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Osaka Shrine & Temple Tour & Sake Tasting

by Richard
(11) Reviews
4h $ 113 Price up to 6 people


  • Ikutama Shrine
  • Shitennoji Temple
  • Imamiya Ebisu Shrine
  • 2 other smaller Shrines
  • Tsutenkakku Tower
  • Sake tasting and Japanese Food Tastings (2 stops)
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112.50 USD

Price up to 6 people
FREE cancelation 30 days prior

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$ 13.50


I will meet you at the lobby of the Hilton Hotel Osaka at 2:00pm and we will head to 4 shrines and 1 huge Temple. I will teach you about protocols to enter Temples and Shrines, give you some amazing history and mythology and then its off to Osaka Tsutenkakku Tower for a view of the city, then to our Sake time and trying out Japanese food. 4 hours of fun!

What to Expect

Learning about Japanese history, culture and mythology, including information about Buddhism and Temples. Learn about Japanese Sake, manners, protocols and the fun nightlife in Japan. Alright!

Organized by

Richard Local Guide
(11) Reviews
Contact Richard Response Time: 5 hs


  • Ikutama Shrine
  • Shitennoji Temple
  • Imamiya Ebisu Shrine
  • 2 other smaller Shrines
  • Tsutenkakku Tower
  • Sake tasting and Japanese Food Tastings (2 stops)


If you do not see the tour you are looking for or want to add or subtract something, let me know what you want to do and where you want to go and I will ensure I put together an itinerary that fits your needs and blows your mind. Welcome!!!

Get ready to learn about Japanese culture, history and have a little fun and enjoy the Japan nightlife!

What‘s included
GUIDE FEE ONLY for four (04) hours UP TO EIGHT PEOPLE!!!!!.


What‘s not included
You will pay the entrance fees for the Temple, Sake and Food Tasting for both your group AND THE GUIDE. Expect to pay approx. ¥3,500 per person for yourself for Lunch, Sake Tasting, Snack Food, Transportation and Temple Fees. Your GROUP will share the costs for the GUIDE.
Meeting Point
Hilton Hotel Osaka
Ending Point
Ebisucho Station in Osaka (I will tell you how to get home or I can take you back to the Hotel)
4 hours
Starting time
14:00 PM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 6 people   Flexible

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Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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  • If you cancel in the first 14 day(s) before the meeting date , there is a 100% charge.
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Reviews ( 11 )
Pasquale Pasquale Italy ( Family )
1 day ago

“ A memorable Osaka tour ”

My family and I spent one day with Richard, who showed us a lot of interesting things, taught us a lot about Osaka, Japan and Japanese history and culture, and introduced us to the awesome world of the Japanese food, I recommend Richard and his tours, I wish I could have had more time for another go!

Jennifer Jennifer United States ( Family )
1 week ago

“ 3 Days Touring, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima ”

Richard was fantastic! We originally booked Richard for a full day tour of Osaka and Kyoto, and the tours were so good, we decided to arrange a 3rd day at Hiroshima with Richard, luckily he was available. I was traveling with my husband, and 2 children ages 11, and 12, plus friends of ours and their 2 children, ages 8 and 10. It was important for us that the guide was flexible and child friendly, Richard was both, he made sure that we were doing things that the children would enjoy, while also making sure the adults were happy. The temperature was so hot during our tours, Richard made sure to make frequent stops for water, and also bathroom breaks for the kids!!! We never felt pressured to keep to the schedule, and he never rushed us at any point. Richard was very knowledgeable of the history of the sites we visited, you could tell he has a strong love for the country. It was nice to ask a general question about the country/history/culture and get an answer. Richard also went above and beyond, and helped us purchase train tickets to our next destination, he even called the hotel to arrange transportation for us from the train to our next hotel. He was always happy to assist! My kids had a great time, and even said the restaurants that Richard picked were so yummy! Next time we visit Japan we will definitely see if Richard is available, he really made our trip enjoyable!


You guys were awesome. I am so happy you had a great time and I usually do not rush people because I can't even rush myself most of the time! LOL I am happy the kids had a great time also. Please let me know whatever I can do for you in the future! Kind Regards, Richard

Wesley Wesley United States ( Family )
3 weeks ago

“ Richard Is the ONE! ”

We had a short trip to Kyoto and booked Richard for a short six hours. Richard was beyond exceptional. He made impeccable arrangements and showed us sights that we would have never seen. Our only regret was the trip was too short. Richard is perfect in almost every way. Native English speaker is also a plus for some. Kind soul.

Barbara Barbara Japan ( Family )
3 weeks ago

“ Understanding Japanese culture ”

Richard went above and beyond the description provided for this tour! We came to Japan thinking we’d be able to understand the culture once we got here and visited the sites. However, we discovered that informative English plaques were limited and tour guides non-existent. I wasn’t satisfied with just taking pictures and moving on. I wanted to understand the history and significance of all these monstrous size gates, temples, shrines and paragoda’s throughout the city and how they related with each other. Richard not only explained that, but showed us why people rang the large bells, bowed, and how to use the fountains near them properly. He has lived most of his life in Japan, but was born in the USA and understands western culture so can relate the things of Japan in terms that made sense to my family. He’s easy to talk with, entertaining, patient with questions, and highly knowledgeable about both the sites and the Japanese culture. The price on the website is a group rate, you pay for your own meals and entrance fees. The website price is for Richard’s knowledge, experience and local contacts for smooth navigation and transition into your stay here. We found this quite affordable and totally worth it! Highly recommend that you do this your first day of vacation, it’ll make the rest of your visit go more smoothly! Unfortunately, for us, we decided to do this after nearly a week in Japan. So we took his tour the last day of our trip! Richard was great in responding to our email questions in a timely manner so everything went smoothly despite our late notice. (Fortunately for us he was available due to returning from his own vacation a bit early.) He even helped us navigate the confusing Japanese subway/train station, store our luggage and catch the right train to the airport so we wouldn’t miss our flight. He really went above and beyond to help us, which relieved a lot of stress and helped us enjoy the tour more knowing we were in good hands!

Assen Assen United States ( Family )
1 month ago

“ Best guide we have ever had! ”

Richard was hands down the best guide we have ever had when traveling. We had only a day and a half in Osaka and wanted to see everything possible in a day. Richard created a great itinerary that included going to Koyoto and Nara for the entire day to see the main temples and shrines. He was so knowledgeable about the history of Japan and answered any questions we had. We learned so much in a matter of 13 hours that it was truly a great tour. Not only did he take us to temples and shrines, he took us to a really neat Tea ceremony. Overall, this was a great day with an incredible guide and now friend.


Thank you so much for all of your kind words. I was only jealous that you were giving more time to Thailand and you were to Japan Ha ha ha LOL please come back to Japan soon and spend more time so I can take you and your beautiful family to some precious places that you wouldn’t forget

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