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MUST-SEE spots of Kyoto-- Kinkakuji Temple, Arashiyama, Ryoanji Temple (Cherry Blossom Viewing !!)

by Yuriko
(2) Reviews
6h $ 134 per person


  • Kinkakuji Temple ( Golden Pavilion, spectacular Japanese garden )
  • Arashiyama ( bamboo forest , Tenryuji Temple, Togetsu-Kyo bridge etc... )
  • Ryoanji Temple ( mysterious rock garden with 15 placed stones. )

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These are the places to go in Kyoto. This golden route will offer you an once in-a-lifetime experience, from gorgeous Golden Pavilion,
breathtaking nature, a dynamic Japanese garden and a mysterious rock garden.
The must-see view is waiting for you. And please enjoy a ride in a streetcar and local street food.
Finally, I gladly accept one person.

What to Expect

First, We will go to Kinkakuji Temple by both subway and city bus. Then, We will go to Ryoanji Temple and Arashiyama by the nostalgic
streetcar called Ran-den.

1. Kinkakuji Temple
It is covered with real gold leaf. Kinkakuji Temple was originally built in 14th century as a
mountainside cottage for the famous shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitu.
You will be impressed with the dazzling light of Kinkaku and the view from atop Sekkatei.
Sekkatei is a tea room which was built to host visits by Emperor.
And the magnificent garden is a must-see. As you walk through the promenade-style garden,
you can enjoy the views of the pavilion and Kyoko Pond, or mirror lake pond , from different angles.

This is the place where you can enjoy both spectacular nature and World Heritage Temple .
We will stroll in bamboo forest ( A magnificent road lined with green bamboo ) , which is one of the
mostpopular landscapes in Kyoto. Please enjoy the beautiful sounds of 5-10m tall bamboo trees
when the wind blows.

Togetsu-Kyo bridge is the 155m bridge which strides over the Katsuragawa River.
And we will also visit the Tenryuji Temple which has a dynamic garden.
The dragonis said to be the guardian beast of Buddhism, and there are many of them in Tenryuji Temple.
Arashiyama is very famous for beautiful cherry blossoms and autumn foliage.

3. Ryoanji Temple
Ryoanji Temple is well-known for its rock garden which is a traditional dry landscape garden with 15 placed stones set in white sand.
This is a Zen garden. What you find in this garden is open to your imagination.

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3.5 (2) Reviews
Very Good

Organized by

Yuriko Licensed Guide
(2) Reviews


  • Kinkakuji Temple ( Golden Pavilion, spectacular Japanese garden )
  • Arashiyama ( bamboo forest , Tenryuji Temple, Togetsu-Kyo bridge etc... )
  • Ryoanji Temple ( mysterious rock garden with 15 placed stones. )


Buses conveniently stop right at tourist sites, but during the peak seasons , they get very crowded. So i suggest we use the subway. That will take us to our destinations more smoothly.

1. Rickshaw is available (¥3000~¥4000) --- optional
Would you like a ride in a rickshaw ? It will let you enjoy Arashiyama from a different view.

2. This tour can be flexible. I am willing to change our itinerary.

For example, you would like to visit Iwatayama Monkey Park...... (¥550 for aduit, ¥250 for children )

At Iwatayama Monkey Park, you will have a exhilarating experience with wild monkeys.
We have to go up the mountain for about 15~ 20 min. to get to the top .
There, you can buy treats for monkeys and feed them yourself.

But I suggest that you omit one place from the itinerary If you wish to go to the Iwatayama Monkey Park.
Because the monkeys seem to return to the mountain early these days.....
Sometimes you have no chance to see monkeys after 16pm. So we should visit in early time.
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What‘s included
guide fee ( you and your guide )
What‘s not included
transportation fee ( you and your guide )
subway--¥260 city bus--¥220 Ran-Den ( street car )--¥210
entrance fees are as follows:
Kinkakuji Temple--¥400 Tenryuji Temple--¥600 Ryoanji Temple--¥500
Japanese lunch-- about¥1000

Meeting Point
At convenient place for you
Ending Point
At convenience places for you
6 hours
Starting time
09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 6 people   Flexible

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Reviews ( 2 )
Jwalant Jwalant United States ( Family )
11 months ago

“ Courteous, flexible but not as organized ir prepared ”

She was having trouble with public transportation and was not as organized. Besides that she was flexible polite. Helpful and accommodating to our needs. She could improve by providing more details about different sightseeing locations and offer more ideas about what to do and see in her city.


Thank you for your review. Regarding the public transportation, please understand that our itinerary was changed on the day when tour took place. I had prepared other plans exclusively for you. And I believe that you enjoyed visiting several tourist spots I recommended. But from now on, I will keep your comment in mind and continue to train myself to become good guide.

Gabriella Gabriella United Kingdom ( Solo )
Very Good
11 months ago

“ Arashiyama and beyond! ”

Yuriko was a very nice guide to spend time with. Her English is very good and she is knowledgeable and organised. She thinks ahead and tries to sort out all planning ahead of time. She kindly spent some time in the evening with me as well and we had a very nice meal together. I would happily recommend her and wish her will with her guiding! Thanks Yuriko


Hi ! Gabriella ! Thank you very much for your review ! I was so happy to have an opportunity to share an amazing time with you. I am glad that you enjoyed Japan and It was fun having a very nice meal together. Hope to see you again !!

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