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Highlights of Mt.Fuji area

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4:30h $ 169 Price up to 5 people


  • Great View of Mt.Fuji at Mt. Kachikachi
  • Beautiful Kubota itchiku museum
  • Serene Kitaguchi Hongu Sengen Shrine
  • Tasting sake at Ide brewery

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What to Expect

In this tour, you can visit some popular destination near Mt. Fuji.
-Kachi-Kachi Yama Ropeway
On the lower eastern edge of Lake Kawaguchi, the ropeway runs to the Fuji Viewing Platform. The ropeway reaches the summit in three minutes and from this observation area(1075m), there is a panoramic view of Mt.Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi.
-Itchiku Kubota Museum
This museum exhibits the art of kimono by Itchiku Kubota. In an attractive Gaudi-influenced building, a small number of lavishly dyed kimonos from his life's work of continuous landscapes are displayed. This Michelin-rated venue also holds a beautiful garden that you can explore.
-Kitaguchi Hongu Sengen Shrine
The start point of the Yoshida Climbing Route to the summit of Mt. Fuji is located in the precinct of this shrine. This shrine is related to the Shinto animistic worship of Mt.Fuji. Feel the serene atmosphere, history and religious attributes.
-Ide Sake Brewery
Using the spring waters from Mt.Fuji, Ide sake brewery has been producing excllent sake for over 150 years. It's tours provide a fascinating insight into the production process, tasting several kinds of sake and a souvenir glass.
If the wather is not very good,instead of Ropeway, I recommend visiting Wind Cave which is a lava cave created by an eruption of Mt.Fuji.

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Organized by TOMOKO

Licensed Guide
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  • Great View of Mt.Fuji at Mt. Kachikachi
  • Beautiful Kubota itchiku museum
  • Serene Kitaguchi Hongu Sengen Shrine
  • Tasting sake at Ide brewery


What‘s included
guide fee
What‘s not included
transportation fee(you and guide), meal, entrance fee(Kachi-Kachi Yama Ropeway:¥800, Kubota Itchiku Museum:¥1300, Ide Sake Brewery:¥500)
Depart From
Mount Fuji , Yamanashi
Meeting Point
At your hotel near Kawaguchiko Station or Kawaguchiko Station
Ending Point
At your hotel near Kawaguchiko Station or Kawaguchiko Station
4:30 hours
Starting time
09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 5 people   Flexible

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Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Licensed Guide

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I've been working as a tour guide for foreign tourists since 2010. I love meeting people from all over the world.!I believe that Japan has many interesting aspects for tourists. I'd like to show you the culture unique to Japan such as Buddhist statues,Japanese gardens, Japanese food,sake,shopping and Mt.Fuji!

Reviews ( 3 )

2 months ago |   by Sharyn

“ An excellent day ”

Tomoko gave us a great day. We were able to chose our itinerary and she was very patient and explained the sights very well. A lovely Japanese lady. Sharyn

4 months ago |   by Nalin

“ Thanks Tomoko ”

Tomoko is very organized, knowledgeable and very kind hearted person. We had big group of 16... She was so concern about each of us.. regularily maintained communication with me before the tour.. We are very happy to recommend her and willing to get her services when we are visiting Japan again.. Thansk Tomoko !!

6 months ago |   by Christina

“ Appreciation of art, nature and culture in Yamanashi ”

Really enjoyed the day trip with Tomo. I knew I wanted to see some of the caves and forest in Yamanashi and wasn't up for making a climb up Mount Fuji, and needed recommendations on how else to spend the day. It was, unfortunately, very cloudy on the day of my trip, but she filled it with interesting sights even without the view of Fujiyama. We trekked through the Aokigahara Forest and Fugaku (Wind Cave). She suggested the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum, which at first seemed like just another museum, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The art created through Kubota-san's tie dying Kimonos is impressive and have gained a new appreciation for the work. The gardens and landscape throughout were so tranquil and beautiful. A trip to the Ide Brewery was of note; we not only had the Sake brewery tour, but got a glimpse of a traditional Japanese home and Tea room that has lasted hundreds of years. We finished the day at the Fujisan Sengen Shrine where she shared some history of Shintoism and Buddhism. In short, Tomo is a kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable guide and would recommend you spend a day with her in Yamanashi should you get the chance!

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Highlights of Mt.Fuji area

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Highlights of Mt.Fuji area

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