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Oki is an attractive destination for the tourists who are weary of crowds in large cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. There are slow life, many healing spots, virgin nature and marine activities. Among them, the breathtaking scenery at Kuniga Coast and the sightseeing boat are particular recommendations. Try to escape from the stereotyped tours of Japan.


  •   Kuniga Coast…The dynamic 257m cliff is a must see! (Plan A)
  •   UNESCO Geopark Bus Tour (4 hours)…You can explore mysterious capes and forests feeling the power of nature. (Plan B)


City Shimane
Depart From Shimane , Tottori
Meeting Point At your hotel, JR Station or Airport in Sakaiminato or Yonago City
Ending Point At your hotel, JR Station or Airport in Sakaiminato or Yonago City
Departure 07:30 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Duration 2 days   Flexible
Languages English (License)
Tour Type Private Tour ( only for you )
Number of people 1 ~ 10
2 days


360.00 USD

total price for up to 10 people

FREE cancelation 14 days prior

What to Expect

Please choose [Plan A] or [Plan B].

【Plan A】: Nishinoshima Island
1st Day・・・Departure at the port in the Honshu Main Island by ferry boat→ (3 hours) →Arrival at the island →See a dynamic 257m sea cliff. Walk along the clifftop among grazing cows and horses. Enjoy night cruising(30minutes).→ Stay at a ryokan (Japanese-style inn).
2nd Day・・・Enjoy optional tours → Ferry boat to the Honshu Main Island
*Optional Tours: Sightseeing cruise tour along Kuniga Coast, Sea Kayaking Cave Tour, Diving Lesson, Shell Jewelry Making, etc.

【Plan B】: Dogo Island
1st Day ・・・Departure at the port in the Honshu Main Island by ferry boat→ (3.5 hours) → Arrival at the island → UNESCO Global Geopark Tour (4hours) →
Stay at a ryokan (Japanese-style Inn)
2nd Day・・・Optional Tours → Ferry boat to the Honshu Main Island
*Optional Tours: Rosoku-jima (Candle Island→See the top photo) cruising boat, Bull Sumo , Sasaki-family Traditional Residence and lunch, Scuba Diving, Sea Kayaking, etc.

What‘s included

guide fee, hotel pick-up in Sakaiminato or Yonago area

What‘s not included

Transportation fee (you and guide) : ferry (Mainland-Oki, round trip) 5840 JPY, rental car (if you wish) 5000~10000 JPY, connecting bus ( Sakaiminato or Yonago to the port, one way) around 500 JPY
Inn (you and guide) : 8000~12000 JPY (including breakfast and dinner) per person
Lunch (you and guide)
Activities (examples) : Kuniga Coast sightseeing boat (1.5 hours) 2500 JPY, night cruising (30-40 minutes) 1000 JPY, shell jewelry making (1.5 hours) 2000JPY,
UNESCO Geopark bus tour (4 hours) 5000 JPY, Rosoku-jima (Candle Island) sightseeing cruise (50 minutes) 2600 JPY…available if weather condition is good, sea kayaking (2 hours) 6000 JPY, Sasaki-family old residence and lunch (1.5 hours) 2111 JPY


Oki Islands are in the Sea of Japan, 70 - 100km away from the Honshu Main Island. Therefore, the transportation to the islands is not convenient. I recommend you will take the ferry service in the morning (around 8:00AM). The departure ports are Sakaiminato (Tottori-prefecture) or Shichirui (Shimane-prefecture). You may have to stay at the town near the ports for the previous night. If you are staying in Tokyo, you can take a flight from Tokyo to Yonago. If you are staying in Kyoto or Osaka, you should take a bus to Yonago at the previous day. You can enjoy various kinds of activities in the islands , but it's up to your time there. Anyway, I could suggest a best plan to you.
This tour is available from April to October.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask you to reserve a hotel or an inn for the previous night?

Of course. Please let me know your request for the type of hotel and room. I will suggest some hotels on your budget.

Is it possible to reserve an inn in Oki Islands in summer high season?

It's all right if your reservation is made by 2 months before. In Oki Islands, there are a few western-style hotels. Most accommodations are ryokan (Japanese-style inn) and minshuku (family-run inn). The inn's fee ordinarily includes breakfast and dinner. Most minshuku are equipped with only Japanese-style restrooms (squat-down type).

Can you stay with us at an inn?

Yes, if your budget permits it. I could stay at a cheaper inn, of course.

Are the transportation fees of child same as adult's? How about activity fees?

Child's fees are cheaper in general. For instance, a round trip ticket of ferry boat to Oki is 5840 JPY (adult) and 2920 JPY (child).
UNESCO Geopark bus tour is 5000 JPY (adult) and 3000 JPY (child).

Can I get back to Tokyo (Kyoto, Osaka) on the 2nd day of the tour?

Yes. I can make an itenerary as such. You could go to other destinations, of course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If you need to make changes such as removing or adding someone to your booking or changing the date or time of your tour, contact us by phone or email
After you secure your booking, the starting and ending points of your tour can be customized to your convenience (ex.: your hotel, nearby stations, etc.). Don't worry, we will take care of you! Some tours may have an extra fee for this service, make sure to check the tour page.
After booking a tour, the guide will accept (or decline) your booking within 24 hours. Then you will be noticed by email from Triplelights.
You’ll be able to see the guide’s e-mail address and phone number. You can contact your guide directly before the tour starts, and enjoy your tour on the day!
Please check the following link. https://triplelights.com/cancel
Yes, by using our secure online payment system, your payment information is encrypted and you are secured against fraud and unauthorized transaction. Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged upon booking. However, if the guide does not accept your booking, the amount will be credited back to the account from which the charge was drawn.
No, our prices are 100% booking fee free – meaning the price you see is the amount you pay.
It depends on the location of your hotel and places you visit. But to give you an idea, it costs about 200-300yen for one place to the other, and the total is about 1,000yen for a full day tour.
Yes, but there will be additional charge for that and it is not by car. The guide will go pick you up using public transportations. For further details, please contact your guide directly.
Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.
Yes you can, but you have to pay an extra charge per person. The price depends on which guide you choose.
More Frequently Asked Questions

Example of your tour experience

FREE cancelation 14 days prior

The TripleLights Difference

Its more affordable than it seems. Our pricing is often per-tour (not per-person), so if your group is 2 or more people, you'll most probably pay less than if you took a bus tour.

Video presentation from the guides. Easily select the guide you like the most by watching their exclusive profile videos!

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Go at your own pace. Take your time for pictures or slow down to see as much as you want. With your private guide your tour is flexible.

Enjoy Japan with a local guide. With intimate access to places off the beaten paths you can have a more in-depth experience not seen on bus tours.

All tours are private. Enjoy a deeper learning experience as your guide will be 100% focused on you and the people traveling with you.

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2 months ago , ( Friends ) , From: United States

“ Kyoto Customized Private Tour ”

My friend and I booked a 6 hour custom private tour to specifically visit the Sagano bamboo forest in Arashiyama, Tenryu-ji Temple, and the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. Shun met us at our hotel and we made our way to each spot via the train. At the Sagano bamboo forest, he mentioned that there was an option to see Okochi Denjiro's (famous past silent film actor private villa. We decided to do that and the views were great! The experience also included matcha tea overlooking the bamboo forest. Overall, it was super helpful to have a professional guide navigate the way, which in turn, creates a stress free experience. I highly recommend Shun. Prior to the tour, we communicated through email and he was very accommodating. He also took great pictures for us and picked out a good lunch spot. The tour was definitely worth it!

Thank you, Tracy, for your review. The honor is more than I deserve. To tell the truth, I couldn't get correctly what you 'd like to see in Kyoto first. But I saw soon that you were really having fun in contact with different cultures in Japan. I was a little surprised by your eagerness for taking pictures. You and your friend were particular about photo angles at Arashiyama, weren't you? I hope the days you spent in Japan would be your unforgettable memory. And I wish you'll visit Japan again. There are a lot of wonderful places, especially in the countryside in Japan. Thank you, again.

3 months ago , ( Friends ) , From: Philippines

“ Customized tour to kyoto and nara ”

Our trip to osaka, kyoto and nara was made memorable by Shun-san. He was very accomodating with all our requests... from meeting us at a place in osaka so we wouldnt get lost to arranging our itinerary to fit all the places that we want to visit in kyoto and nara for 2 days. Happy and grateful to have him as our guide. We wouldnt have covered a lot of places in 2 days without him... He was also very knowlegable about the places we visited and constantly provides us with great insights on japanese culture and language... hope to get him as our guide again on our next visit to Japan. :)

Sally-san, Thank you for posting your review. I suppose you and your friends are back to your daily life working at each place in Philippines. I'm now in my hometown and remember you. There happened a lot of things during our 2-day tour in Kyoto and Nara. First, it was raining all day. I thought how unlucky we were! But, I realized soon that you had really tried to enjoy the journey and had found something beauty at Arashiyama even in the rain. I couldn’t forget the scene in Nara. You were really enjoyable playing with deer. To tell the truth, I was concerned about the schedule at that time. Do you remember? When Lawrence-san successfully passed the hole of the post at the Great Buddha Hall, people burst into applause. There were some other impressive happenings. At the end of the tour, I thought I was very happy to have been your guide. Please make a chance to visit Japan again. Give your friends my best regards, thank you. Shun

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