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The Tozai Line Tour (Kagurazaka, Metro Museum etc.)

6 hours
English ( 通訳案内士資格保持 ), Japanese ( 上級レベル )
Private tour (only you and your guide)
Walking / Public Transportation Tour
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The Tozai (East-West) Line operates from the west side of Chiba Prefecture, pass the center of Tokyo and ends at Nakano, the west side of 23 wards of Tokyo.
There are several spots I'd like to show you and I hope you'll like them!

Please chose 2 - 3 places from the list. I will make the itinerary to acccording to your interests.

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Feel free to personalize this offer with Momoko.

  • Monzen Nakacho
  • Washi making at Nihonbashi
  • Kagurazaka
  • Subway Museum
  • The Science Museum
  • Nakano
  • The Imperial Palace

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Nakano is located in the west side of Tokyo and not so far away from Shinjuku.
Nakano Broadway, the shopping mall, is well known for "subculture Mecca".
You may be able to find your own "premium" comic books or/and animated goods.


Geisha business prospered along with samurai residing in Kagurazaka during the Edo era. You’ll see some cobblestone streets where Geisha houses are still in business.
After the French school was opened, the town has been cultivating its unique culture. Some old houses were renovated for the Western shops and restaurants. Kagurazaka is a mixture of the old and modern town.
You may want to check their pottery shops and Japanese confectionery. They are pretty reasonable!

【The imperial Palace in Otemachi, Takebashi】

The imperial Palace looks like a castle owned by samurai. Yes, it was owned by the Tokugawa Shogunate until the Meiji Restoration.
The Chowaden Hall is known for the New Year's visit by the public.

【The Sciencee Museum in Kudanshita, Takebashi】
The Science Museum was opened in 1969 to promote the sience and technology.
Ranged from the children and the youth, the number of the family has been increasing.
The vehicles, the electricity, the ecology related booths will stimulate your interest.
You may be albe to see or/and attend the science experiments.

【Washi making in Nihonbashi】

About an hour experience in making washi at Ozu Washi Shop would be a great story of your travel. Stationery, calligraphy and other washi products are available at their shop.
Washi, traditional Japanese paper was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2014. Reservation is required for washi making.

【Monzen Nakacho】

Located on the east side of Tokyo, Monzen Nakacho used to be surrounded by the sea. With the growing in its population and a big fire during the Edo era, they constructed many canals to deliver the construction materials. Monzen Nakacho prospered in fishing, timber merchant and logistics. Currently the town is blessed with “water and green”.

Tomioka Hachimangu (the birth place of Edo Sumo), Fukagawa Fudodo (the branch temple of Naritasan Shinshoji) and Fukagawa Enmado (where the largest Enma statue is housed) are the 3 most famous shrines and temples.
Depending on your schedule, you could have a chance to look at the antique market at Tomioka Hachimangu (every Sunday except the 3rd).
In the middle of August, there is Fukagawa Hachiman Festivals (one of the three biggest Edo festivals). You’ll see about 120 portable shrines carryied on the street

【Subway Museum】

The Subway Museum is owned by Tokyo Metro, and is located in Kasai, the very east side of Tokyo and right next to Kasai Station.
The first subway line in the Orient opened in 1927; it now forms part of Tokyo Metro's Ginza Line. The Subway Museum has one of the original subway cars, displays that explain the history of the Metro system, and a diorama of all the modern-day Tokyo Metro trains in miniature (one for each of the lines) that runs on a regular schedule. You’ll also learn how their tunnels and trains were constructed etc, and there are some hands-on activities suitable for young children. Their gift shop may attract you, especially if you are a trainspotter.


Departure & Return

開始時刻 09:30 AM , 10:00 AM
待ち合わせ場所 At your hotel
解散場所 At your hotel

Inclusions & Exclusions


guide fee


transportation fee , food, enterance fee (you and guide), fee for washi making,

Subway Museum
210 yen for an adult
100 yen for a child

Washi making
500 yen per person.

The Science Museum
720 yen for adult
410 yen for the middle and high school students
260 yen for the children


The entrance fee to Subway Museum:
210 yen for adult
100 yen for child

Washi making
500 yen per person

The Science Museum
720 yen for adult
410 yen for middle school students and high school students
260 yen for small children (free for children under 3)

Please wear comfortable shoes.
Bring some cash; many businesses do not accept credit cards.


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