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Ise Jingu Day Trip (Most Sacred Shrine in all of Japan)

by Richard
(47) Reviews
5:30h $ 270 per person


  • The Outer Shrine of Ise Jingu (1.5 hr walk through)
  • Various Shrines inside the Outer Shrine area
  • The Inner Shrine (1.5 hr walk through)
  • Various Shrines inside the Inner Shrine
  • Oharaedori (An amazing town where you will get lost in the energy and shops, but we will find you again.
  • Oysters, Beer and Sake Tasting (In Oharaemachi)
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270.00 USD

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$ 13.50


I do not care what Shrine you visit, Ise Jingu has over a 2,000 year history and is the most SACRED site in all of Japan! Outside of going to Omiwa, where Japan's three treasures were originally enshrined (and I do that tour also), this is the most sacred and important Shrine in all of Japan!!!!!

What to Expect

Be ready to walk, we will visit both the Inner and Outer Shrines that are about 10 minutes apart by taxi. Various other Shrines we will also see. Major Vendor area with an amazing street full of interesting things to see and eat. (I will treat on the food and beverage)

4.9 (47) Reviews
Very Good

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Richard Local Guide
(47) Reviews
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  • The Outer Shrine of Ise Jingu (1.5 hr walk through)
  • Various Shrines inside the Outer Shrine area
  • The Inner Shrine (1.5 hr walk through)
  • Various Shrines inside the Inner Shrine
  • Oharaedori (An amazing town where you will get lost in the energy and shops, but we will find you again.
  • Oysters, Beer and Sake Tasting (In Oharaemachi)


If you do not see the tour you are looking for or want to add or subtract something, let me know what you want to do and where you want to go and I will ensure I put together an itinerary that fits your needs and blows your mind. Welcome!!!

Most sacred sight (Shrine) in all of Japan, 2,000 year history. Great food (famous for Oysters and Matsukata Beef (way better than One)) and sake.

What‘s included
Guide fees only
What‘s not included
Shrine entrance fees, lunch, sake tasting, food tasting, transportation from the station, between points, and back to the station, steak time if you want, for you and GUIDE. Expect to pay approx. ¥9,200 per person for Lunch, Sake Tasting, Local Craft Beer Tasting, Oysters and Transportation Fees. Your GROUP will share the costs for the GUIDE.
Meeting Point
At Ise-Shi Train Station (I will take care of all of the trans after that)
Ending Point
At Ise-Shi Train Station
5:30 hours
Starting time
10:00 AM
Number of people
up to 6 people   Flexible

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Reviews ( 47 )
Susan Susan Canada ( Couple )
21 hours ago

“ A Day to Remember ”

What can we say, Richard is truly unique and not to be forgotten! We chose Richard as we were most intrigued by a non-Japanese living in Japan for a number of years who has fully embraced the Japanese way of life with passion and respect. We chose Richard for a day trip from Kyoto to Osaka and he did not disappoint! We wanted to experience Osaka not only for its usual exciting sites that all visitors want to see, but for its wide variation of foods and local cultures that foreign visitors would not think to experience. Richard treated us to all of these things (and then some) and left us with the feeling that we truly “stepped into Osaka” if only for a brief period of time. We loved our time with him and would highly recommend Richard for any type of experience you might be seeking in ... read more

Rodrigo Rodrigo Brazil ( Family with kids )
2 weeks ago

“ Fluent English + Knowledge of Japanese History ”

We had a great time with Richard seeing temples, bamboo forest, shopping areas and restaurants. He was very flexible to help us in many ways. Had a very clear English and good knowledge about Japanese history and culture (is married to Japanese woman, only uses Japanese clothes). We hired him with only 2 days-notice, so some of our intentions could not be included in the tour because of lack of interactions. We are referring him to other friends from Brazil. I think the TripleLights app has a lot to improve, conversation could be more friendly (requires many clicks to allow chatting), new messages are harder to be noticed (vs in ******* with a dedicated communication group), some of my messages were lost before I could send them. ******* is way better.

Jane Jane United States ( Couple )
2 weeks ago

“ Sake to me, baby! ”

My Fiancé and I were in Osaka on a house hunting trip. We will be moving there shortly. We decided a personal Sake tour would be a great way to get to know some of the local spots and some of the culture around Sake. What a FUN experience. Richard was a great guy, with a in-depth knowledge about Sake and took us to some smaller out of the way establishments to do some tastings. The owners and patrons were so much fun. They made us feel welcomed and shared some of their personal stories, which we would never have experienced on our own. I would highly recommend calling Richard. We will be using him again as we have friends and family come to visit. Thank you Richard.


I'm glad you guys had a great time and I look forward to helping your friends have a great time too. If there's anything you need you let me know immediately, do not hesitate!

john John United States ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ Smart move! ”

I rarely write reviews but I feel I have to today. My wife and I had such a fun day with Richard, and I think we both feel we made a new friend. You'll hear not only the detailed history of the sites he takes you to, but you'll also get some great stories that make the information fun. It's almost impossible to really figure out on web sites who to choose for a guide, but you'll be safe with Richard for sure! Have fun.


Thank you John, you guys were a hoot! I am happy you had a good time and thank you for hanging in there with the area we covered! I will try again upon your return with more sake samples LOL! Please take care and come again! Kind regards, Richard

rebecca Rebecca Australia ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ Amazing, entertaining and knowledgeable ”

I can not recommend Richard more, it was a great experience spending the day with him. As it was our first day in Kyoto and Japan he helped us to understand customs and guided us through places we could never had found ourselves.


Thank you Rebecca, you are so kind. It was a pleasure spending time with your family and please come again. We will go more local next time!! :) Kind regards, Richard

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