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Kiyomizudera(Kiyomizu Temple) and kawai kannjirou Memorial house and Sanjyusangendou

by Hiroshi
(135) Reviews
8h $ 62 per person


  • Sanjyusangendo
  • Kiyomizudera Tenple
  • Kawai Kanjiro Memorial House
  • Sannenzaka slope and Ninenzaka street to Yasaka shrine

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62.30 USD

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What to Expect

This tour covers one of the most popular temples in Kyoto Kiyomizudera and walking around Kiyomuzu area and Shitijyo area including Sanjyusangendo temple.
Plus visit a traditional Japanese house , The Kawai Kannjiro Memorial house. KawaiKanjiro(**********) was one of the most famous multi-talented artists in
Japan such as a ceramic sculptor, an engraver and was a skillful calligrapher.The Kanjiro’s House will carry you to the joyfulness of life. we take a walk in Sannenzaka slope and Ninenzaka street to Yasaka shrine.

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Hiroshi Licensed Guide
(135) Reviews
Contact Hiroshi Response Time: 4 hs


  • Sanjyusangendo
  • Kiyomizudera Tenple
  • Kawai Kanjiro Memorial House
  • Sannenzaka slope and Ninenzaka street to Yasaka shrine


What‘s included
guide fee
What‘s not included
your lunch, entrance fee
transportation fee
guide's transportation fee= 1000yen/day.
Meeting Point
JR Kyoto Central Station
Ending Point
Yasaka Shrine Gate
8 hours
Starting time
09:30 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 10 people

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Do you have an individual tour ?

Yes, I have. guide fee is as follows : 1 person = 14000yen

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Yes I have. a family of three=16000yen
a family of 4,5,6 person =18000yen
a family of 7,8,9,10 person =20000yen

Do you have a group discount ratings?

Yes, I have. a group of 3 person=16000yen
a group of 4,5,6 person =18000yen
a group of 7,8,9,10 person =20000yen
*a group : your friends or acquaintance are O.K.

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Yes! If you need to make changes such as removing or adding someone to your booking or changing the date or time of your tour, contact us by phone or email

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Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Reviews ( 135 )
Kylie Kylie Australia ( Friends )
1 week ago

“ a wealth of knowledge and humour! ”

Hiro was an absolute legend!! He is a wealth of knowledge, but also a very very funny bloke. We had such a brilliant day with him, particularly with just 12 hours notice from booking. He was able to accomodate the changes we asked for in relation to what we wanted to see and do. The day was a challenge as it was the day after the typhoon so a few places were closed but the beauty of going with such an experienced guide meant he filled our day with things we hadn't even thought of doing and that was brilliant. His quizes made the day a bit of fun and the chocolate prizes were a great incentive. We look forward to another visit to Kyoto in the coming years and only hope he is still providing tours. Thank you for such a wonderful, educational day to remember!!!


Dear Kylie I am grateful to you for your great reviews of Sep 5 one day tour in Kyoto. You visited so many temples and Memorial House in a day. I felt so happy and glad to see that both of you really looked like enjoyed visiting on many beautiful and amazing sites such as Higashi-Honganji-temple. Sanjyu-sangendo -temple, Kawai Kanjiro Memorial House, bamboo forest ,Ryoanji-temple and lastly walking through in at Hanami-koji and Miyakawa-cho street in Gion district. Best regards Hiroshi Y.

A.S. A.S. Sri Lanka ( Friends )
Very Good
1 week ago

“ unfortunately didnt approve visa ”

He helps us lot

Kelly Kelly United States ( Family )
1 week ago

“ Three day booking ”

Our family of 5 traveled to Japan for a holiday two weeks ago. My husband and I are seasoned travelers. We’ve hired many guides over the years and have enjoyed all of them. About our trip: We started in Tokyo and decided to hire guides to ease the language barrier and the overall logistics of traveling with children. Our first guide, Makiko, was a dream. She was full of personality and just fabulous. I wrote an excellent review. You can find her under Tokyo guides. When we arrived to our Ryokan, Hiroshi was there waiting. From the beginning, we didn’t find him to be very conversive. He didn’t ask us questions or really introduce himself. In fact, Hiroshi kept a 100 yard distance from us from the beginning. (We are from NYC and walk pretty quickly, but his pace was incredible!). ... read more

olivia Olivia Philippines ( Family )
2 weeks ago

“ According to my guests, he was okay. ”

According to my guests, he was okay


Dear Olivia I guided Mrs.M and Mr.B's family to one of the biggest whisky makers in Japan to Yamazaki district in Osaka pref. They enjoyed tasting of a tiny cup (25 ml)of the highest-quality of whisky, and next they headed for Nara. They got really excited when they were feeding crackers to many deer roaming around freely in the vast Deer Park. Best regards Hiroshi Y.

ALI ALI Oman ( Family with kids )
4 weeks ago

“ excellent trip to Kyoto with family ”

Hiroshi was very patient, honest and very good guide to show us around in Kyoto. We saw different shrines and gave us a lot of information about the history of the shrines/temples then took us for lunch and then to the market. I would sincerely recommend him to to anyone who needs a tour guide in Kyoto.


Dear Ali I say thank you for your great reviews on Aug 17,one day tour in Kyoto. You must be so surprised to find out that there are big difference in culture, behaviour and religion between the two countries. I am very glad that all of you and your famlly members showed respect for our culture and history and you also told me your country's culture and religoin. Best regards Sep.9 Hiroshi

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