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Historic and Scenic Tour at the Foot of Mt.Fuji

by Setsuko
(6) Reviews
6h $ 261 up to 8 people


  • the Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine
  • Shiraito-no-Taki Waterfall and Otodome-no-Taki Waterfall
  • Lake Tanuki
  • A guide of other places around Mt. Fuji will be available. Please contact me.

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261.00 USD

Up to 8 people, Charged per group.
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What to Expect

We'll visit 3 popular tourist spots in Fujinomiya City of Shizuoka Prefecture. First we’ll visit Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine, which is the head shrine for more 1300 sengen shrines throughout Japan. The goddess of Mt. Fuji, Konohana-no-Sakuyahime, has been enshrined here for 1,100 years.
People who make pilgrimages to Mt. Fuji purify themselves here and wish for safe climbing. In 2013, it was added as a component part of the World Heritage Site, Mt. Fuji. Next we’ll drive to Shiraito-no-Taki, which is located at the base of Mt. Fuji. It means ‘Waterfall of White Threads’ because the water springing out of the lava cracks look like white threads. We will also visit Otodome-no-Taki nearby. Our final destination is Lake Tanuki. It is located in Asagiri Highlands on the west side of Mt. Fuji. We can walk or cycle around the lake while enjoying spectacular views of Mt .Fuji, in particular its reflection on the lake’s surface. We can see Diamond Fuji twice a year and it looks like a diamond ring. Let’s visit the goddess’ blessed area and enjoy the clean and serene atmosphere together.

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  • the Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine
  • Shiraito-no-Taki Waterfall and Otodome-no-Taki Waterfall
  • Lake Tanuki
  • A guide of other places around Mt. Fuji will be available. Please contact me.


City Shizuoka

Meeting Point Shinfuji Statiion or Fuji Station

Ending Point Shinfuji Statiion or Fuji Station

Duration 6 hours

Starting time 09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible

Number of people up to 8 people   Flexible

What‘s included
  • guide fee

What‘s not included
  • lunch
  • regular taxi fee (1-4 people) Approx. 29000 yen
  • taxi ban fee (5-9 people) Approx 35000 yen
  • :* A guide is included in the capacity of the taxi.

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Organized by Setsuko

Licensed Guide

(6) Reviews

Contact Setsuko
Response Time 8 hs

Languages spoken
  • English ( License )

Hello, I'm Setsuko!
I was born in Shizuoka, home of Mt. Fuji, and have lived here all my life. It is a very attractive local city located in the middle of Japan. It takes about only one hour from here to Tokyo by the super express Shinkansen. I’d like to introduce you to some historical places related to the first shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, as well as green tea, citrus fruits, fresh seafood, arts and crafts and modern hobby manufactures. Let’s visit scenic spots on the base of Mt. Fuji together. People in Shizuoka are very friendly and welcome guests from overseas. Why don’t we share a wonderful time here in Shizuoka?
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Reviews ( 6 )

1 month ago |   by Melinda

“ Mount Fuji Day Tour ”

We were glad to view the magnificent Mt. Fuji on a bright sunny day with our wonderful tour guide Ms Setsuko. She is knowledgeable in the history of each of the listed attractions (e.g. Lake Tanuki & Shiraito Waterfall) and accommodating in our requests. She even brought us some delicious snacks and taught us some basic Japanese origami and language. We would highly recommend her if you are looking for a tour guide around Mt. Fuji area.

2 months ago |   by Julie

“ Great tour in Shimuzu ”

Setsuko was waiting at the cruise pier for our group of 6. We went to the water falls, shrine/temple and a Sake brewery. The weather did not cooperate for a site of Mt. Fuji however she emailed me photos she had taken on previous trips. Great information and also taught us origami. Highly recommend her! She also arranged the transport for our group.

Very Good
2 months ago |   by Patricia

“ Enjoyed Our Tour ”

We had a very enjoyable tour with Setsuko. She customized the tour to suit our personal interests and gave us a detailed itinerary prior to the tour. She arrived on time and met us beside the ship. We traveled by city bus to the Mino Pine Groves and the nearby shrine and beach. Then we went to the Marine Science Museum where we watched demonstrations of the mechanical fish they are using to study how fish swim. Finally we crossed the bay in a water ferry, spent a few minutes inside the fish market, and arrived back at our ship on time. Unfortunately, Mt. Fuji was not visible because of the rain. Setsuko speaks good English and is very knowledgeable about the religious customs at the shrines. She had prepared several small gifts for us - postcards, pins, and some origami birds. Although at times she walked a bit too quickly for us (we are seniors), it was clear that she had prepared very thoroughly for the tour and did everything to make it a good day for us. All in all, we were very pleased with the tour.

3 months ago |   by Brian

“ Outstanding guide ”

Setsuko was one of the best tour guides we had during our vacation to Japan. Her English was very good and was very passionate in describing the many places we visited and gave a real personal touch. Everything was well organized before our tour where she explained thoroughly what we could see and the costs. Setsuko provided us with many other pieces of information about what we were to see which was very informative. I would definitely recommend Setsuko as guide for your next tour.

3 months ago |   by Cindy

“ Trip of a lifetime ”

Our group of 10 had a wonderful day touring and learned so much, while at the same time being entertained and educated by Setsuko. Thank you for helping make our trip memorable!

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