon as we met her she was full of energy and smiles. She felt less like a guide and more like a friend showing us the city. In a very relaxed atmosphere we visited a lot of cool places tailored to our interests. She was extremely accommodating towards our two boys (9 and 10) and ensured that we all had a fun time on the tour. Her English is excellent and none of us had a problem understanding her. Highly recommended = 5 stars!!

6 months ago |   by Mona

“ 1full day tour in Tokyo ”

I decided to book a tour with Mayumi on Wednesday May 10 for me and my family (4 adults), and it was an excellent idea! Mayumi is a very competent and interesting person with a very good knowledge about Japan and its history. She is also a very pleasant person and we had a wonderful day with her. She made sure to do an itinerary that included every place we wanted to see and, although we took time to shop and wander, we were able to do it all! My husband as well as me and my children were very satisfied. Thank you Mayumi for that beautiful day.

6 months ago |   by Barbara

“ 48 hours in Tokyo with Mayumi ”

We have never experienced such a professional, knowledgeable and caring guide as Mayumi. I had an unexpected leg injury which limited my walking, but Mayumi managed to adjust the itinerary to accommodate our interests. Her English was impeccable and certainly useful in navigating the shopping, dining. Her historical commentaries were remarkable. Comfortable that we were shown the highlights in a brief 48 hours of an incredible city,

6 months ago |   by Regina

“ Highly Recommended! ”

I spent a wonderful day with Mayumi. This was my first trip to Tokyo, and I was traveling solo. Because it's such a big city I didn't know where to start. She met me in my hotel lobby, which saved me the stress of finding my way to a meeting place. She helped me buy a subway pass and taught me to how to get around on the very large subway system. That gave me the confidence to explore on my own for the remainder of my trip. Mayumi's English is impeccable, and she was full of knowledge. She shared some great information about the history and local customs of Japan. I experienced a lot of things that I would have missed exploring on my own. For example, at Sensō-ji Temple she showed me how to draw an Omikuji (fortune-telling paper) and how to perform the purification ritual. Because it was a private tour, it was all about me. If I wanted to check out a store, we'd go in. I felt like tempura for lunch, and she took me to a fantastic place known only to the locals (not another gaijin in sight). When I wanted ideas on where to go next she had plenty of suggestions based on my interests. I’ve traveled all over the world, and I refuse to go on those big group tours where you pile onto a bus and are herded around, trying to fight your way to the front of the group so you can hear the guide. I can’t recommend TripleLights and Mayumi enough!

6 months ago |   by Arnold

“ Excellent Guide in Tokyo ”

Our trip involved 3 generations traveling together and we scheduled a full day tour of Tokyo with Mayumi. Mayumi grew up in Tokyo and as such has tremendous knowledge of the city and culture. She set a wonderful itinerary for us which included a visit the Senso-Ji Shrine, a boat ride on the Sumida River, Hamarikyu Park and the Meji Shrine. Along the way she taught us how to use the subway and the history of the Japanese language. In addition, she told us about some of her favorite places to eat, suggested other places to visit in Tokyo, including some stores and helped us make reservations. It was a pleasure and honor to spend the day woth her.

6 months ago |   by Judy

“ Mayumi, is a Great Guide ”

Mayumi, is a great guide. She took us to everything that we wanted to see in Tokyo and more. Her schedule for the day could not have been better. There was no way that we could have seen Tokyo without her service. We would use her service again if we return to Tokyo.

7 months ago |   by Tetyana

“ Great day with Mayumi ”

Kids were thrilled with Mayumi's bubbly warm personality and we had a fun filled day and 8 hours passed too fast! Highly recommend this knowledgeable and energetic quide. We also appreciated her flexibility as well as very practical approach to route planning.

7 months ago |   by Igor

“ Two full days inTokyo ”

We had a two excellent and very informative days. Mayumi has shown to us everything we have asked her to see and even more. We have seen and experience main Tokyo's must see attractions and cultural sites . Mayumi is very flexible easy going, super accommodating, and knowledgeable guide. Our family had a very good time. We would highly recommend Mayumi .

7 months ago |   by Jason

“ Fantastic tour and tour guide ”

We had a full day packed with adventure to see the sights in Tokyo. Mayumi was very knowledgeable and pleasant during our tour. She was eager to answer any questions and made sure we saw the best sights along our tour. She also made sure we got the best photos. She contacted us ahead of time to tailor the trip to our liking and made sure we hit the spots that were important to us. We hope to visit Japan again some day and use her for our next adventure. Highly recommend her!

7 months ago |   by Karen

“ Whirlwind tour of Tokyo ”

We hit the jackpot when we hired Mayumi. We only had a few hours to spend in Tokyo prior to our cruise. Mayumi planned a delightful tour. We appreciated her promptness, knowledge and warm personality. We left Tokyo with wonderful memories of our brief tour, but more importantly, with a new friend. Thank you Mayumi!!!!!

8 months ago |   by Bryan

“ Awesome day in Tokyo ”

If you want to get the most of your trip to Tokyo, then look no further than Mayumi. I booked an 8 hour day and was able to request all of the spots interesting to me. We started early and beat the crowds on a Saturday. The sites were amazing, and the descriptions and history she gave made each site mean more, and I understood the little things. Along the way Mayumi was able to point out many little interesting tidbits that we would have never known otherwise. She also helped with understanding the local customs. Don't hesitate a minute, your day in Tokyo will be much better and see twice as much if you use a guide, specifically Mayumi. She knows the perfect touch.

10 months ago |   by Lisa

“ 7 hour tour of Tokyo ”

Amazing! It was one of the best days of our lives. Mayumi was so prepared. She had the day all mapped out for us and had fascinating things to tell us about every place we visited and about Japanese culture in general. We were travelling with our 2 children who are 12 and 9 years old. She kept them engaged throughout the entire tour. They loved spending the day with her and we will never forget our wonderful adventure. Mayumi also helped us to organize our itinerary for the the next few days. We had to get along without her but she was with us in spirit! I would say to anyone visiting Tokyo, that your trip will not be complete unless you have Mayumi by your side!

10 months ago |   by Mae

“ Great Guide ”

I sent Mayumi a list of places we wanted to visit in Tokyo and she promptly created an itinerary for us taking into consideration our interests. She picked us up at the lobby of our hotel on time and even gave our daughter a small gift. While traveling, Mayumi told us interesting facts about the different locations in our itinerary which made our sightseeing more meaningful. She is a sweet, kind and knowledgeable guide and we really enjoyed our day with her. Thank you Mayumi for guiding and helping us out. We will definitely contact you again next time we're in Tokyo.

11 months ago |   by Adam

“ Mayumi is great! ”

Mayumi did a superb job guiding me in Japan. She was thoroughly prepared for every aspect of my custom tour. Her English is excellent and she was both thoughtful and charming. I really felt cared for, and my adventures were wonderful. I couldn't have asked for more and would gladly recommend Mayumi to anyone.

1 year ago |   by Colleen

“ Best Guide Ever ”

We have had several good personal guided tours in many cities before but our tour with Mayumi was an outstanding experience. We are a family of four with two teenage boys. Mayumi was genuinely interested in our family and connected with each one of us. -planned a suitable, timely itinerary geared towards the teenager's interest while also introducing some Japanese history in an engaging way -Mayumi stopped at our hotel prior to our arrival and left us a letter regarding an enquiry we had regarding data plans for our phones -Mayumi is adaptable, patient, is very fluent in English -She made invaluable suggestions in terms of how we can search for reasonable, good local Izakaya style restaurants. This is extremely helpful as many restaurants in Tokyo can be very expensive. -After the tour, Mayumi suggested that we contact her if we had any further questions. She was willing to do anything for us (she even lent us her cell phone for a few minutes). It was both a pleasure and a lot of fun to spend the day with Mayumi as she has a nice personality and many different interests. We will definitely try to meet with Mayumi again one day. Thank You Mayumi Greg, Colleen, Michael, Thomas

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