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A Day-Trip from Shimizu Port, Customized for You!

4 hours
up to 8 people
Japanese ( Native ), English ( License )
Private tour (only you and your guide)
Walking / Public Transportation Tour
( Contact guide for other options )

Would you like to spend a nice day starting from Shimizu? You can select any spots you wish to visit. I will try to arrange as many of your wishes come as possible.


Feel free to personalize this offer with Fumie.

  • Kunozan Toshogu Shrine (beautiful sculptured shrine building—National Treasure) and Nihon-daira Observation Deck
  • Miho Pine Grove (World Heritage Site, and hopefully magnificient view of Mt. Fuji, depending on weather)
  • Tea farm in Shizuoka (green tea picking experience, depending on season and availability)
  • 5th Station on Mt. Fuji
  • Shiraito Falls (World Heritage Site) and Japanese sake brewery
  • Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine (World Heritage Site) and famous Fujinomiya yakisoba noodles for lunch
  • Sumpu Castle Ruin Park (Japanese garden, restored gates and arsenals, reminiscent of the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu) and Shizuoka Sengen Shrine
  • Sushi Lunch in Shimizu
  • Tokaido Hiroshige Museum of Art (Ukiyoe paintings) and post town of Yui on the medieval trunk road of Tokaido
  • House and sailors’ tavern of Shimizu Jirocho (Japanese yakuza gangster-turned businessman & philanthropist over 100 years ago)
  • Mariko post town on the Tokaido Road and traditional lunch using Japanese yam in a thatched house, if you are looking for unique Japanese cuisine.
  • Tea farm for tea leaf picking experience and tasting various kinds of green tea (Shizuoka produces 40 % of green tea in Japan)

Want to personalize this tour?

  • Our tours can be customized according to your needs and preferences
  • Click below to tell us what you are looking for:
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What to Expect

Shizuoka at the foot of Mt. Fuji is home of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the 1st shogun of the Edo samurai Government. It is known for production of tea leaves, wide variety of sea food, and more! It can offer many cultural attractions, local delicacies and a pleasant calm day looking at a beautiful landscape.

This is a tailor-made tour just for you, to suite your area of interest, and use your time wisely paying attention not to miss departure of your cruise ship.

To tour around efficiently from Shimizu port, though, it might be a good idea to choose from the following 3 directions. Depending on your choice of modes of transportation, I can draft the first proposal for you.

1. Traveling NORTH-EAST to Fujinomiya area (closer to Mt. Fuji), including Fujinomiya Sengen Taisha Shrine, Shiraito Waterfalls, a green tea farm, a sake brewery, and/or the World Heritage Center.

2. Traveling EAST of Shimizu, with the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine as the main attraction, adding some other places in the vicinity (Observation Deck Yume-Terrace, a green tea farm and/or the Miho Pine Grove)

3. Traveling NORTH-EAST to the central Shizuoka City, visiting Sumpu Castle Park, Sengen Shrine, green tea merchants and/or a green tea farm.

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Departure & Return

Starting time 09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Meeting Point Shimizu Port (flexible)
Ending Point Shimizu Port (flexible)

Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

guide fee, making reservation for lunch, tea farm, car-charter and others (if needed)

What‘s not included

Transportation fare
Chartered taxi fare for 4 hours for example
¥24320 for a small taxi for 4 passengers
¥27600 for a medium taxi for 5
and ¥36400 for a minivan taxi for 9. The capacity of taxis excludes the driver. Depending on our itinerary
we may catch cruising taxis on the streets or use public transportation.
Toll for expressways (For example
Tomei Toll Road between Shimizu and Fuji is ¥880.) and parking fees
Admission fees (Kunozan Toshogu Shrine ¥500
Access ropeway to Kunozan ¥1100
Tokaido Hiroshige Museum ¥520
Sumpu Castle Park ¥360
Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center ¥300)
Lunch (if you wish to have one) for you and the guide
around ¥1000 to 2000 depending on your choice
Guide’s transportation to and from Shimizu Port (2880 yen)


View of Mt. Fuji is weather dependent. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
Please let me know in advance your interests and how much you wish to walk during your excursion, to plan your itinerary better.
I would appreciate if you could kindly bear my transportation fare to Shimizu Port (2,880 yen).

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 30 days prior to meeting date
  • 50% Refund - 15 to 29 days prior to meeting date
  • No Refund - Within 14 day(s) prior to meeting date

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes after I book?

Yes! If you need to make changes such as removing or adding someone to your booking or changing the date or time of your tour, contact us by phone or email

Starting and ending points of the tour.

After you secure your booking, the starting and ending points of your tour can be customized to your convenience (ex.: your hotel, nearby stations, etc.). Don't worry, we will take care of you! Some tours may have an extra fee for this service, make sure to check the tour page.

What happens after I book a tour?

After booking a tour, the guide will accept (or decline) your booking within 24 hours. Then you will be noticed by email from Triplelights.

Is the price per person or per group?

The price is charged per group. Which means that you make a one-time payment for your entire group and the price will not change if it is less or more people.

Can I add more people to my booking?

Some guides accept extra people (more than the specified number) for an extra charge. Please check for the extras on the tour or booking page, or contact your guide directly to clarify.

Will there be other tourists in my tour?

No. Your tour is private, only for you and your family or friends, there will be no other group of tourists together in your tour.

Can the guide pickup me at the airport?

Yes, but there will be additional charge for that and it is not by car. The guide will go pick you up using public transportations. For further details, please contact your guide directly.

I'm travelling alone. Can I book this tour?

Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Reviews ( 15 )
5.0 (15) Reviews
Very Good
deepa Deepa United States ( Family )
2 months ago

“ One day Hakone trip ”

Our journey to Hakone was a great one. We had 13 people in our troop with kids, seniors, adults etc. She managed the group very well, helped all of us stay on time and made sure that we covered all things that were discussed when the booking was made. The original ropeway was closed for volcanic activity and she was very efficient in changing our itenary so that we could still do an alternate ropeway and enjoy the same things that we had originally planned for. I will totally recommend anyone to appoint Fumie as their guide. Thanks again Fumie.


Thank you, Deepa-san, for letting me help your extended-family trip. I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as to make you want to come back to Japan sometime in the future. I hope you and your big family will be happy and prosperous as ever.

Paul Paul United States ( Family with kids )
4 months ago

“ If you want customized fuji experience, go with Fumie! ”

Fumie planned a most delightful day for our group of 10. She went to great lengths before and during our tour to ensure there was something for everyone. We exchanged several messages and she integrated all of the info i gave her about the ages and personalities of our group members into an inpeccably planned customized experience. She even took on connecting us with charter bus company. I cant sufficiently express our gratitude - the day was perfect.


Hi Paul-san. Thank you so much for very quick and good review. You were a fantastic leader of your team. Mt. Fuji even smiled to you despite rainy/cloudy weather forecast. I wish every one of you good luck during the rest of your trip and life ahead!

Claudia Claudia United States ( Friends )
5 months ago

“ Looking for the PERFECT guide for Mt. Fuji? Choose Fumie! ”

3 senior couples had an amazing day with Fumie while our ship was in Shimizu. We had the perfect view of Mt. Fuji from Lake Tanuki. We were amazed at the beauty of Shiraito no Taki Waterfalls and Otodome no Taki Waterfalls. Fumie guided us through the Sengentaisha Shrine and our final destination was the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center. Fumie is very charming, proud of her county, speaks excellent English and knows the perfect angles for the perfect photographs. Thanks Fumie for a great day.


Thank you, Claudia-san, for taking your time to write such a superb comment on me. You have a great family and friends! I wish continued good health and happiness to you all!

Stella Stella United States ( Friends )
6 months ago

“ Wonderful day in Hakone ”

Fumie help us a lot initially to prepare our plan for the day in Hakone. She was very detailed and efficient. We did a lot in one day and visited every point planed. Fumie was very attentive to our needs and help us a lot. Her English is wonderful!


Thank you so much for your great review. It was a little hectic but I hope you enjoyed our excursion in Hakone. There are a lot to see and enjoy in Japan and I hope you will have a chance to come back one day.

Ruth Ruth United States ( Business )
6 months ago

“ Fantastic custom day tour in Kamakura ”

My colleague and I spent a wonderful day with Fumie who designed a custom tour based on our interest in spending time at zen temples, walking outdoors, seeing early Cherry Blossoms 🌸 and learning about the history of Kamakura. She was responsive to emails and sent us helpful information in advance (transportation, itinerary options), she picked a wonderful restaurant that caters to my vegan plant based 🌱 diet yet offers traditional Japanese food and found us tasty vegan Sakura Mochi at a local confectionary. Her English is excellent; she is fit to guide day hikers (we walked >8 miles and took 88 flights of stairs while visiting temples). Overall a wonderful experience for which we are grateful.


Thank you for taking your time to write a review on me, and good one! I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the time we spent together. I am wishing you the best.

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