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This tour covers 3 must-see scenic spots in Kyoto. Fushimi Inari-Shrine,Nanzenji-temple and Eikando-

by Hiroshi
(174) Reviews
8h $ 62 per person


  • Fushimi-Inari-Shrine
  • Nanzenji-Temple
  • Eikando-Temple

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What to Expect

Fushimi-Inari shrine , where there are more than 10,000 Torii-gates or Shinto holy gates on the hillside of Mt,Fushimi.
If you walk through the tunnel of the Trii-gate, you must be really mesmerized !
Nanzenji-temple , a complex of Zen temples and subtemples is the ideal structure of Zen buddhist temple.
The huge Sanmon gate is one of the three biggest temple gates in Japan. You can also find a canal ,which build with Roman-style brick aqueduct in the the temple site. Eikando-temple is famous of its Mikaeri-Amida Statue and the garden. Eikando-garden is well known for its Autumnal leaves colored with red and yellow.
esp. during late October to November.

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Hiroshi Licensed Guide
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  • Fushimi-Inari-Shrine
  • Nanzenji-Temple
  • Eikando-Temple


What‘s included
guide fee
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transportation fee , lunch, entrance fee , guide' s transportation fee =1500yen/day.
Meeting Point
JR.Kyoto central station
Ending Point
Teramathi shopping arcade
8 hours
Starting time
09:30 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 10 people

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Reviews ( 174 )
Ariana Ariana Romania ( Family )
1 hour ago

“ Himeji Castle is a gem ”

Our day at Himeji went generally well, although we expected different travel conditions. To summarize: we could have traveled by bullet train to Himeji from Kyoto, but had to take a local train because paying for the guide's shinkansen ticket would have raised our costs by a lot. Traveling with the local train meant standing in a crowded car for one and a half hour - we surely didn't enjoy that - especially that our JR passes gave us a right to the best and fastest train train! We got to the Castle eventually and enjoyed it a lot, but found the guide less helpful with some of the questions asked. We felt that he wasn't offering sufficient information or that he wasn't putting in all the effort. We visited the Kokoen garden too and found that very nice. All in all I feel we could have easi... read more

Lori Lori Canada ( Couple )
1 week ago

“ Kyoto tour from Osaka pier ”

My boyfriend and I recently returned from a cruise to Japan. We had a stop in Osaka and we hired a guide to meet us at the port, bring us to Kyoto and back. We both really enjoyed our tour with Hiro, everything was so personalized and we really felt like Hiro was going above and beyond to meet our needs and expectations. Without a doubt, a huge highlight of our Japan trip. We will definitely visit Japan again and wont hesitate to book a tour with Hiro again.


Dear Lori I say thank you for your great reviews on March 23 one day tour in Kyoto. I have to apologize to you for displaying a small name board at the exit of the Osaka port terminal building. I should display more big sized name board and waiting for you at another exit of the building on that day. I got relieved that you were able to visit at Fushimi-Inari Shrine and Pokemon Center in Kyoto. I wish you had another two hours on that day ! Best regards Ap13 Hiroshi Y.

Gill Gill Australia ( Couple )
1 week ago

“ Full day in Kyoto ”

Hiroshi was fantastic , kept us on our toes and we saw so much more than expected. He explained things and talked about history and customs with a smile and joke along the way, thanks for a great day , would highly recommend was a great experience. 😀


Dear Gill Thank you Gill for your great reviews on Mar 28 one day tour in Kyoto. I always felt happy to watch that my guests looked like really enjoy visiting at some kind of historical important temples and shrines and beautiful gardens as well. I wish you had one hour more time during the tour. Best Ap13 Hiroshi Y.

Ciselle Ciselle Singapore ( Family )
2 weeks ago

“ 1 day customised Kyoto Tour ”

Hiroshi has brought us to the best tonkatsu restaurant we have been to. The walk going there was very tiring but it was all worth it! Until now, my husband and I still talk about it. Since we were weeks early for the sakura season and would not be able to see the city in full bloom, he suggested to go to a shrine which has 2 cherry blossom trees in full bloom! It was a very nice sight and we managed to take lots of photos since there were no tourists around. Hiroshi also agreed to start the tour at 7.30am which was a good decision because the Bamboo Forest was not crowded when we arrived there. Overall, we had a jam-packed but fulfulling day with him.


Dear Ciselle I am grateful to you for your great reviews on March 21 one day tour in Kyoto. I am glad to hear that all of your family members enjoyed walking through in Bamboo forest ,where was less crowded than in the day time on that day. It's an excellent choice of the time that you made. I also felt happy that all of you were able to watch two in full blossom cherry trees in Sanjyu-Sangendo temple. Best regards Ap 13 Hiroshi Y.

MIREE MIREE United States ( Family )
3 weeks ago

“ Well done!! ”

The Kyoto Highlights with Shiro San was an excellent choice for a private tour. He was supposed to meet us at the lobby of the hotel we stayed and he was on time. Although visiting five places in a day is a challenging itinerary, he managed the time appropriately and we did it at a pleasant speed. We did a lot of walking, took subway for some parts and took taxis for some part to save transit time. He was knowledgeable and explained a lot of Japanese history and religions. He speaks English very well and we had no problem. Overall I am very satisfied with the tour in Kyoto. I will definitely check back again at Triplelights in my Japan trip in the future. Thank you for reading my review.


Dear MIREE I am very grateful to you for your great reviews on Mar 24 one day tour in Kyoto. I am very glad to hear from that both of you had a pleasant one day trip in Kyoto. You must be feeling a sense of wonder while you were visiting at five hisorically important sites, esp.Fushimi-Inari Shrine, Sanjyu-Sangendo temple and Golden Pavilion. Best regards Ap 13 Hiroshi Y.

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