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Asakusa (half day)

by Tomoko
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3:30h $ 96


  • 1. Splendid view of Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree
  • 2. Kaminarimon gate (with the huge red paper lantern), Sensoji temple, and Asakusa shrine
  • 3. Nakamise street and other shopping streets
  • 4. Kappabashi street or Drum Museum

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Hotel pick up (inside Tokyo's central area, in 23 wards).
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A half-day tour to Tokyo’s must-visit area, Asakuksa. Asakusa is not just the iconic Kaminarimon gate with the huge red lantern, but it's also full of interesting spots and cultural attractions. You will be amazed to see so many things packed into one place. Short, but fully enjoyable tour.

What to Expect

A trip to Tokyo would not be complete without visiting Asakusa. Sensoji, Tokyo's oldest and largest Buddhist temple is here. It is the center of ‘shitamachi' or the commoners’ downtown with its typical shops and restaurants. It was already the most bustling entertainment district in Tokyo during the Edo period (17th to 19th century). Let's feel Asakusa’s lively atmosphere and warm hospitality together.

1. Splendid view of Asakusa area and Tokyo Sky Tree from the top floor of Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
2. Kaminarimon Gate and Sensoji temple; while walking around the temple’s precinct with grand, fascinating architectures, I will show you its highlights, Japanese habits, history, religion, and culture.
3. Nakamise street and other shopping streets; you will find traditional crafts of the Edo period (old Tokyo) and also local snacks.
4. Kappabashi street - a famous 800-meter street lined with more than 150 shops of kitchen utensils and appliances; famous for exquisite plastic food samples
5. Drum Museum - traditional Japanese drums and festive goods where you can experience and beat some of the drums both Japanese and foreign (admission 500 yen/adult, 150 yen/child)

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Organized by

Tomoko Licensed Guide
(9) Reviews
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  • 1. Splendid view of Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree
  • 2. Kaminarimon gate (with the huge red paper lantern), Sensoji temple, and Asakusa shrine
  • 3. Nakamise street and other shopping streets
  • 4. Kappabashi street or Drum Museum


★★ SEASONAL LIMITED!★★ In July and August, I would gladly start our tour in the early morning, at 7 a.m. for example. Please refer to my ★summer special★ Tokyo Early-Bird Tour.  
☆On all Mondays in July, I'm available after 10a.m.
☆On all Sundays and Mondays except the firsts in August, I'm available after 10 a.m.
★Travel insurance is not included in our tours. I would recommend you take out your own travel insurance just in case of any unexpected accident, loss, or damaging others' property. I will do all I can to keep you away from such risks, of course.
★The pick-up service to your hotel is only in Tokyo metropolitan area, in 23 wards.

☆ Many shops in Kappabashi are closed Sundays.
☆ Drum Museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
☆ We could start in the afternoon.

What‘s included
guide fee
What‘s not included
transportation fee (you and guide)
food and drink, entrance fee if needed (Drum Museum: 500 yen/adult, 150 yen/child)
Meeting Point
at the main entrance of 'Asakusa Bunka Kanko Center,' Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center (negotiable)
Ending Point
at Kappabashi street or at any spot you like in Asakusa area
3:30 hours
Starting time
09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 10 people   Flexible

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Reviews ( 9 )
1 week ago |   by Anthony

“ Many memories of feeling at home in Japan ”

My brother and I could not be more grateful for your kind services during our (first-ever) visit to experience the magnificent country of Japan. We found your pride in your country's tradition and culture to be exceptional. The sights, tastes, scents and stories of Japan you shared were privileges we never anticipated. We know you are far more than a polite, intuitive, world-travelled lady. We found ourselves walking with both a personal interpreter and a well-organised and unique ambassador. We experienced the spontaneous shortcuts and alleys, forests, special shrines, leafy temples, markets and the local shops where you ran and grew up. Thank-you for sharing everything, we would've been lost without you and your remarkable suggestions. We now feel confident to challenge ourselves with more exciting experiences when we return. Tomoko-san is a Kamakura area specialist; responsible, engaging, patient, and also a flexible facilitator between visitors and local people, both in the bustle of Tokyo and the wider prefectures. Highly recommended!

1 week ago |   by Teresa

“ Wonderful tour ”

Tomoko was an excellent guide for my family of four during our first day in Tokyo. She was well prepared and on time, and she brought us a useful map and some other materials. She also made some interesting suggestions for our tour that we enjoyed very much, such as visiting the Asakura Museum of Sculpture. Her English is very good and she was very good at relating to my kids (ages 14 and 12). I highly recommend Tomoko as a guide.

2 weeks ago |   by Alvin

“ Highlights of Tokyo in a day ”

This was the first trip to Tokyo for me and my family. We wanted to do a tour that would highlight some of the history/culture of Japan and Tomoko planned the itinerary and delivered. We were able to learn some of the historical/cultural context and visit places such as the Meiji Temple and Sensoji Temple with Tomoko. She also included places such as Harajuku (place where a lot of teenagers go to shop and entertain themselves) to engage and entertain my teenage daughters and an opportunity for them to try on Kimonos. She also guided us to a local restaurant for lunch to try monjayaki which was a great experience. She was also very engaging with the entire family which made the tour very enjoyable as well as provided tips on traveling around Tokyo via the subway system and other places that we were planning to visit on our own such as Tsukiji Fish Market. I would recommend to book a tour with Tomoko for anyone looking to visit Japan.

2 weeks ago |   by Jacqueline

“ The Best Guide I Could Have Ever Asked For! ”

Tomoko is amazing, wonderful, terrific!...I could go on and on :) In addition to being my first time in Japan, it is also my first time as a solo-female traveler. I am so, SO glad I chose to book two 4h day tours with Tomoko. I spent the first two full days of my trip in Tokyo, Japan with Tomoko. She did an amazing job in helping me achieve my main goals which were to: 1) Orient myself in Tokyo and 2) Learn how to orient myself in the other places I will visit Tomoko is excellent in presenting Japanese history, language lessons, and understanding what her guests would like. I highly recommend Tomoko to everyone. Here are some of the many highlights that I experienced with Tomoko during my two day tours: - Knowing where to obtain general information for a city - Understanding how to use the transit system - I purchased a Suica card since I can also use it in Kyoto and Osaka. It is a very useful transit pass. - Learning about past and present Japanese culture - Useful Japanese phrases (“survival” Japanese) Tomoko is very warm and welcoming. Initially, I was feeling a bit homesick before I spent time with Tomoko. It was great to have two days with her because she helped me overcome my “homesickness”. I am so thankful that I selected her to be my private tour guide. I hope that whoever reads my review will also choose Tomoko. If you do, you are in for a real treat!

Very Good
4 weeks ago |   by Dale

“ tokyo and kamakura ”

I enjoyed my to tours with Tomoko, she was knowledgable, had good english, and very accommodating for my special needs on the second day. Indeed, it was obvious she had spent some time researching options so she could help me.

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