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Shukunegi - the village of sengokubune, sailingship of Edo era

by Fujiko
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  • old buildings of Shukunegi
  • ship owner's house, Seikuro
  • Hakusan-maru, replica ship

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What to Expect

This small coastal village once prospered as the center of shipbuilding industry during the Edo era.
After the Meiji Restoration, the industry fell into decline due to the overall Westernization and the development of other transportation networks like railways.

The village was once almost forgotten.

However, the descendants stood up to restore the legacy of their ancesters and have been working hard to keep it.
Building the exact replica of the old Edo-era sailing ship shows their enthusiasm and solidarity.

In this tour, we stroll in the village, visiting one of the ship owner's house called "Seikuro" which is open to the public.
You can see the skillfully built houses by ship carpenters.
Then we visit Sado-koku Ogi Folk Museum which houses the exact replica of the old sengokubune ship called "Hakusan-maru", thousands of folkcrafts, household utensils, ship carpenters tools and more.

Shukunegi was registered as the district of the Groups of Traditional Buildings.
Once you step inside, you are in the maze of Edo era.

* Special notice: "Seikuro" will be closed until Mar.31

Sado-koku Ogi Folk Museum will be closed on Mondays until March, 2016
Also closed from Dec.29 - Jan.3 for new year holidays.

*Special choice: If some of the facilities are closed, we can go to Iwayasan Cove nearby to see 88 stone statues
for a short pilgrimage.

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Fujiko Licensed Guide
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  • old buildings of Shukunegi
  • ship owner's house, Seikuro
  • Hakusan-maru, replica ship


What‘s included
guide fee
What‘s not included
entrance fee of "Seikuro" 400 yen, Sado-koku Ogi Fork Museum 500 yen
Meeting Point
at the bus stop of Shukunegi
Ending Point
at the bus stop of Shukunegi
2 hours
Starting time
10:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 5 people

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Reviews ( 14 )
HERMIE HERMIE Philippines ( Couple )
1 week ago

“ Excellent guide ”

Fujiko made our Niigata tour, though only for a day, very memorable. She took the extra mile to grant our request to visit a nearby place which was not included in the itinerary. She has good command of the English language and communicating was a breeze. I highly recommend her if you need a guide in Niigata.


Dear Hermie Thank you very much for writing an encouraging review. I also had a wonderful time with you visiting beautiful places and tasting delicious seasonal fruits.! Please come one month late next time to fully enjoy autumn colors! I hope you will have another memorable tour when you visit Japan next time. Fujiko

Danny Danny Singapore ( Couple )
1 week ago

“ Sado Island adventures ”

A typhoon was approaching Niigata the day before we were meant to leave on the hydrofoil to Sado. Fujiko-san happened to be in Niigata and we meet and were comforted by her assessment. Took the ferry the next morning under calm conditions and spent a really nice day with Fujiko. Saw the Toki’s, ate great Soba and apples, picked persimmons and figs off a tree. Visited a famous sale brewery that makes sake for Nobu! Stayed at a recommended Minshuku for the night as the wind was picking up. A nice day overall! The next day, we visited old fishing village, a traditional bamboo craft artisan and a really amazing temple with giant thousand year old cedar trees. Had coffee and sandwiches at a really beautiful cafe overlooking by now a raging sea. Overnight at a really nice Minshuku with baths. ... read more


Dear Danny san Thank you very much for writing such a detailed tour review! Yes, we were lucky enough that we didn't have to change tour itineraries because of the typhoon. It's a lot of fun for me to bring my guests completely rural and off-the-beaten-track places and make them smile. There are uncountable places in Japan where you can find unique recipes or ingredients so please enjoy your culinary adventure! Fujiko

Albert Albert Singapore ( Couple )
2 weeks ago

“ Sado & Murakami tours ”

We a party of 6 really enjoyed our 2 days Sado and 1 day Murakami tours with Fujiko very much. She really adapted to our requests and even gave us surprises that enhanced our expectation. A very knowledgeable experienced guide and speak good English. We highly recommend her to be your guide.


Dear Albert san Thank you very much for writing such a wonderful review of the tours. We could weather that powerful typhoon and visit places under autumn blue sky! Please enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan and say hello to everyone from Sado. Fujiko

Les Les United States ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ Highly recommend Fujiko ”

Fujiko's English is very good. She is very experienced and knowledgeable about Sado and knows everyone on the island. She also has a very fun personality. We couldn't have asked for a better guide. She is a good friend to us now. Highly recommended.


Dear Les Thank you very much for writing a review so fast!! It was a lot of fun for me guiding you and talking with Shukunegi locals. I like doing something which surprises my guests a little but you also surprised me! Thank you very much. The weather stays good for a few days and I'm sure you're going to enjoy strolling around Kanazawa city tomorrow. Yes, we are friends now and I'm so happy! Please stay healthy and happy and I'll see you again. Aloha. Fujiko

Satoko Satoko United States ( Family )
1 month ago

“ Memorable Trip to Sado ”

We were so happy and fortunate to have had Fujiko-san as our guide and Kei-san as our driver in Sado - they truly made our trip special and memorable for our whole family. Typically we don't like guided tours because they are often canned and sterile, but the tour with Fujiko san was the complete opposite--very personalized, unique, and special throughout. Highlights are too numerous to list but included: delicious local fruit, toki watching in the wild, sharing food/drink/conversations at a beautiful rustic mountain villa (loved our picnic lunch!! suica!! somen!!), local festival with dancing/drumming, unearthly geological formations, and just the overall scenic drive through mountain/sea/sky/valley... We cannot thank her and Kei-san enough!!


Dear Satoko san Thank you very much for writing such a wonderful review of the tour. It's not just my itinerary planning and guiding but Kei san and local people who made this whole tour memorable for you. I think guiding is sometimes connecting people and share a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime events. Luckily this time you could see shrine festival with deer dance and taiko drumming and that's what I'd like foreign tourists to see if they have a chance. Kei san and I will work hard to make our guests happy and take them to unexpected places because Sado has a lot to offer for tourists. Kei san and I were happy to meet you and we hope you stay healthy and happy! If you miss toki, please come back anytime! Domo Arigato!! Fujiko

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