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Monkey park & Bamboo grove

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  • Iwatayama Monkey Plaza at the mountain. (feeding treats)
  • Bamboo Grove walking
  • Tenryu-ji Temple (Zen Buddhist Temple, of Rizai Sect.)

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Iwatayama monkey mountain has 50 years history, and many monkeys are feeded at the mountain plaza.
You can buy treats and give them to monkeys directly.
It will take 20 minutes to go up to the monkey plaza.
After that, please walk around the Bamboo Grove, which is about 8 Acre space, and you will heal your physical body and spirits.

What to Expect

You can come in touch with monkeys by feeding treats, and appreciate their reaction when they get treats.
At Bamboo grove, you will find long-jointed bamboo, which heights are up to 25 meters, and it spreads up to 8 Acre.
Please enjoy walking there and heal your physical body and your spirits.
Tenryu-ji Temple is one of five Great Temple in Kyoto, which holds cultural assets, such as statue, folding screen, and some beautiful garden.
This Sagano district was owned by nobility and they built villas and enjoyed their lifetime by composing poems, practicing Zen-meditation and so on.

Organized by ERIC

Licensed Guide
(1) Reviews


  • Iwatayama Monkey Plaza at the mountain. (feeding treats)
  • Bamboo Grove walking
  • Tenryu-ji Temple (Zen Buddhist Temple, of Rizai Sect.)


It is a little hard to go up to the monkey mountain plaza, and it will takes 20 minutes one-way.
Please put on walking shoes.
At the monkey plaza, please follow the instruction of monkey keeper, and please remember that you can give treats to monkeys directly, only staying in the house,covered
by steal-net. At other spots, you cannot do it.
In summer, you should better to carry some water bottles with you.

City Kyoto

Meeting Point at your hotel in Kyoto

Ending Point at your hotel in Kyoto or final destination

Duration 4 hours

Starting time 09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible

Number of people up to 10 people   Flexible

What‘s included
  • guide fee
  • hotel pick-up in Kyoto city

What‘s not included
  • transportation fee (you & guide)
  • Admission fee: monkey park: J.yen550
  • Tenryu-ji Temple: J.Yen800
  • lunch (J.Yen1500)
  • dinner (J.Yen2500)

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Hallow ! This is Eric Tanaka.
I was born in Kyoto, and I have been living in Kyoto.
I am sure that Kyoto is one of the best city for sightseeing and living.
I wish if I can introduce some nice places for you by walking around city streets.
Also, in suburbs, there are a lot of nice sightseeing places such as Bamboo forest, Monkey park, Fushimi shrine, Zen practice temples and so on.
Let's enjoy Kyoto town and Kyoto food.with me.

Reviews ( 1 )

2 months ago |   by Ron

“ Excellent Guide ”

Eric has been most helpful in helping my family and me plan our stay in Kyoto. We have not been sure what we want to see/do while in Kyoto and Eric has been very flexible and excellent to communicate with. He has provided us very detailed itinerary ideas along with the associated costs of each. Thank you Eric.

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