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  •   Todaiji-Temple
  •   Nara Deer Park
  •   Kofukuji Temple (Kofukuji National Treasure Museum)
  •   Kasuga-Taisya Shrine
  •   Todaiji Hokke do Temple


City Nara
Meeting Point J.R Kyoto Central station
Ending Point J.R Kyoto Central station
Departure 09:30 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Duration 8h   Flexible
Languages English (License)
Tour Type Private Tour ( only for you )
Number of people 2 ~ 9


49.50 USD

total price

FREE cancelation 14 days prior

What to Expect

Nara is the most ancient city in Japan. You can see one of the most biggest images of Buddha in Japan called"Daibutu-san",
and You also see many deer roaming freely around in Nara park.
We visit Kasuga-Taisya Shrine ,founded to protect the Heijyokyo, which is also the deity of Fujiwara family is enshrined.

What‘s included

guide fee

What‘s not included

entrance fees, transportation fees, your lunch, guide's transportation fee 2000 yen/day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an individual tour ?

Yes, I have.
guide fee is as follows 1person =11000yen

We have two children , an 8 year boy and a 12 year girl . How much do we have to pay for ther guide fees ?

a child who is under 15 year old is free of charges.

Do you have a family discount ratings ?

Yes, I have. The discount ratings are as follows: a family of 3 person=14000yen
a family of 4,5,6 person=16000yen
: a family of 7,8,9 person=19000yen

Do you have a group discount ratings?

Yes, I have. The discount ratings are as follows : a group of 3 person =14000yen
: a group of 4,5,6 person =16000yen
: a group of 7,8,9 person =19000yen
* a group : your friends or acquainance .

Frequently Asked Questions

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FREE cancelation 14 days prior

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5 days ago , ( Friends ) , From: South Africa

“ 2 days plus ”

Hiro co-created a special interest ceramic itinerary, including some tourist highlights; and was flexible and open to new suggestions along the way. He gave us valuable information and insights. Occasionally he was challenged by our more detailed questions but he always made a real effort to understand. He also went to extraordinary lengths to locate and finally recover a cell phone, that we had left in a taxi. What an amazing country Japan is and what a sincere, caring man. Hiro, our Hero!

Dear Hazel I say thank you for your heartfelt reviews of the two day's tour in Kyoto. I was really amazed and pleased to find out that both of you were so knowlegeable concerning Japanese arts esp. pottery and ceramics arts. You showed me a deep understanding of Kawai Kanjiro's ceramic masterpieces and carvings. Both of you are the best art lover I have ever seen ! I am also very proud of Japanese people. I said to you " In Japan, if you lost your valuables like a camare or a smart phone or something like that in a taxi, the taxi driver will return it to you 100% " In your friend's case, my prediction did come true. Yours June 25 Hiroshi Yokoyama

1 week ago , ( Family ) , From: Philippines

“ Amazing Kyoto ”

Hiro is the best guide for my family. Even though we were a bit late he still managed to give us the best itinerary for the tour. He was very patient with us (because we get tired easily). He gave us options and recommended the best places. He was very professional but at the same time also a fun guide. He asked a lot of questions that would make you think and the answers would make you appreciate more of Kyoto. For us Kyoto was one of the best places we have been to in all of Japan thanks to Hiro. We can't wait to go back and book him again!

Dear Maria I am very grateful to you for your nice reviews of your tour in Kyoto to my website. I felt so happy to watch that attractive foreign tourists enjoying Kimono wearing and walking around in Tenryuji-garden and Kinkakuji-temple precincts gracefully. I hope that not only ladies but also mens may enjoy Kimono costume experience in next time visit in Kyoto as well. Best regards June 20 Hiroshi Yokoyama

1 week ago , ( Couple ) , From: United States

“ Trip with Hiroshi ”

We're happy having our daily trip with Hiroshi. He is happy to assist and show many fantastic spots of Kyoto. And he is very flexible and ready to adjust the schedule for customer needs. Thanks a lot, Vlad

Dear Vlad Thank you Mr.Vlad for your nice reviews to my website. I always feel happy while guiding such a cheerful couple like you to the most charming city in Japan, Kyoto. Best regards June 20 Hiroshi(hiro) Yokoyama

2 weeks ago , ( Family ) , From: Philippines

“ Outstanding Tour With Hiroshi ”

We truly enjoyed our 1 day Kyoto tour with Hiroshi because we were able to go to a lot of places and historical sites throughout the day and learn facts about the shrines and temples we visited. We requested to go to only 3 places but Hiroshi tried his best to squeeze in more places to visit as many as our schedule permitted. We liked how Hiroshi kept on asking us trivia questions as we went around, making the tour more interactive, fun and interesting. He even gave a prize to whoever had the most number of correct questions at the end of the tour! He not only served as a tour guide but ever so willingly acted as our photographer too which enabled us to collect pictures with full view of the sites we visited with all members of the family together in the pictures which might have been difficult to achieve if we just used a selfie stick. Hiroshi is a very accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable guide and we will surely recommend him to our friends and family when they visit Japan.

Dear Ariel I am truly grateful to you for your courteous reviews on May11 tour in Kyoto. It's one of the greatest joy for a tour guide like me to see my guest tourists having a happy and pleasant tour! Thank you Mr.Ariel and your family for your cooperation. Best regards June 9,2017 Hiroshi Yokoyama

3 weeks ago , ( Family ) , From: United States

“ A Good Trip! ”

Our daughter has asthma, but Mr. Hiroshi was kind enough to work with us on our pace, taking us to a drug store to buy medicines, and mask. At the end of the trip, he was waiting for us to buy sourvenirs, and took us right to the terminal of the bullet train heading back to Tokyo. He also took our pictures, offering to email them to us. Not only that, we forgot our camera in an restaurant, and we had to take a cab to go back to retrieve it. Anyway, he was always smiling, accommodating to our needs. It was such an experiece, and we did not regret on taking this trip. Thank you Mr. Hiroshi! The Thach Family

Dear Ngoc Thank you Mr.Ngoc for your heartfelt reviews on May 30 tour in Kyoto. When you did notice that you may forget your camera at a Japanese restaurant, I had a 100 % confidence that the camera might be return to you. I am very proud of Japanese people's honesty and sincerity. I hope we would like to meet again in a very near future and your daughter's disease be compltely recovered. Best regards June 7,2017 Hiroshi Yokoyama

TripleLights Private Tours

Nara Customized Private Tour

Select places you'd like to visit and hire your prefered tour guide!.
  • Select places you want to go
  • When you want to go
  • Choose your guide
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Hourly from:
$ 31
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Nara One day tour

  • Kofuku-ji
  • Nara Park
  • Todaiji
  • Todai-ji Nigatsu-do
  • Isuien Park
by TripleLights
$ 246
per group ( up to 6 )

Nara half day tour

  • Nara Park
  • Kasuga Taisha
  • Todaiji
  • Naramachi
by TripleLights
$ 123
per group ( up to 6 )

Nara Private Full Day Tour by Car

(31) Reviews

  • Kasuga-taisha Shrine, Todai-ji Temple, K...
  • Horyu-ji Temple, and so on
$ 288
per group ( up to 6 )

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