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The Highlight of Central Sendai Area

5h $ 68 Price up to 6 people


  • Sendai Castle Site
  • Zuihoden Mausoleum
  • Osaki Hachimangu Shrine
  • Lunch of Gyutan (grilled beef tongue), a specialty of Sendai.

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Price up to 6 people
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In this tour, we will visit the most popular sightseeing spots in Sendai, "the City of Trees."
The city was founded by Date Masamune, one of the most famous samurai.
We will visit Sendai Castle Site, Zuihoden Mausoleum, and Osaki Hachimangu Shrine.
They are all related to Date Masamune, and you will learn samurai culture in northern Japan.

What to Expect

By visiting famous sightseeing spots, you can feel the essence of Japanese history, especially samurai era.

Sendai Castle was built in 1600 by Date Masamune, a famous feudal lord.
Though the main buildings were demolished a long ago, some structures like stone walls still remain.

Zuihoden is the mausoleum of Date Masamune.
The building is beautifully decorated with gold leaf, Japanese lacquer, and exquisite sculptures.
Although the original building was burnt down by an air raid in 1945, it was restored in 1979.

Osaki Hachimangu Shrine was built in 1607. This is also the legacy of Date Masamune.
It is one of the most gorgeous shrines in Tohoku(north-eastern Japan) region, and designated as a national treasure.

In this tour, you can also enjoy Sendai's local cuisines, such as Gyutan (grilled beef tongue) and Zunda Mochi (rice cake topped with sweet soybean paste).

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SHUNSUKE Licensed Guide


  • Sendai Castle Site
  • Zuihoden Mausoleum
  • Osaki Hachimangu Shrine
  • Lunch of Gyutan (grilled beef tongue), a specialty of Sendai.


We use the sight seeing bus called "Loople Sendai." It goes in a loop through the popular sightseeing spots in central Sendai.
If you find something interesting in the course of the bus, please don't hesitate to ask me.
I will be as flexible as I can, and I will guide you anywhere in central Sendai.

What‘s included
guide fee, hotel pick-up in downtown Sendai
What‘s not included
transportation fee (you and guide), lunch or other snacks, entrance fee
Meeting Point
Sendai Station or anywhere you like around downtown Sendai
Ending Point
The final destination, Sendai Station, or anywhere you like around downtown Sendai
5 hours
Starting time
10:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 6 people   Flexible

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the transportation fee?

We will use the 1 day pass of "Loople Sendai"(a sightseeing bus). It costs 620 yen, per one person.

Can I visit spots which are not on the list?

The guide will be as flexible as possible. You can visit anywhere you are interested in (as long as it's not too far from central Sendai).

How much is the entrance fee?

Sendai Castle Site:
Basically free. But if you want to see a short movie in the theater, it will cost 700 yen.

Zuihoden Mausoleum: 550 yen

Osaki Hachimangu Shrine: free

Can I enjoy cherry blossom viewing?

In spring, yes. They are in bloom from mid April to late April.

Can I make changes after I book?

Yes! If you need to make changes such as removing or adding someone to your booking or changing the date or time of your tour, contact us by phone or email

Starting and ending points of the tour.

After you secure your booking, the starting and ending points of your tour can be customized to your convenience (ex.: your hotel, nearby stations, etc.). Don't worry, we will take care of you! Some tours may have an extra fee for this service, make sure to check the tour page.

What happens after I book a tour?

After booking a tour, the guide will accept (or decline) your booking within 24 hours. Then you will be noticed by email from Triplelights.

Is the price per person or per group?

The price is charged per group. Which means that you make a one-time payment for your entire group and the price will not change if it is less or more people.

Can I add more people to my booking?

Some guides accept extra people (more than the specified number) for an extra charge. Please check for the extras on the tour or booking page, or contact your guide directly to clarify.

Will there be other tourists in my tour?

No. Your tour is private, only for you and your family or friends, there will be no other group of tourists together in your tour.

Can the guide pickup me at the airport?

Yes, but there will be additional charge for that and it is not by car. The guide will go pick you up using public transportations. For further details, please contact your guide directly.

I'm travelling alone. Can I book this tour?

Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel in the first 14 day(s) before the meeting date ,there is a 100% charge.
  • If you cancel between 15 and 29 day(s) in advance of the meeting date ,there is a 50% charge.
  • If you cancel at least 30 day(s) in advance of the meeting date, there is a 100% refund.