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Narita layover – Three hour tour visiting traditional Japanese temple town

by Mari
(37) Reviews
3h $ 92 Price up to 4 people


  • Visiting the most famous and popular temple, Narita-san Shinsho-ji temple with a history stretching back more than 1,000 years - .
  • Photo taking with Kimono and strolling Narita-san Shinshoji
  • Shopping at Omote-sando street where you can browse Japanese traditional souvenirs including chop-sticks.
  • Tasting typical Japanese cuisine including broiled eel, tempura, ramen, sake, Yokan and Taiko-yaki

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Price up to 4 people
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If you have spare time more than three hours at Narita Airport, this excursion is just right for you! This layover tour is visiting nearby Narita area such as Narita-san, Shinshoji temple and picturesque shopping streets where you can feel traditional Japanese culture. You can enjoy strolling Omotesando-street wearing Kimono. At the park, you can enjoy cherry blossom from late March to mid April.

What to Expect

Please don’t give up your sightseeing in Japan because you don’t have enough time to go to the down town Tokyo which takes three hours for the round trip.
If you have free time for three or four hours, you can visit one of the most famous and largest Buddhist temples in Japan where is located from 10 min walk from Narita stations (JR or Keisei). From Narita Airport to Narita stations, it takes 15 mins by train or 30 mins by bus.

Scenery- Behind the main hall of the temple, there is a beautiful Japanese garden. The plum blossom garden is must-see in February. In early April, you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossom. In late November leaf coloring is beautiful. It is the strolling landscape garden that features paths around ponds. Mounds of earth, rocks, and trees are placed around the ponds in order to create miniature reproductions of natural scenery. It is very refreshing to walk along the paths in the picturesque gardens.
You can enjoy the picturesque streets with many small shops called "Omotesando" that lasts approximately 800m in front of Narita Station to Narita-san Shinshoji temple. Omotesando preserved the historical cityscape characteristic of Narita in the Edo.

Naritasan Shinsjoji Tample - It is a famous temple where about 2.7 million Japanese people visit during new-year holidays. Origin of Narita-san temples goes back to 1000 years ago, in 10th Century. The great priest Kancho enshrined the image of Fudomyo in Narita-san. On the temple’s grounds, there are many elegant old structures including the huge main hall, the three-storied pagoda, Nio-mon gate and Heiwa-no-toh (Tower of Piece), some of which are designated as Japan’s important culture properties. It is famous that the Buddhist fire ritual called Goma ceremony conducted by monks. Naritasan and Kabuki gained popularity in Edo, 17th century. Today’s kabuki reflects many features of Fudomyo as the close relationship with Naritasan has been handed down to successors to Ichikawa Danjuro. The current 12th Danjuro also visits Narita-san. It is an ideal place to learn something about Japanese culture.

Shopping - If you don’t have enough time to shop your Japanese souvenir for your family or friends, don’t worry. You can enjoy shopping at the front sloop approach to Narita-san temple. The avenue is a great place to browse local handicrafts, works of art. You can engrave your name on chopsticks for free which would be a wonderful souvenir.

Gourmet - You can enjoy Japanese cuisine; broiled eel, ramen, Sushi, tempura, Japanese Sake, Yokan (Japanese sweet jelly,) traditional hand-grilled rice crackers and Taiko-yaki (Japanese muffin containing red bean paste, served hot.) Especially in front of the eel restaurant, you can watch how to cut eels in your face.

Kimono rental - You can enjoy photo taking with Kimono and strolling Omotesando and Narita-san Shinshoji temple.

Starting time and ending time is depending on your schedule. This tour is convenient for people who have a fix schedule and don’t have enough time for sightseeing and shopping before leaving from Japan.

Narita is a city with two aspects: dynamism as seen in the international airport, and serenity as seen in Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, both integrated harmoniously in a rich natural environment.So while staying around Narita Airport, why not visit Narita-san Sensoji temple.

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  • Visiting the most famous and popular temple, Narita-san Shinsho-ji temple with a history stretching back more than 1,000 years - .
  • Photo taking with Kimono and strolling Narita-san Shinshoji
  • Shopping at Omote-sando street where you can browse Japanese traditional souvenirs including chop-sticks.
  • Tasting typical Japanese cuisine including broiled eel, tempura, ramen, sake, Yokan and Taiko-yaki


For the peak season from March 25 to April 14, tours for less than 5 hours will be charged 2,000 yen plus.

- Comfortable shoes are recommended. We walk more than 3 km and there are several steps and slopes.
- It is recommended bringing Japanese currency for your souvenir shopping and Japanese food.
A credit card is not acceptable at some of shops.

What‘s included
Guide fee
Meeting point pick-up at JR Narita Station or Keisei Narita Station
What‘s not included
Transportation fee for guide round trip from downtown Tokyo to Narita, 2.200 yen
lunch or dinner ,
Entrance fee (if any)
Offerings to the temples (if any)
Transportation (if any)
Kimono rental about 5,000 yen (if you want)
Meeting Point
JR Narita Station or Keisei Narita Station
Ending Point
JR Narita Station or Keisei Narita Station
3 hours
Starting time
09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 4 people

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Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Reviews ( 37 )
Homa Homa United States ( Solo )
1 week ago

“ A truly amazing experience ”

I signed up with Mari for a day and a half tour of Tokyo because my time was limited. She was a wonderful tour guide and we got along really well. On our full day tour, from the first point of contact, she was full of ideas; so much so that I wished I had more time in Tokyo. We started our day with the Meiji Shrine. We sat at a café near the entrance as she explained the difference between Waka and haiku because she knew I was interested in haiku and because emperor Meiji and empress Shoken excelled in Waka. After we walked through the impressive gates, breathtaking forest and the shrine, she pointed out many details that I would not have noticed had I been on my own. She continued to impress me as we walked to Yoyogi park to visit the Olympic commemorative quarters and we moved on to the ... read more


Thank you very much for your wonderful review. During our tour I was impressed how friendly character you have. I really enjoyed to guide you in Tokyo. Now I understand you are a wonderful writer because you discribed clearly what we did about one month ago. Please come back to Japan. I am looking forward to guiding you again, Please take care,

Wolf Wolf Germany ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ Red leafs in Nikko ”

Our tour with Mari was very enjoyable! Mari had put together a personalized tour for us in Nikko. Her preparation and timing was excellent, as she put a lot of thought into details. We learned a lot about Nikko as well as history and art of Japan. Mari is very kind, knowledgeable and fun - and also patient with the photographers among us. We very much enjoyed spending our day in Nikko with her!


Thank you very much for your excellent review. It was a great pleasure for me to have the chance to accompany you! It was a perfectly beautiful day for leaf coloring in Nikko. I still remember that red Japanese maple leaves (Momiji) were beyond description at Tamozawa Imperial Villa. I enjoyed talking with you about art, nature and world situations sophisticatedly. As you are a great travel planner, I am sure the rest of your journey will be excellent and fruitful. If you need any help, please let me know. Best wishes to two of you. Mari

Alisha Alisha United States ( Family )
1 month ago

“ Mari was wonderful!!! ”

We had a wonderful experience with Mari as our tour guide in Tokyo and Hakone! She was very good with communicating before hand to make sure our tour itinerary fit our interests and our needs. We got to see everything we wanted to see within a good time frame because she had planned our tours so throughly and well. She was also very prepared with presentations and even pamphlets to make sure we got the most out of our tours. We particularly found her knowledge of both past and present Japanese culture, politics, religions, society, and general Japanese history to be vast and it made our tour that much better. She also has a great education on art so if you want an informative tour on art throughout Tokyo, this is the guide for you. It was easy to see that Mari cared about making our tour e... read more


Thank you very much for your excellent review which encouraged me as a guide. It was a wonderful memory; beautiful chrysanthemum displays in Yasukuni Shrine and a fantastic autumn scenery in Hakone. I also enjoyed talking about Japanese art history in depth with you and your mother. It was my great pleasure to guide your family who are sweet and thoughtful. I was impressed you took care of your parents very well. Please send my best wishes to your parents. Many thanks. Mari

Helen joy Helen Philippines ( Family )
1 month ago

“ Cheerful anf patient MARI ”

Mari is a very caring and patient guide who makes sure everyone is enjoying. On the night we arrived in Tokyo, she was sweet enough to leave a hand written note at our hotel welcoming us. On the day of our trip, she was on time and made the tour very interesting for my children. It is quite hard to capture the attention of 4 kids 10 to 15 years old! I was surprised the kids opened up to her and listened to history. Also , she patiently provided for our needs, even looking for grilled chicken for my son in Tsukiji! Best thing was her guidance through the Tokyo subway. She made it less scary! We are not used to walking fast, so I was ashamed to have to extend one hour from the set number of hours. She never lost patience and even declined a tip. We thank you again Mari for being an ang... read more


Thank you very much for an excellent review. It's my great pleasure to guide your family, visiting Imperial Palace, tasting Sushi, grilled steak and egg omelet at Tsukiji, taking PURIKURA photos in Harajuku and enjoying Halloween in Shibuya. We had a fantastic time in a day. All your family are sweet. Especially all your children have good manners which I was impressed. Please send my best wishes to your husband and children. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday in Japan. With love.

Vivek Vivek India ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ Very Sweet & Well Organised ”

My Parents were visiting Japan for the first time and Mari took very good care of them. She was highly accommodating to the requests and very polite. From the first message I sent for enquiry; till my parents had their tour she was very helpful and gave all the required information in time. My mother specially had a great time talking with Mari and knowing about the cultures.


Dear Vivek, Thank you very much for your wonderful review. First of all, I was very impressed you took care of your parents very well with love. Thank you for your coordination. It was my great pleasure to guide your parents. They are wonderful people. I was glad your mother enjoyed wearing and taking pictures with Kimono in Narita. In Tokyo, we had a nice lunch at an authentic Indian restaurant, which I appreciated. Please send warmest regards to your parents. Many thanks. Mari

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