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Nara Sightseeing & the World of Buddhist Statuary

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7h $ 218 up to 5 people


  • Kohfukuji Temple and its national treasure museum
  • Todaiji Temple ( the Great Buddha Hall, Nigatsu-do Hall and Hokke-do Hall )
  • Nara Park ( You can enjoy feeding rice-bran crackers to deer.)
  • Kasuga Grand Shrine ( Strolling in the cedar forest is very cool and refreshing. )
  • Local sake tasting at a sake brewery in Nara Machi
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Through this tour you will be intrigued with the charm of Buddhist statuary, which represents people's wishes and prayers. Figures of statues vary according to the development of eras from Asuka period to Muromachi period. At the same time you can

What to Expect

  This tour is designed for those who are interested in the sightseeing of famous spots in Nara and peeping into the world of Buddhist statuary. The itinerary includes Kohfukuji Temple ( the national treasure museum), Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Grand Shrine and strolling in Nara Machi ( an ancient quarter of Nara).
Nara, an ancient capital of Japan, boasts both the quality and quantity of Buddhist statues throughout Japan. Among many temples in Nara, Kohfukuji and Todaiji Temples are ranked top two in housing Buddhist images, which are manifestations of people's wishes and prayers. You can also enjoy visiting Kasuga Grand Shrine located in the midst of natural forests. The vermilion color of the shrine buildings contrast strikingly with the greenery of the surrounding area.
On the last corner of the tour you can appreciate the local sake at a sake brewery in Nara Machi. ( If you cannot drink alcoholic beverage, you can drink tea or coffee at a cafe nearby.) Last but not least, why does the statue of Ashura look so sad though he was a deity of wars in an ancient Indian religion? The answer is given during the tour. 

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  • Kohfukuji Temple and its national treasure museum
  • Todaiji Temple ( the Great Buddha Hall, Nigatsu-do Hall and Hokke-do Hall )
  • Nara Park ( You can enjoy feeding rice-bran crackers to deer.)
  • Kasuga Grand Shrine ( Strolling in the cedar forest is very cool and refreshing. )
  • Local sake tasting at a sake brewery in Nara Machi


This is a walking tour and it is desirable that you wear walking shoes or sneakers. A pet bottle of water is to be carried with you.
The national treasure museum of Kofuku-ji Temple is now under repair for earthquake measure and the statue of Ashura and some other Buddhist statues are displayed in a temporary lecture hall. The former special exihbition lasts till June 18th, 2017. The latter special exhibition is from September 15th till November 19th.

City Nara

Depart From Nara , Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe

Meeting Point Kintetsu Nara Station

Ending Point Kintetsu Nara Station

Duration 7 hours

Starting time 10:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible

Number of people up to 5 people   Flexible

What‘s included
  • guide fee

What‘s not included
  • lunch
  • entrance fee ( ¥1400) for Kohfukuji Temple ( the national treasure house ) and Todaiji Temple ( the Great Buddha Hall and Hokke-do Hall ) and local sake tasting (¥500) at the sake brewery.

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Organized by Yoshihisa

National Certified Guide

(31) Reviews

Contact Yoshihisa
Response Time 3 hs

Languages spoken
  • English ( License )

Hi. My name is Yoshihisa. Call me "Yoshie", please. It means good or O.K. in Japanese. I live in Joyo City, Kyoto Prefecture, located just in between Kyoto and Nara. I was born and raised in Iga, Mie Prefecture. Iga is a birthplace of ninja and a renowned haiku poet, Matsuo Basho. I might be a descendant of ninja. I aim at becoming a linguistic ninja, following a part of Basho's lifestyle with the incorporation of seasonal changes into my tours. In addition to visiting famous temples and shrines, I invite you to lesser-known places of historic interest.
Once in a month I go hiking or mountain climbing with some friends mainly in mountains surrounding Kyoto and Nara basins. Recently I have got intrigued by the charms of Buddhist statues, which are manifestations of people's wishes and prayers. I also like izakaya (Japanese-style taverns) hopping, tasting delicious dishes and locally brewed sake at reasonable prices. Especially I like communicating with people from home and abroad, talking face to face. Some of the above-mentioned elements are included in my walking tours. I hope you will discover new aspects of cultural and natural beauty in Kansai area through one of my tours which you could never gain otherwise.
One of my favorite phrases that come from Zen Buddhism is Ichigo Ichie or this meeting-but only once in a lifetime. My interpretation goes this way: This place and this moment never cross again. Each and every good encounter, however, lingers on like the sound of a temple bell. Won't you explore a deeper world of Japanese culture in Kyoto, Nara and Osaka with me?
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Reviews ( 31 )

4 days ago |   by Serene

“ Tour of Nara and Kobe ”

Yoshie-san was friendly and warm. My family really enjoyed his company and guidance. He took us to quaint restaurants, something that we appreciated and not the usual touristy restaurants. He is knowledgeable and has a good command of English. We really look forward to meeting him again in the near future!

1 week ago |   by Larry

“ A great autumn day with Yoshie in Nara and Kyoto ”

We had a great November 23 tour with Yoshie. His breadth of knowledge about the sites really enhanced our appreciation of what we were seeing. Yoshie is a very personable, friendly chap who clearly enjoys people and explaining Japanese history and culture. The primary reason for our trip to Japan this time was to see the autumn colours, and we were definitely not disappointed. We strongly recommend Yoshie as your guide!

Very Good
2 weeks ago |   by Stephanie

“ An evening of food and fun in Osaka's Minami area ”

Mr Yoshihisa was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, showing us the local sights in Shinsekai and Dotombori, as well as introducing us to eateries that we probably would not have known to go to on our own. Unfortunately, we had recklessly stuffed ourselves at Kuromon Market just shortly before the tour, and so were too full to eat much, but what we did eat was delicious. Great evening out!

Very Good
2 weeks ago |   by Karen

“ Beautiful Autumn in Kyoto ”

Thanks so much for the very informative trip despite the rain, my family enjoyed the tour. Thanks so much for the amazing lunch place you brought us and the view and tips.

3 weeks ago |   by William

“ Excellent guide! ”

We spent eight hours touring with Yoshie and it was the best day we spent in Kyoto. He speaks English very well and was extremely knowledgeable about all of the places we visited. It was a real pleasure spending the day with him.

1 month ago |   by Connie

“ Very pleased ”

My husband and I booked Yoshihisa for private tours for 3 and 1/2 days. We did a walking night and dinner tour in Osaka going to places we never could have tried without him. The next several days we saw Nara, Kobe, and Kyoto. We did a lot of walking and saw Temples, Shrines, parks, gardens, food districts, shopping districts, and a harbor. Some places we wanted. Some places he suggested. It was a wonderful tour. Yoshihisa was very prepared and gave us history or background information on all the sites we visited. It was so nice to have Yoshihisa navigate the subways, trains, and streets. And lastly, Yoshihisa was a very nice person to be with for 4 days. I definitely recommend him.

1 month ago |   by Andrew

“ Only Wish we Had More Time! ”

Yoshie was an excellent and well-informed guide who made the most of our half-day tour of Kyoto. Each stop along our way was amazing, and Yoshie made them even more interesting with his knowledge of the places. He even made time to finish his itinerary well after our time was up, and I only wish we had booked a full day. Thanks, Yoshie!

1 month ago |   by Thanh

“ Kyoto tour from Osaka ”

Yoshihisa is an excellent tour guide for he's very helpful, honest, friendly and knowledgeable about the places that he took us to. He also communicated well with me during the booking and before the tour. Our group really enjoyed this tour with him being our guide. I would definitely recommend him.

1 month ago |   by PETER

“ Tour of Kyoto ”

Yoshihisa is an excellent guide that we enjoyed being with.

2 months ago |   by Erika

“ Awesome guide, awsome tour! ”

It was a great tour, moving from one place to another in short periods of time allowed us to enjoy every single one. Yoshie is a terrific guide, he is friendly, warm and enjoys what he does. He proudly embraces his culture and tradition which makes the tour be filled with local details. He knows the best spots for pictures, contemplation and gracious stories about each place. I highly recommend booking any of his tours, in Kansai area!

Very Good
2 months ago |   by Matthew

“ Wonderful and memorable tour of Kyoto ”

Yoshihisa was very good to talk English with, and was very good at pointing out historically and cultural important things and being accurate. He was excellent at designing an active tour per our request, coordinating with us ahead of time, and planning down to the minute for optimal transport and crowds. He also was very good at adapting the tour to how much interest we had, and changing priorities as we ran out of energy, weather change or got side-tracked.

3 months ago |   by Ed

“ A Fantastic Day with Yoshi ”

We had the good fortune to connect with Yoshi. He was warm, friendly and truly engaged in tailoring our experience to what we were interested in. His English skills were superb. His knowledge extensive and he has a passion to learn more. Definitely a good choice.

4 months ago |   by Edgar

“ Friendly, knowledgeable and accomodating guide. ”

We had an A-1 experience with Yoshi. He met us at the Nara station and immediately began the tour. We visited the agreed sites, Todaiji temple, Iesuyen Garden and the Nara Deer Park (easily the highlight for my family!) But he also went out of his way in explaining the various elements of the temples we visited and took us around the old Nara town and marketplace. What I especially enjoyed was our trip to a sake store for sake tasting, but as he found out we were enjoying, offered to even take us to his own favorite sake hangout at the Kintetsu line station, where we lingered, met up with other customers, who in turn took us to their favorite bars! What a great treat for all of us to experience the local drinking culture and all past the agreed time! Not only that, but Yoshi invited us to try his favorite sake standing bar in Namba the following evening, making a special trip to Osaka to join us after watching a concert in his home town that afternoon! We are so grateful for his hospitality and introducing us to so many friendly people wherever we went. I would highly recommend Yoshi san to anyone looking for a nice day in Nara, or even Osaka. His business card says that "this moment will never happen again", and we truly felt how meaningful that was for him in the way he welcomed us in Japan.

4 months ago |   by Sunil

“ Amazing day tour of Kyoto ”

Yoshie-san gave us a day tour of major sights in Kyoto. We were able to see Kinkaku-ji, Ryoan-ji, Ninnaji, Jojako-ji, Bamboo Forest and Nonomiya Shrine, Tenryu-ji, Fushimi Inari Grand Shrine with a thousand tori gates, and end the day with a great Izakaya experience! We couldn't have done it without Yoshie-san's guidance. He also oriented us to the city so that we were able to navigate it by ourselves for the next couple of days and visit other sites at our leisure. Thank you Yoshie-san!

4 months ago |   by Kevin

“ Excellent Experience ”

Yoshie was absolutely fantastic. He was very nice and accommodating, and helped specialize the tour and sites to meet our individual wants/desires. Yoshie was very informative and provided insight to details that we would not have noticed without him. It was a pleasure to spend the day with Yoshie and we would recommend him to anyone visiting Kyoto.

5 months ago |   by Karen

“ Great tour of Nara Sights ”

Yoshi was wonderful showing us around Nara on a very hot day. Very knowledgeable. Lovely day. Would strongly recommend him. Traveler's tip: because it was so hot, we took a taxi twice while in Nara. Each time under 1000 yen so very much worth having the air conditioned ride as a quick rest!

5 months ago |   by Jordan

“ A tour "workout" ”

We only had one day in Kyoto so we asked Yoshi to move quickly through the city and still see all the sites and that he did. We saw everything that we wanted to see but never felt rushed. Yoshi was great- we recommend him!

5 months ago |   by Tom

“ An Awesome Trip to Kyoto with Yoshie ”

We spent a wonderful day in Kyoto chiefly thanks to our knowledgeable guide. He met us At our hotel in Osaka and guided us through the public transportation. While we had several sites we wanted to see, we also took a couple of suggestions from our guide, Yoshie. Two musts for us were the bamboo forests and Fushii Inari Grand Shrine. we visited several other shrines and a monkey park. Yoshie suggested where to eat lunch and stayed with us through dinner and both restaurant suggestions were excellent. We were visiting from San Diego and would highly recommend Triplelighs and Yoshihisa as a guide. They in regular contact with us as our trip neared. We were thoroughly satisfied.

6 months ago |   by Lois

“ The best! ”

We had a lovely time touring with Yoshie-san along the shrines and temples of Kyoto. Yoshie-san is very informative with every places we've visited. At the end of the tour, we ate in an izakaya place. Being a tour guide is a tiring and challenging job, but Yoshie-san told me that it is a fulfilling one as he gets to meet other people and tell them about Kyoto's vibrant history. My friends and I wish to return the favor of touring Yoshie-san and his wife should he visit the Philippines someday!

7 months ago |   by Colleen

“ Kobe Tour Excursion ”

Yoshie was our tour guide in Kobe for a day and a half. From the start, communication was excellent and he was able to come up with an acceptable itinerary for our diverse party of six. He is quite flexible and was able to arrange everything we wanted to see. When we arrived in Kobe on a cruise ship, the immigration process was delayed and we were not able to reach the starting point until over an hour later, but Yoshie was still there waiting patiently for us. We were able to visit Ijinkan, had a fantastic traditional Japanese lunch in Arima which was beyond our expectations, took a ropeway to Mt. Rokko, rode a cable car down the mountain, visited Nankinmachi (Chinatown), and Harborland. Thank you for showing us Kobe!

7 months ago |   by Lady

“ Beautiful day in Osaka ”

My family had a beautiful & interesting day in Osaka with Yoshie. Yoshie is a knowledgeable guide and accompanied us to all the places & spots that we wanted to see in Osaka & we also had a very delicious lunch in a famous Kushikatsu restaurant. Thank you for a beautiful day tour in Osaka Yoshie. We wish you all the best.

8 months ago |   by Andrea

“ Kyoto 2 Day Tour ”

Our favorite ninja, Yoshie, provided an excellent two day guided tour experience. We wanted to see as much as possible in a short time without feeling rushed. Yoshie was able to accomplish just that, and we will forever appreciate his efforts.

8 months ago |   by Noura

“ Nara Tour with the best tour guide ”

The best guide anyone can ever ask for! He was very kind and wanted to share with us as much information as he possibly can for us to get the broader picture.. we really enjoyed our time with him and would recommend him to anyone that really wants to get the Nara experience.

8 months ago |   by Ron

“ Thank you Mr. Yoshihisa ”

Upon meeting Yoshihisa presented us two beautiful origami cranes his wife made the night before and his card with a poem. Immediately we were taken back by the gift and warm welcome as gesture of friendship and peace. How nice. We then started our day in Kyoto with sights of temples, shrines and Sakura to see. In between our travel on subways and walking around we learned a few things about Yoshi. He is knowledgeable of many areas which made our sightseeing more informative. He knows a great deal with shrines and temples. He is actually a funny man although you would see otherwise by his professional and serious demeanor. We actually laughed a lot and shared stories in our personal lives. Yoshi (as we called him) is well rounded and an enjoyable person to be with. At the end of the day Yoshi had a funny nick name for my husband. He called him as "Yankee Boy" (not because he's a Yankee fan more like a Dodger fan) meaning young at heart. It's nice to meet someone who leaves a lasting impression. We will remember our moments in Kyoto with Yoshi included in our travel. In addition It was a great experience with Tripple Lights and with Yoshi.

8 months ago |   by Danah

“ Lucky to have chosen Yoshie ”

Yoshie was our guide when my family visited Osaka-Kyoto-Nara-Himeji in March 2017. We were a large group of ten, with ages ranging from 21 to 90, and probably tried to fit in too many sites in our short holiday because we might not get this chance again. We knew that having a guide was essential in visiting as many places as possible with maximum efficiency. In the face of these challenges, Yoshie was patient and flexible, and tried to accommodate our various needs and interests. He was indefatigable, never tiring during our long walks throughout the day, but adjusting to our pace. He was always well prepared, whether it was describing details of a temple or sharing the history of a shrine, bringing plastic sheets on the day we had scheduled a picnic lunch in Maruyama Park, or giving precise information on where to get off and transfer at train stations. Yoshie was also sensitive to the needs of our elderly mother, identifying beforehand the train compartment that was closest to the elevator when we got off. His English was excellent, and enthusiasm for Japanese culture – temples, haiku, traditions – infectious. I only wish we had more time to linger and appreciate these in more depth. Thank you, Yoshie, for remembering my birthday with a "cake" and making it very memorable with that visit to an izakaya. Thank you, too, to your wife for our origami cranes.

8 months ago |   by Karen

“ Our Amazing Trip to Osaka ”

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Yoshi. There was a mix up about our meeting place and he waited 1/2 hour until we found each other! He's a delightful person, very knowledgeable and made our trip to Osaka a memorable one. Highly recommended him. Thank you Yoshi!

9 months ago |   by Leda

“ Izakaya Hopping in Osaka ”

I took the Izakaya tour in Osaka with my mother on my last day in Japan. Yoshie was extremely welcoming and helped us get to know different sides of Osaka. We first visited Shinsekai, a very charming part of the city with an interesting history. I loved walking through the alleyways and discovering things such as shrines that I wouldn't think to see in the urban landscape. At the izakayas, Yoshie gave us great Japanese Sake recommendations and ordered a variety of adventurous pub foods while also accommodating my mom (she's a little picky). Everything was delicious. Aside from the food and drink, getting to experience life as a local is something that tourists rarely get to take part in was an invaluable piece of my Japan trip. We were able to socialize with people of all different ages and it was more special to me than all of the beautiful sights I had seen so far. It was a lot of fun with Yoshie since he is very friendly, knowledgeable and makes interesting conversation. I would highly recommend this tour if you want to try new foods and experience a real slice of Japanese life. Thank you, Yoshie!

10 months ago |   by Lorraine

“ Excellent guiding ”

Mr Yoshihisa is humble,kind and enthusiastic. We have special request for this tour, he did a good job. We have enjoyable and fun time with him. Highly recommend for his excellent guiding.

11 months ago |   by Lynn

“ A day of deer, temples and owls.. ”

Yoshie is a fantastic ambassador for Nara. He planned an itinerary that took into consideration the activities that my family of five wished to do but also covered visits to Kofuku-ji Temple, Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga Grand Shrine. He has a wealth of knowledge of the history of Nara and made sure we understood what we were looking at. We had a wonderful day visiting these places of interest as well as feeding the deer in Nara Park. Yoshie is very patient as my adult children were fascinated by the deer and stopped regularly to feed or photograph them. So much so that after our delicious lunch I suggested that they stay with the deer and my husband and I continue the tour to the Grand Shrine. When I booked the tour initially I requested that we include a visit to the Wata-wata owl cafe. Yoshie contacted the cafe on our behalf regarding reservations and cost. He also provided us with detailed and invaluable transport instructions from our hotel in Kyoto to Nara station. During lunch I admired the bottle our sake was served in. Yoshie spoke to the owner and arranged for us to take it with us. Yoshie is also very flexible. He realised on the day that my husband was interested in sake and suggested a visit to a sake brewery. This worked out perfectly as my husband much preferred this to the owl cafe so he went with Yoshie and we visited the owls which we loved. I have no hesitation in recommending Yoshie as a guide. He is a gentleman, has a great sense of humour and imparts his knowledge freely. He made our day in Nara enjoyable and one which we will remember.

1 year ago |   by Cathy

“ We had the best time with Yoshie! ”

Yoshie was a wonderful tour guide. He helped me to preplan and flex our 3 day tour through email to meet the needs of my 23 year old daughter who wanted to see and learn about everything as well as my 83 year old mother. We saw so many temples and took beautiful pictures for great memories. We had a great time with many many laughs in the deer park feeding the deer! He also took us to great places to eat and a sake tasting. We went to bed every night talking about how much fun we had each day! At the end of our stay he even helped us get to the correct train track to continue our journey to Hakone! We have made a new friend in Yoshie. My family is very grateful for his hospitality. Arigato gozaimasu Yoshie San! Cathy, Casey, Yasuko and Jack

1 year ago |   by Kasey

"Yoshie" was an excellent tour guide. He is very engaging and very personal. He added so much to our trip !!! His english is very good. He was very patient and understanding and connected with all the ages (16-56 yrs old) in our group. He went above and beyond to make our day very special and fit everything in we wanted to see. It was a very hot day and he was AMAZING helping us deal with the heat. We will look him up next time we are in Japan.

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