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KOYASAN : The Sacred Center of Shingon Buddhism

by Hideo
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  • Konpon daito in Danjo garan
  • Kongobuji Temple
  • Entrance path to Okunoin Gobyo
  • Okunoin Gobyo

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Mt.Koya ,or Koyasan, was founded about 1,200 years ago by Kobo Daishi (Kukai) as the monastic center of Shingon Mikkyo, or literally "True World Esoteric Buddhism." With an altitude of 800 meters, the mountain top is the home of over 100 temples and monasteries. Koyasan was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List as the "Sacred Sited and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range" in 2004.

I would like to take you to Danjo garan, Kongobuji Temple and Okunoin Gobyo.
There are more than 10 buildings including Kondo, Konpon Daito in Danjo garan.
Kondo was built by Kobo Daishi in 819. Buddhist services important for the whole mountain complex are performed here. It has been repeatedly destroyed, and the present hall was built for the 7th time in 1932. Ashuku Nyorai is the principal deity.
Konpon daito is a typical example of Danjo garan. This towering pagoda completed in 1937 has a lacquer finish and stands 48.5 meters in height. Inside this uniquely designed stupa is a three dimensional mandala demonstrating the Shingon teachings.

In Kongobuji Temple the religious affairs of the 3,600 Shingon sect branch temples nationwide are overseen on Koyasan. Magnificient pictures by historically famous artists decorate the rooms such as Ohiroma, Interior of Betsuden, Shibetsuden and the like. Furthermore the temple has a rock garden called "BANRYUTEI", the largest rock garden in Japan (2,349 square meters). The design is of a pair of dragons emerging from a sea of clouds to protect the okuden.

Japanese cedar trees tower over the 2 km path leading from Ichinohashi to Okunoin Gobyo. More than 200,000 grave stones, from military commanders to the common folk, stand in lines between the trees. Kukai's deciples erected a mausoleum upon his death in Okunoin Gobyo. This holly grounds is central to devotion to Kukai, and it's still visited by many people today.

You can enjoy Koyasan in about five and half hours because it takes about an hour to pick you up from your hotel and back again, and about four hours between Namba station and Koyasan station on Nankai railway, using the train and cable car to make a round trip. As for lunch, you can enjoy a vegetarian meal such as vegetable tempura, sesami tofu, black beans, udon with mountain vegetable and the like. It was the ascetic monks that cooked meals in Koyasan, because no women were admitted on the premises until 1867.

Why don't we visit Koyasan, the sacred center of Buddhism, and enjoy a vegetarian meal like the monks?

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  • Konpon daito in Danjo garan
  • Kongobuji Temple
  • Entrance path to Okunoin Gobyo
  • Okunoin Gobyo


I guide you Sapporo Furano Otaru in Hokkaido, Miyazaki Nagasaki in Kyushu, Kochi in Shikoku. Please get in touch with me!!
Thank you.

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Reviews ( 76 )
13 hours ago |   by Keshav

“ Very informative, caring and punctual ”

My family and I had a wonderful 3-days with Hideo in the Osaka area. I had let Hideo know of what I'd like to see based on some reading and he showed me all those sights and added more which were very worth visiting. He is a remarkably energetic man coping very well with the record heat of July 2018 the whole time we were with him. He explained the history and culture very well and helped us greatly with our dietary and other needs. He also helped us purchase onward Shinkansen tickets to Tokyo and explained very well and patiently how to get to the train in Osaka station. You may have to get used to his accent but once you do, he is a charm to listen to. I would definitely take Hideo's guiding again. Thanks Hideo for making our visit so memorable!

2 days ago |   by Stephen

“ visit osaka and temple, dontononi market ”

start with the hot day and hideo very active to show us around - we do one day trip to osaka - at the end osaka is the best city,,,,,too much activity and fun ,,,,if i ever comeback - will use hideo again

3 days ago |   by Laura

“ Day trip in Kyoto ”

We had a lovely day with Hideo, despite the excessive heat and we walked 8 miles! We caught the festival parade, saw all the sites we had on our list and he offered us an extra one the 1,000 gates which we loved at the end. He had the day well planned out, and had a great place picked out for lunch. Thank you to Hideo for a memorable trip to Kyoto!

1 month ago |   by Maria

“ he saved us plenty of time to tourist ”

He planned so much ahead that he came fully prepared so we did plenty of beautifull visits and spend a splendid time in Kyoto. Thank you for your time Hideo!!!

1 month ago |   by Dmitriy

“ Good tours ”

We had two Hideo tours in Kyoto and one in Osaka. Hideo was well prepared for the tours with maps, tickets and printed tour plants. He coomunicated with me prior to the tours and put together these tours based on my requests. He navigated through paublic transportation system very well. His english is not perfect and sometimes it was difficult to understand him, but we gor buy OK. We wanted local cultural experience and got it.

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