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Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine, the Largest Burial Mounds in Japan

by Hideo
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  • Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine and its small shrines
  • Sakai City Hall
  • The mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku
  • Sakai City Museum at Daisen park
  • Sakai City Tea house at Daisen park
  • Japanese garden at Daisen park
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Numerous historical spots and natural sites are located along theNankai railroad line in Osaka prefecture.

I would like to take you to Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine on a street car called the "Chinchin-densha", established about 100 years ago. You can feel the nostalgic atmosphere of good old days.

The Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine was founded in 211 and is dedicated to the sea gods which are the Sumiyoshi Sanjin (Sumiyoshi three gods) and the Empress Jingu.
It's the headquarters of the approximately 2,300 Sumiyoshi shrines nationwide.
About 2.35 million people visited the shrine during the first three days of the New Year in 2013. This number was ranked in the 7th among shrines and temples in Japan.
The main shrine was built in 1810 using one of Japan's oldest shrine structure styles called "Sumiyoshi-zukuri style."
It consists of 4 buildings from the First to Fourth Sanctuaries of the same shape and size, which are all designated as National Treasures. When you walk through the front gate to cross a beautiful vermillion bridge called "Taikobashi" or drum bridge, first you'll see the third main shrine.
Various Shinto rituals are held there, such as the "Otaue ceremony" or rice planting ceremony, which is a traditional event to pray for rich harvests. Another is the "White Horse Shinto Ritual" to rid people of evil spirits as they watch a white horse galloping around the shrine grounds.

Then we'll move to Sakai-higashi Station by train, you can see a panoramic view of Osaka city including Abeno Harukas (the tallest building in Japan) and the "Cluster of Mozu Burial Mounds" from the observation deck on the 21st floor of Sakai City Hall. A typical example of a Mozu Burial Mound is "the mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku." It is the largest keyhole-shaped burial mound in Japan with a length of 486 meters, a width of 306 meters, and a total area of about 464,000 square meters. It is said to have been built in the 5th century. It is referred to as one of "the World's three largest burial mounds" along with the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the Mausoleum of the first Qin Emperor in China.

In front of the mausoleum, there is the Daisen Park which provides a great place for visitor's to rest and relax. In the park, there are a lot of facilities such as the Sakai City Museum, the Sakai City Tea house "Shin-an", the Peace Tower, and a Japanese garden with a total area of approximately 26,000 square meters. You can watch a video about the cluster of Mozu Burial Mounds at the museum, have sweets and a cup of powdered green tea at "shin-an", and appreciate the beautiful Japanese garden.

Why don't you join the tour of Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine and the largest keyhole-shaped burial mounds in Japan ?

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Hideo Licensed Guide
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  • Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine and its small shrines
  • Sakai City Hall
  • The mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku
  • Sakai City Museum at Daisen park
  • Sakai City Tea house at Daisen park
  • Japanese garden at Daisen park


I guide you Sapporo Furano Otaru Hakodate in Hokkaido, Aomori in Hokuriku, Miyazaki Nagasaki in Kyushu, Kochi in Shikoku. Please get in touch with me!!
Thank you.

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Reviews ( 84 )
Sean Sean United States ( Couple )
1 week ago

“ Incredible experience and tour guide ”

This was such a great way to experience Kobe and Hideo really did an excellent job, in addition to being friendly and easy to spend a whole day with. His knowledge of the area is superb and he speaks very good English. He really took care of us and even had printed information ready for us as well as a whole day planned that took us to many interesting places in and around Kobe. He was very knowledgeable of all these places and took very good care of us. He even booked us a local restaurant to try for a nice evening dinner. I would highly recommend any tour with Hideo.


Hi Sean I'm very happy to receive your message. I'm sure you enjoyed honeymoon tour; especially Kobe Bay Cruise and Kobe Beef (Xmas special course.) I wish you much happiness and success in the future. I hope to see you again. Thank you, Sean. Best HIDEo YOSHIda

Sharon Sharon United States ( Family with kids )
Very Good
2 weeks ago


We had a great time visiting parts of Kyoto with Hideo.


Thank you for joining my Kyoto tour, Sharon. I wish your family happiness.

Lenny Lenny Brunei Darussalam ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ Osaka and kyoto tour ”

The two days tour was really an amazing experience. We had a fantastic tour with our tour guide Hideo. He has a very good knowledge about all the places that we visited and showed us some pictures. He was able to answer all my queries about these places and his English was easy to understand compared to my previous guide. We used the public transportation which I really liked and which we had never used before in my previous visit. The overall price for these tours were reasonable and the payment was easy and simple. We also felt honoured to be the first Bruneian in his tour! Being a muslim traveller, he was able to arrange lunch and dinner for us in halal restaurants. He was also helptful and sympathetic to my husband since he has an injury to his leg. So there was one time of the tour th... read more


Hi Lenny I'm very glad to receive your message of gratituide. This was the first time that I'd ever guided Bruneian. I also had a great experience to show you halal restaurants. I'm relieved that you enjoy them. I have best wishes for your family. I hope to see you again. Thank you, Lenny.

Sandra Sandra United States ( Friends )
Very Good
2 months ago

“ Well Organized ”

Hideo was on time meeting us at our cruise ship. He had already bought our train tickets so we didn't waste time. He had copies of a schedule and a map for our day with him. We saw everything we wanted to see and he explained it all well. We enjoyed the place he took us for lunch. At times I had a little difficulty understanding him, but I asked questions and he clarified what he said.


Hi Sandra I'm very happy to receive your review. I'm sure you enjoyed Hiroshima tour. I hope to see you again. Thank you. Best HIDEo YOSHIda

Damir Damir Canada ( Couple )
3 months ago

“ Excellent knowledge and friendliness. ”

Hideo was very punctual and on time with his schedule. We enjoyed his company and kind nature. He was very knowledgeable about all places we visited, and helped us better understand Japan’s history and culture. We would definitely recommend his services.


Hi Damir I'm very happy to receive your message. I also enjoyed guiding you Osaka very much. We had Okonomiyaki and Japanse sake for dinner. I'm sure all of you had a good sleep at night. Best wishes for your continued good health, happines and success. I hope to see you again. Thank you. From HIDEo YOSHIda

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