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Sunday tea gathering in Samurai town near Narita!!(Tea ceremony experience & Samurai houses tour!!)

5 hours
up to 4 people
English ( License )
Private tour (only you and your guide)
Walking / Public Transportation Tour
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Besides its locational advantage(60 minutes from Tokyo and 30 minutes to Narita airport by train),SAKURA city exposes all visitors to the Samurai’s culture and lifestyle through the tour of the original Samurai houses and SAKURA Castle Ruins. Additionally, you can enjoy tea ceremony experience after that. I invite you to slip back in time to the Samurai era!!


Feel free to personalize this offer with Hiroki.

  • Visit Samurai retainer's residential quarter designated as Japan Heritage.(Samurai houses built in the late Edo Period!!)
  • Stroll SAKURA Castle Ruins Park.(The ruins is also Japan Heritage)
  • Tea ceremony experience in Sankei-tei(tea ceremony house) in the Park.
  • The tour of the National Museum of Japanese History in the park.(Japan's largest museum of history and folklore)

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What to Expect

This tour would be perfect for tourists who are interested in traditional Japanese culture derived from Samurai warrior's culture and lifestyles.
And also, you join the tea gathering held on every Sunday in "三逕亭 Sankei-tei",where you can have a bowl of powered green tea served sincerely by the Kimono wearing local tea master!!
Additionally,its locational advantage(60 minutes from Tokyo and 30 minutes to Narita airport by train) makes easier for many tourists to use the available time effectively.
SAKURA city located in Hokuso District,the northeastern region of Chiba Prefecture,is designated as ”Japan Heritage” along with other three cities of this district.
The title of ”Japan Heritage” is granted by Agency for Cultural Affairs to the quality of a consistent story narrating the Japan’s culture and tradition finely studded with the historic charm and character of each locality.(Titled:"Edo-Era Travelogue of Four Hokuso cities;an excursion around Edo towns,with traditional townscape filled with the nostalgic air of Edo(old Tokyo)")
The specific reason for the designation is that Four Hokuso cities including SAKURA used to support Edo, a big city with a population of over one million by sending a broad range of things necessary for daily life for Edo and even now have preserved a number of traditional views of landscape and townscape, which the visitors from Edo used to frequent to see. (Unlike Tokyo, these local towns didn't suffer major damage from air raids during World War Ⅱ.)
Particularly,SAKURA is a castle town that flourished as a strategic point to protect the east of Edo and still have preserved a remnant of Samurai town!! We invite you to slip back in time to the Edo Period(1603~1868) in this local town abounds in rich nature around Inba lake.

Starting from Narita area(airport,station,your hotel,etc),we're going to JR SAKURA Station by train.(28min. from Narita Airport station to SAKURA station)
This walking tour of the following 4 highlights starts from JR SAKURA station!!

Firstly,you'll visit "Samurai retainer's residential quarter".
There are three old Samurai Houses(※) along the main street(named Samurai Houses Street) of the quarter, surrounded by high walls and quick hedges, where you can feel the nostalgic air of Samurai-era. These well preserved residences were built in the later half of Edo Period where some samurai of SAKURA clan(samurai retainer) really used to live. These rarely seen Samurai Houses still remaining and open to the public definitely expose you to the samurai's life style!!
(※)This group of Samurai Houses is the one of the cultural properties that make up the Japan Heritage titled "Edo-Era Travelogue of Four Hokuso cities' traditional townscape filled with the nostalgic air of Edo"

Secondly,you'll visit "SAKURA Castle Ruins Park".
This expansive and beautiful park is set amidst the ruins of SAKURA Castle(※) used to serve as a strategic point to protect the east of Edo from 1617 to 1868. There's little left of the original castle, but there still remain the ruins of the fortifications such as defensive mounds,dry moats, water-filled moats and rarely seen large-sized "馬出し空堀Umadashi-karabori”or a type of dry moat demarcated an enclosure(bailey) along with earthen embankments(ramparts). The enclosure served as a hidden entranceway(more likely a carriage porch space) for samurai on horseback!!
Tha can feel the nostalgic air of samurai-era here!!
(※)This group of the ruins is also the one of the cultural properties that make up the Japan Heritage.

Thirdly,you’ll visit a municipal-owned tea ceremony house named Sankei-tei located in SAKURA Castle Ruins Park, where you can have a refreshing bowl of matcha powered green tea with a wagashi Japanese sweet served by the Kimono wearing local tea master!! By observing the highly artistic procedure of making tea, you’ll see how tea ceremony is performed, and how great-tasting green tea is made.(See the video of the actual footage!!)
Additionally,this interesting event hosted by the locals as volunteer activity is open to everybody for a small fee!!(for only 400yen/person: as cost for a bowl of tea)
The tea ceremony house of Sankei-tei was originally built in 1954 at Nogi Shrine(noted for its enshrined deity of General Nogi Maresuke)in Tokyo,being modeled on a tea room named Bosen, which is a national important cultural property in Koho-an sub-temple of world famous Daitoku-ji temple in Kyoto.
SAKURA city received the tea room from Nogi Shrine and brought it to SAKURA city to be reconstructed at the current location in 1983.
Moreover,Sankei-tei has beautiful tea garden!! You’ll be completely immersed in the traditional atmosphere of Japan!!

Lastly, the tour of "the National Museum of Japanese History(known popularly in Japanese as REKIHAKU)"
The REKIHAKU located in the park,which is Japan's only nationally operated and the largest museum of history and folklore,houses and displays some 230,000 artifacts of historical importance and cultural value that together help to tell the story of Japan's past!!(Its exhibits cover age periods from ancient to modern times,visually presenting the various moments of history,and scenes of everyday popular life.(※) )
In developing its galleries,REKIHAKU has endeavored to produce concrete,visual exhibits that facilitate an understanding of Japanese history and culture,relying on both the numerous authentic artifacts in its collection, and faithfully reproduced replicas and scale models based on academic validations.
At the end of REKIHAKU tour, you can drop by the museum store, where research bulletins, exhibition catalogues, and other REKIHAKU publications including visitor's guide book(summary of all the Galleries of this museum written in English) are available for purchase. Also available are picture postcards of museum artifacts,a variety of handicrafts, and an extensive collection of museum catalogues from around Japan!!
That's why I'm sure that you can most easily deepen your understanding on Japanese history and folklore through this exciting REKIHAKU tour!!
(※)The permanent exhibitions span six galleries from prehistoric to modern times, but only the first gallery(Paleolithic age~8th century) is currently closed for refurbishment.

This interesting tour set in both rarely seen historic sites and the best museum of history will make you immerse in a atmosphere of old times!!

After the museum tour,we’ll go back to the Ending Point of the JR SAKURA station by walking or route bus. (depending on your physical condition)
Incidentally,you can take a bath to wash away the sweat due to the walking tour in the natural hot spring named "You-Paradise SAKURA" located a 1 minute walk from the JR SAKURA Station if you have a time!!
And also,if you would like to try open air hot spring, you can enjoy Onsen bathing in SAKURA ONSEN located 10 minutes drive of the station.(Free shuttle bus service for visitors is available from the station)

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Departure & Return

Starting time 10:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Meeting Point Narita station(JR or Keisei),Narita Airport,Your hotel in Narita,Your hotel in Tokyo also available at no extra charge!!
Ending Point JR SAKURA station

Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

guide fee,pick-up from Narita area(airport,station,your hotel),pick-up from your hotel in Tokyo,transportation fee(guide)

What‘s not included

Transportation fee(you):from/to Narita airport station:820 yen per person, The Old Samurai Houses admission fee (you):210 yen per person, Cost for a bowl of tea(you):400 yen per person,The National Museum admission fee(you):420yen,lunch(you), Bathing fee for the hot spring(you):if you needed


Only available on Sunday

Please send me message for inquiry about availability for activities regardless of the Availability Calendar.

This tour is available on Sunday only as main highlight of Sankei-tei is available on Sunday only.
The tea ceremony experience is not usual hands-on workshop focusing on foreign tourist. You join a briefly simplified tea ceremony for the locals,and have a sweet and a bowl of tea served by the tea master.(But,by observing the highly artistic procedure of making tea, you’ll see how tea ceremony is performed, and how great-tasting green tea is made!! Now,many visitors from abroad enjoy this event!!)
Since the closing time of the final destination(the REKIHAKU museum) is 16:30, we should preferably start by 11:30 at the latest. (In the case of meeting in Tokyo, preferably by 10:30. And the duration of the tour will be 6 hours,but no extra charge!!)
Comfortable shoes are recommended as we walk approximately 3.5 km in total and there're several slopes. read more

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 30 days prior to meeting date
  • 50% Refund - 15 to 29 days prior to meeting date
  • No Refund - Within 14 day(s) prior to meeting date

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Reviews ( 36 )
4.7 (36) Reviews
Very Good
Robert Robert United States ( Couple )
3 days ago

“ Amazing experience, thanks to an amazing guide ”

One of my favorite experiences of the entire trip. Our guide was extremely helpful and professional and the Iaido experience and master were unforgettable. I can't reccomend them both enough


Dear Robert, Thank you so much for choosing our Iaido experience and giving us such a wonderful review !! (Our happiest moments are when we hear that our guests had a memorable time.) And also, I and the Iaido master had a memorable time, too!! Because, your questions gave us during the master's explanation about displayed antique Samurai weapons let us know how you are deeply interested in Samurai culture !! Thank you again, and enjoy the rest of your days in Japan !! Best regards, Hiroki

Clifford Clifford United States ( Couple )
Very Good
6 days ago

“ Historical & cultural tour of Tokyo ”

Hiroki is friendly and very knowledgeable about the shogun history of the Imperial Palace. He provided us with a folder with the tour itinerary and historical photos (3 pages) that compared historical & current day locations. Maybe he needs to revise his tour so that the tourists can reach the main gate of the Imperial Palace quicker -- too much walking for most. Hiroki offered to take many photos for us throughout his tour. Boat cruise on the Sumida River was 40 minutes to Asakusa; we walked through Nakamise Street fairly quickly. It would be better to allow tourists 15-20 minutes of free time shopping on Nakamise Street.


Dear Clifford, Thank you very much for your great and helpful review for me and selecting me as a guide for your Tokyo tour to spend some precious time with your wife !! Thanks to your intellectual curiosity for Japanese culture, history and society etc., I could describe extensive informations for those and we could deepened our cultural exchange. Moreover, your highly suggestive review will improve my tour drastically !! Thank you again, and please give my best regards to your wife !! I'm waiting for both of you to come back to me in the future !! Yours sincerely, Hiroki

Eileen Eileen Singapore ( Family )
Very Good
2 weeks ago

“ 1 day tour & guide to Tokyo Disneyland ”

Hiroki was our guide for 1 day tour to Central Tokyo. We visited Imperial Palace, Ginza, Tsukiji Market Hamarikyu Gardens, waterbus cruise on Sumida River, Asakusa & Rysuseikan Dojo. We enjoyed our tour though it was a rainy day. Hiroki is a helpful guide. He gave us advice on how to travel from Narita airport to my hotel, how to come back from Disneyland & how to travel from hotel to Haneda airport. Thank you very much for your advice & help!


Dear Eileen, Thank you so much for taking my tour and writing a nice review despite of an unfavorable weather such a rainy day. We took many photos but was your camera alright ? We regret that Tokyo's weather has become so unpredictable lately.... Anyway, I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the tour !! Particularly,Rysuseikan Dojo, the last destination seemed to be impressive. Actually, the tour of the Samurai Martial Arts training hall is a newly added tour attraction, but I was so happy to be able to watch that you and your family were all impressed to see in front of your own eyes the authentic Samurai training and antique weapons. Thank you again, and please give my best regards to your husband and daughter !! Yours sincerely, Hiroki

Doreen Doreen United States ( Family with kids )
Very Good
1 month ago

“ Asakusa was fun ”

We particularly enjoyed our visit to Asakusa and the Sensoji temple where Hiroki explained how the temple came to exist. His tip about the Pasimo subway card was a useful one for we have used it even after the tour. He kindly took us back to our hotel at the end of the day even though he must have been tired as our tour was on the hottest day of the year and was patient when we had to make an unexpected stop. Thank you Hiroki.


Dear Doreen, Thank you very much for such a wonderful review despite being the harsh weather !! I reflected and found that I should've increased a percentage of the indoor activities significantly. Thank you again, and please give my best regards to your family !! Yours sincerely, Hiroki

Lee-Ann Lee-Ann United States ( Family with kids )
1 month ago

“ Tokyo Tour with Hiroki ”

Hiroki San was our local guide in Tokyo for 2 Days. He was excellent and cheerful throughout. Our family of 5 visited many places with Hiroki over 2 days. He planned a personalized itinerary for us. The highlights of which were a personal visit to a Samurai Dojo (Ryuseikan) and Tsukiji Markets (excellent choice for a sushi lunch as well). We absolutely recommend Hiroki as an excellent guide for all things Tokyo.


Dear Lee-Ann, Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful review !! My happiest moments are when I hear that my guests had a memorable time !! I and the Grand Master of the Samurai martial arts dojo had a memorable time, too !! Actually, the personal visit to the Dojo has just made a debut to make guests of various ages enjoy Samurai culture including warrior spirits easily after consulting it with the Grand Master. We're so moved by your family's(including 10 years boy)sincere attitude particularly during the Samurai swords appreciation lesson. I think it'd be unforgettable experience for them. And also, it's so wonderful memory for me to enjoy conversation with your cute and smart children !! Thank you again, and please give your family my best regards !! Yours sincerel... read more

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