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Your most memorable tour & Tea Ceremony Experience in Kyoto

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7h $ 160 up to 18 people


  • Kinkakuji Temple, Kiyomizu Temple, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Tea ceremony experience
  • Japanese Traditional Lunch, Tea Ceremony House

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What to Expect

Following a pick-up at your hotel, you will go to Kinkakuji Temple which is called the Golden Pavilion. It's most famous for its beautiful garden complex in Japan.
It's an excellent example of the medieval Japan's garden design.
The harmonies relationship between architecture and landscape were greatly emphasized and celebrated during this period.
After the temple, you will go to Kiyomizu temple.
Original temple was founded in 798.
In particular, since Kiyomizu Stage stands 13 meters high, you can get a full view of Kyoto city from here.
Moreover, Kiyomizu means "pure water" in Japanese.
It is said that water at the spring in this temple will purify their soul and make their wishes come true.
Stroll through souviner shops, you will have traditional Japanese lunch.
After lunch, you will go to Fushimi Inari shrine. At this shrine, you can see pair of stone foxes.
Because the tail of a fox resembles the ears of a rice plant, a fox was believed to be the messanger of the god.
Moreover, this shrine was worshipped as the patron of business by merchants and manufacturers.
There are roughly 10,000 torii or sacred gates. Each torii is donated by the believers.
Next, you can experience a tea ceremony. This ceremony was perfected as aesthetic art in the 16 century.
Each action has its own meaning. Moreover, depending on the circumstances, the owner changes the style.
For example, the owner arranges seasonal flowers and prepares suitable cups.
You can experience typical Japanese art.

The tour ends here. This tour will be your most memorable tour in cool Japan.

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  • Kinkakuji Temple, Kiyomizu Temple, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Tea ceremony experience
  • Japanese Traditional Lunch, Tea Ceremony House


City Kyoto

Depart From Kyoto , Nara, Osaka, Kobe

Meeting Point At your Hotel

Ending Point At your Hotel

Duration 7 hours

Starting time 09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible

Number of people 1 to 18
What‘s included
  • Guide fee

What‘s not included
  • ・Transportation fee (you and guide)
  • ・Entrance fee
  • ・Lunch fee (you and guide)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes after I book?

Yes! If you need to make changes such as removing or adding someone to your booking or changing the date or time of your tour, contact us by phone or email

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After you secure your booking, the starting and ending points of your tour can be customized to your convenience (ex.: your hotel, nearby stations, etc.). Don't worry, we will take care of you! Some tours may have an extra fee for this service, make sure to check the tour page.

What happens after I book a tour?

After booking a tour, the guide will accept (or decline) your booking within 24 hours. Then you will be noticed by email from Triplelights.

Can the guide pickup me at the airport?

Yes, but there will be additional charge for that and it is not by car. The guide will go pick you up using public transportations. For further details, please contact your guide directly.

I'm travelling alone. Can I book this tour?

Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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  • If you cancel between 2 and 13 day(s) in advance of the meeting date, there is a 20% charge.
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Organized by Kazuhiko

National Certified Guide

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Contact Kazuhiko
Response Time 10 hs

Languages spoken
  • English ( License )

Hello, I’m Kazuhiko Goto. Please call me “Kazu”. I'm a national-licensed tour guide. I have a wife and 4 children.
I was born in Osaka city, although I have lived in many places across Japan, such as Matsue city which is famous for beautiful Lake Shinji and Izumo Great Shrine, Niigata city which is famous for delicious rice and Japanese sake, and Kurume city which is closer to many hot springs and the active volcano, Mt.Aso.
Now, I live in Hikone city which is near Kyoto. This city faces beautiful Lake Biwa, which is the biggest lake in Japan
and the city's main feature is Hikone castle, whose castle keep is a national treasure.
My home town, Osaka city, is one of the largest cities in Japan.
This city has been known as the city of “Kuidaore” which means that people in Osaka ruin themselves by overspending on food.
As the name suggests, there are unique dishes, such as
Tecchiri (globefish boiled in a pot), Kushikatsu (deep-fried skewers of meats or vegetables), Takoyaki (octopus dumplings), and
Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake with various ingredients).
In Osaka, there are also many famous spots, such as the huge Osaka castle complex, bustling Dotombori pleasure resort area and the Umeda Sky Building whose twin towers have a unique shape
Moreover, Osaka is near the historic cities of Kyoto and Nara and the port city Kobe, which is filled with an air of exoticism.

I have guided many foreign tourists as an English tour guide for 2 years since taking an early retirement.
Why did I aim to obtain this license ?
While working for an electric company, I often went abroad on business trips to the U.S.A., Thailand, Hong Kong and China,
I received a lot of kind support from local people.
Therefore, I have thought I should return the favor and I have been thinking about how to do it.
Fortunately, I have a depth of knowledge of many places across Japan, since I used to live there as mentioned above.
Moreover, I am interested in Japanese history, culture, and geography, and I also like intercultural exchanges.
I decided to become a tour guide for foreign tourists, because
I would like to make them happy.
I think that this is a suitable job for me to return the favor to people.
Now, I take delight in doing this job, and I have found out that I can take advantage of my experience and knowledge .
I believe that you will fully enjoy your tour in Japan with me.
Please join my tour !!
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