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Sado Gold and Silver Mine: Relics tell you 400 years of history

by Fujiko
(9) Reviews
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  • Sado Gold and Silver Mine Museum
  • Kyomachi- dori street
  • Kitazawa area

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What to Expect

Sado has been well known as one of the major gold and silver production sites in Japan. It has the history of 1000 years.
There are four major minig sites in Sado: Nishimikawa alluvial gold mine, Tsurushi silver mine, Niibo silver mine and Sado (Aikawa) gold and silver mine. Sado gold and silver mine was the biggest of all with 400 years of history.
Mining in Aikawa started in the late 16th century and was halted in 1989.

In this tour, we first visit Sado Gold and Silver Mine Museum, where we enter the Sodayu tunnel which is open to the public.
The Sodayu tunnel was dug manually by thousands of mine workers during the Edo period.
You can see the whole process of gold and silver production at that time.

Then we see some old buildings and a relic built from Meiji to Showa era. These buildings were used to crush, store and smelt ores.

Next, we visit the graveyard of Mushuku-nin(people without register) brought in from Edo and Osaka to work as drainage workers.

Then, we walk down the street called Kyomachi-dori, once bustled with mine workers, government officials and towns people.
Kyomachi-dori street linked Sado Magistrate Office to mining sites.
Aikawa town was developed and divided into communities with same occupation. Along the way, we see old buildings, workshops, local grocery store and cafes.
We walk past old bell tower, Sado Hanga-mura Museum(print museum) originally built as a district court and Sado Magistrate Office.

Finally, we visit Kitazawa area, developed from Meiji to Showa era with modern Western mining technologies to produce gold and silver effectively. Ruined factories, thermal power plant and a 50-meter thickener have remained.

Sado Gold and Silver Mine has practiced cutting-edge production methods of each era and you can see the authenticity here in Aikawa.

FYI, walking distance is about 3 kilometers.

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Fujiko Licensed Guide
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  • Sado Gold and Silver Mine Museum
  • Kyomachi- dori street
  • Kitazawa area


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guide fee
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Sado Gold and Silver Mine Museum entrance fee 900yen per person
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In front of Sado Gold and Silver Mine Museum
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In front of Aikawa Folk Museum in Kitazawa
2:30 hours
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09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
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up to 5 people

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Reviews ( 9 )
James James Germany ( Family )
1 week ago

“ A piece of pure gold ”

We spend amazing four weeks in Japan, but the two trips on Sado Island we did with Fujiko were definitely our highlight. Fujiko did a great job guiding us and spoke excellent English. Apart from being a caring and humorous person one could tell that she really likes being a guide.


Dear James Thank you very much for giving me such a wonderful review. I'm sure you've visited so many places and discovered a lot about mysterious Japan. I hope the memory of Sado stays longer with you. I promise you that I keep working hard in order not to turn into silver! Fujiko

Ray Ray United States ( Family with kids )
1 month ago

“ Tour of Murakami city (near Niigata) ”

Our visit to Murakami city would not have been as enjoyable or efficient without Fujiko's help. When I planned a day trip to Murakami city I knew having a language guide would be helpful, but I thought I could navigate through the small city by myself. After spending the day with Fujiko I learned that I would not have been able to do and see as much had I decided not to retain Fujiko's help. Especially since I had little time and made an investment to travel to the Niigata area from Tokyo for just the day, it was important for me to maximize my time there for my family. From pre-start to finish, she was a delight to spend the day with and was so helpful and entertaining. Without hesitation I would recommend anyone visiting the Murakami city area to use Fujiko as your guide.


Dear Ray san Thank you very much for the encouraging review of the tour. I had a really good time with your family in Murakami city. It was good that even though we only had 4 hours in Murakami, we could visit many places including famous Murakami beef restaurant, Murakami tea shop, sake brewery, Murakami laquer ware shop and salmon shop! We could talk to many local people and they were happy to have foreign visitors. With your souvenirs from Murakami, I hope the memory of Murakami lasts longer in your family! Please take care and stay healthy and visit Japan again. Fujiko

Cath Cath Australia ( Couple )
3 months ago

“ Fujiko--the best guide we had in Japan. ”

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Fujiko who gave us an awesome tour of Sado Island. After travelling for a month in Japan it is without doubt that I can say that this tour with Fujiko was the best. Fujiko has a great wealth of knowledge and adapts the tour to what you what to do and see. It was extremely easy communicating with Fujiko. A lovely lady! Cannot recommend her higher! Cath Croatto--Australia


Dear Cath Thank you very much for writing such an encouraging review of the tour. It was a wonderful encounter for me ,too. I'm getting absent-minded, so I have to keep learning (or re-learning?) everyday to make my guests better understand the places they visit. I'm sure you had a memorable time in Japan. Did you try "okonomiyaki" instead of sandwich? I hope you will have another chance to come to Japan and encounter friendly and wonderful guides and locals. Kayo said she had a wondeful time, too. Take care and have fun! Fujiko

Neil Neil Canada ( Family )
9 months ago

“ Outstanding "Off the Beaten Track" Tour Guide ”

Fujiko is, quite simply, the best guide we have ever used -- anywhere. She grew up on the island -- and runs a small farm. She knows Sado Island like the back of her hand. She speaks very good English. But, the best part is that Fujiko avoided the tourist traps. She took us to unusual and interesting places - including an impromptu picnic high up in the mountains. That was the highlight of our entire trip to Japan. We would highly recommend using Fujiko as a tour guide on Sado Island.


Dear Neil Thank you very much for writing such an encouraging review of the tour on Sado Island. I like finding "off the beaten"or "unusual" spots to take my guests to make them fully enjoy the place they visit. Luckily the weather was with us and I hope the memory of the picnic will stay with you long. Fujiko

tim/lynn Tim/lynn United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ One of the high points of our trip! ”

Fujiko did her best to accommodate our atypical request which took us off the beaten path including touring government offices and riding in taxi cabs. She was knowledgeable, flexible, pleasant, personable and timely. Not the usual 'tourist' tour. Knew the area. Very good communication pre-tour (by e-mail). Fluent in English and Japanese (working on French). Highly recommend her!


Dear Tim and Lynn Thank you very much for writing such an encouraging review of the tour. The tour was a bit different from the usual sightseeing ones but it was a wonderful and memorable tour for me, too. I'll keep studying and learning about Japan, English and more to be more reliable as a tour guide. I hope to see you in 2020 in Tokyo or in Niigata! Thank you again. Fujiko

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