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Kiyomizudera(Kiyomizu Temple) and kawai kannjirou Memorial house and Sanjyusangendou

by Hiroshi
(112) Reviews
8h $ 62 per person


  • Sanjyusangendo
  • Kiyomizudera Tenple
  • Kawai Kanjiro Memorial House
  • Sannenzaka slope and Ninenzaka street to Yasaka shrine

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What to Expect

This tour covers 1of the most popular temples in Kyoto Kiyomizudera and walking around Kiyomuzu area and Shitijyo area including Sanjyusangendo temple.
Plus visit a traditional Japanese house , The Kawai Kannjiro Memorial house. KawaiKanjiro(**********) was 1of the most famous multi-talented artists in
Japan such as a ceramic sculptor, an engraver and was a skillful ********** Kanjiro’s House will carry you to the joyfulness of life. we take a walk in Sannenzaka slope and Ninenzaka street to Yasaka shrine.


  • Sanjyusangendo
  • Kiyomizudera Tenple
  • Kawai Kanjiro Memorial House
  • Sannenzaka slope and Ninenzaka street to Yasaka shrine


City Kyoto

Meeting Point JR Kyoto Central Station

Ending Point Yasaka Shrine Gate

Duration 8 hours

Starting time 09:30 AM ( recommended )   Flexible

Number of people up to 10 people

What‘s included
  • guide fee

What‘s not included
  • your lunch
  • entrance fee
  • transportation fee
  • guide's transportation fee= 1000yen/day.

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Yes, I have. guide fee is as follows : 1 person = 14000yen

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Yes I have. a family of three=16000yen
a family of 4,5,6 person =18000yen
a family of 7,8,9,10 person =20000yen

Do you have a group discount ratings?

Yes, I have. a group of 3 person=16000yen
a group of 4,5,6 person =18000yen
a group of 7,8,9,10 person =20000yen
*a group : your friends or acquaintance are O.K.

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Yes! If you need to make changes such as removing or adding someone to your booking or changing the date or time of your tour, contact us by phone or email

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Yes, but there will be additional charge for that and it is not by car. The guide will go pick you up using public transportations. For further details, please contact your guide directly.

I'm travelling alone. Can I book this tour?

Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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  • If you cancel between 2 and 13 day(s) in advance of the meeting date, there is a 20% charge.
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  • If you cancel on the meeting date, there is no refund.

Organized by Hiroshi

National Certified Guide

(112) Reviews

Contact Hiroshi
Response Time 8 hs

Languages spoken
  • English ( License )

Hello,I am HIROSHI YOKOYAMA. Please call me Hiro, not "hero". I have been lived in kyoto
for more than 30years. So, I am very familiar with the city of Kyoto and a unique culture
developed in Japan as well. I can offer you not only historic places like Nijo castle, Kinkakuji temple ,Kiyomizu temple etc., but also off the beaten track spots Nijo jinya house or nicknamed
"ninjya house" ,Katsura Imperial Villa etc.. I am really looking forward to seeing you .

Reviews ( 112 )

Very Good
2 days ago |   by Valerie

“ Knowledgeable, Jovial & full of life ”

He is a knowledgable & jovial guide. He is warm and really friendly. He took the initiative to help take pictures of my family which is wonderful as we were never able to take so many family shots on our other yearly holidays!! He surprised us with pop quizzes about the places we were visiting and the winner with the most points for the entire day gets a prize! Wow! That is something we were not expecting. Hiro, thank you for a great time! All the best for 2018

1 week ago |   by Tariq

“ Great Visit ”

Was very entertaining Hiro (not Hero) and good fun and very informative and accomodating. Would strongly recomend him to any english speaker visiting Kyoto.

Very Good
2 weeks ago |   by Joy

“ Fun Time at Kyoto and Nagoya ”

Our family of 12 enjoyed our tour with Hiro. Hiro was helpful in assisting us find the transportation and driver we needed for our big family. We are great full for the wheelchairs we used in Kyoto for our elderly parents. Wished we had more time to spend in Arashiyama. Good excuse to go back to Kyoto.

Very Good
2 weeks ago |   by Melinda

“ Kyoto Day Tour ”

Mr Hiroshi is a very knowledgeable and entertaining guide. He explained in details about the places we visited and even made the trip more interesting by giving us Q&A. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and experience.

2 weeks ago |   by Alberto

“ Fun and Educational tour! ”

Excellent and friendly guide. he was entertaining and knowledgeable of the area. he provided good information about the places we visited. my wife and daughter were really delighted with this tour. the highlight for each place we visit was real fun because of the Q & A. we get chocolates for the correct answers. tour with hiroshi is highly recommended.

2 weeks ago |   by Vero

“ Best Kyoto Guide and Tour ”

Hirsoshi san was a great guide. He made the whole trip enjoyable and interesting.

Very Good
1 month ago |   by Irine

“ Best of Kyoto ”

We had a wonderful time in Kyoto thanks to Hiro-san. We were able to see all the highlights and more in 2 days. He made the tour very entertaining with his stories, my 2 daughters were delighted. He also took extra effort to take a lot of pictures for us. It was a little bit rush but very understandable since we want to cover a lot of sights. He also did some Q&A wherein we get chocolates at the end of the day for getting the right answers, it was a very seet gesture. Would highly recommend him to friends and would definitely book him again for our future trips 😊👍👏

Very Good
1 month ago |   by Cherry

“ Enjoyable and educational ”

We had so much fun with our tour guide Hiroshi. Aside that he speaks good english, he emits good aura to us and make us feel we are not in a foreign country. He is honest, amiable, jolly, punctual; energetic (despite his age), and with a good sense of humor. He goes out of his way to accommodate all possible tourists spots we can see despite time constraint. He even fetches us from the hotel to avoid getting lost. He explains well the heritage and history of a particular place which makes it more interesting to us even if we are so consumed of walking. I will definitely get Hiroshi again the next time we go back to Osaka. You get your money's worth for the service of Hiroshi.

1 month ago |   by Cathy

“ Fun and relaxed trip ”

Hiro made our Kyoto and Nara visits a fun learning experience. He provided good information about the areas visited and made sure we are comfortable during our tours.

1 month ago |   by Olive

“ Great introductory experience to Japanese culture ”

We are glad that we booked Hiro on our first 2 days in Japan. He also readily adjusted our tour due to a change in our flight arrival and made sure that our priority sights are accommodated. He took the time to explain the local customs and rituals when entering shrines and temples. Highly recommended.

1 month ago |   by Jean

“ Kyoto Highlights ”

We had our best tour of our three week trip with Hiroshi! He was funny, personable, entertaining and very knowledgeable of the area. Hiroshi was happy to alter our itinerary as the day wore on and we decided to spend more time at certain spots. He took us to a great local restaurant for lunch. We would highly recommend booking Hiroshi if you want to see as much of Kyoto as you can in a day and have fun while doing it.

Very Good
1 month ago |   by David

“ Three must see places in Kyoto ”

Hiroshi is knowledgeable, good -natured and humorous. He has a lot of patience. The only complaint is that he walked too fast for us senior travelers. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.

1 month ago |   by Stamatina

“ Excellent and thoroughly recommend ”

Excellent and friendly guide. Very knowledgeable on all the sights.

1 month ago |   by Eberhard

“ Very competent, attentive and pleasant guide ”

Hiroshi guided is a whole day in Kyoto. We saw the maximum, what we could do and it was a very pleasant day. Hiroshi himself is a very competent and attentive person. As extra Bonus he made a lot of fotos of us, using his own high tech camera and sent us the pictures a few days later by email. We only can highly recommend Hiroshi to others and thank him for the interesting day.

2 months ago |   by Deborah

“ Great city tour ”

Hiroshi wa extremely knowledgeable, answered all our questions and gave us a very good insight to the program of sights he planned for us to see. We luckily even had sight of a Geisha and maiko ladies

Very Good
2 months ago |   by Myra

“ A wonderful day with Hiroshi. ”

We had a wonderful day with Hiroshi. He gave us lots of information as we visited several shrines and temples - the sort of information you don't necessarily find in guide books. Hiroshi has a good sense of humour and is very easy going. We are happy to recommend him as a guide.

Very Good
2 months ago |   by Thomas

“ Good introduction to Kypto ”

We hired Hiroshi on a very short notice for a half-day tour to some of Kyoto's highlights. Hiroshi took us to some of the key places, even though some level improvisation was necessary due to an unannounced visit of Japan's prince to Kyoto. Hiroshi gave us quite some background info. And we liked his humor.

Very Good
2 months ago |   by Cindy

“ Amazing Guide with great sense of humor! ”

No words can describe how thankful we are to Mr Hiro for our fruitful trip in Kyoto. He is accomodating, passionate, responsible and a well organised guide. We have learned so much about kyoto and hopefully to engage him when we visit Japan again. PS: Mr Hiro is a fast walker. Do not underestimate his age and walking pace :P Arigatougozaimasu. Best wishes, Alvin & Cindy

2 months ago |   by Mark

“ Disappointing Nara private tour ”

Hiroshi is a nice man. His English language skills are "fair". Unfortunately, his understanding of what it means to serve as a professional guidefor ADULT English speaking tourists is disappointing. Hiroshi told me that he used to be an elementary (student age 7-12) school teacher. The information that he imparted to me and to my wife during our tour was suitable for elementary school students. His ability to answer questions at a more sophisticated level was not in evidence.

2 months ago |   by Amoere

“ 3days in Kyoto ”

We spent 3 days with Hiroshi and we visited all the sites that we had discussed with him. He is a pleasant man and we enjoyed our time with him.

Very Good
2 months ago |   by Dramy

“ Outgoing, informative guide ”

Hiroshi is an outgoing, friendly guide. Very engaging and he provided many facts about the sights and locations on the tour.

Very Good
3 months ago |   by Marc

“ Very Nice guide ”

Hiro was a pleasure to be with. He speaks very good english and was very informant on the history of the temples and shrines. It was a pleasure spending the day with him.

Very Good
3 months ago |   by Jennifer

“ West portion of Kyoto ”

Hiro was patient, kind and helpful in navigating us around the city. He made it super easy for us to see all that we wanted to cover in just a day.

3 months ago |   by Elisa

“ Amazing Hiro!! ”

Hiroshi is nice, prepared and very kind. We spent two days in Kyoto with him. We learned how to become with his questions :). Thanks for all!! We absolutely enjoyed our day trip in this lovely city with the kindest guide Hiroshi!

4 months ago |   by Xavier


Persona muy amable, culta y con conocimiento, abierta a cambios en el trayecto. Muy recomendable

4 months ago |   by Kathie

“ Best tour guide ever!! ”

Hiroshi was a wonderful and informative guide! He was very accommodating of our needs and requests. He made sure we got to all the sights in a very timely manner. His English was quite good and easy to understand! Hiroshi was wonderful with our children and made it entertaining for both them and the adults in our group. Thank you so much for the wonderful tour, Hiroshi!

4 months ago |   by Jennifer

“ Hiro is a national treasure! ”

Hiro was absolutely the best guide we have ever had. He is so knowledgeable about all of Japan & has a great sense of humor! We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to spend two days with someone so genuine, kind & funny. Hiro spent extra time to make sure that the rest of our time in Japan is great (& helped us make train reservations for the rest of our journey). Hiro is the best of the best!

4 months ago |   by Fiona

“ Good 2 days ”

We had 2 days with Hiro who is an efficient guide and very knowledgeable in Japanese history. It is easy to tell he is an ex-teacher due to the patience he had with our 2 sons. Once we had all got to know each other we had a good two days, Nara being our favourite.

4 months ago |   by Vivian

“ ***Amazing Hiroshi Sensei Tour Guide!*** ”

Hiroshi Sensei is very knowledgeable, humorous and wonderful! He took us on an amazing tour of Kyoto and also took us to eat some very delicious local Japanese food. He is a good communicator, very accommodating and flexible and will work together with you to customize your tour around what you want to see & do. We would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to tour Kyoto. We had a great vacation and our love for Japan and its people have grown even more.

Very Good
5 months ago |   by Mary

“ Kyoto Tiur ”

Hiro was a great tour guide. He did an amazing job showing Kyoto to our family. We were able to see places that we wanted to visit. We had a great time with him. Thanks Hiro!

Very Good
5 months ago |   by Johanna

“ Thank you. ”

Hiroshi is a very helpful, informative and jovial guide providing good history and background to places we visited.

Very Good
5 months ago |   by Helen

“ Fun Tour in Kyoto ”

Mr. Hiro is a very fun and educational tour guide. We had a lot of fun time travelling with him during our 2 days tours. Highly recommended.

5 months ago |   by Hazel

“ 2 days plus ”

Hiro co-created a special interest ceramic itinerary, including some tourist highlights; and was flexible and open to new suggestions along the way. He gave us valuable information and insights. Occasionally he was challenged by our more detailed questions but he always made a real effort to understand. He also went to extraordinary lengths to locate and finally recover a cell phone, that we had left in a taxi. What an amazing country Japan is and what a sincere, caring man. Hiro, our Hero!

6 months ago |   by Maria

“ Amazing Kyoto ”

Hiro is the best guide for my family. Even though we were a bit late he still managed to give us the best itinerary for the tour. He was very patient with us (because we get tired easily). He gave us options and recommended the best places. He was very professional but at the same time also a fun guide. He asked a lot of questions that would make you think and the answers would make you appreciate more of Kyoto. For us Kyoto was one of the best places we have been to in all of Japan thanks to Hiro. We can't wait to go back and book him again!

Very Good
6 months ago |   by Vlad

“ Trip with Hiroshi ”

We're happy having our daily trip with Hiroshi. He is happy to assist and show many fantastic spots of Kyoto. And he is very flexible and ready to adjust the schedule for customer needs. Thanks a lot, Vlad

6 months ago |   by Ariel

“ Outstanding Tour With Hiroshi ”

We truly enjoyed our 1 day Kyoto tour with Hiroshi because we were able to go to a lot of places and historical sites throughout the day and learn facts about the shrines and temples we visited. We requested to go to only 3 places but Hiroshi tried his best to squeeze in more places to visit as many as our schedule permitted. We liked how Hiroshi kept on asking us trivia questions as we went around, making the tour more interactive, fun and interesting. He even gave a prize to whoever had the most number of correct questions at the end of the tour! He not only served as a tour guide but ever so willingly acted as our photographer too which enabled us to collect pictures with full view of the sites we visited with all members of the family together in the pictures which might have been difficult to achieve if we just used a selfie stick. Hiroshi is a very accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable guide and we will surely recommend him to our friends and family when they visit Japan.

Very Good
6 months ago |   by Ngoc

“ A Good Trip! ”

Our daughter has asthma, but Mr. Hiroshi was kind enough to work with us on our pace, taking us to a drug store to buy medicines, and mask. At the end of the trip, he was waiting for us to buy sourvenirs, and took us right to the terminal of the bullet train heading back to Tokyo. He also took our pictures, offering to email them to us. Not only that, we forgot our camera in an restaurant, and we had to take a cab to go back to retrieve it. Anyway, he was always smiling, accommodating to our needs. It was such an experiece, and we did not regret on taking this trip. Thank you Mr. Hiroshi! The Thach Family

6 months ago |   by Rupa

“ Excellent 2 day Kyoto highlights tour ”

We really enjoyed our tours with Hiro. He had a great sense of humor and was well informed. He gave us great info on each sight and helped maximize our time. He incorporated our suggestions and also gave his own which meant we did not miss some excellent sights. He did not make us feel rushed and went above and nouns certain times. Would definitely suggest him as an excellent guide for anyone visiting Kyoto.

6 months ago |   by Kaitlin

“ Amazing tour of Kyoto with Hiro! ”

Hiro was so great - as a former teacher he knows how to make information exciting and easy to understand! He is upbeat, super fun, and very knowledgable about Kyoto and its history. Highly highly recommend taking a tour with him!

6 months ago |   by Aurora

“ Wonderful! We love Japan even more! ”

He's punctual, patient and honest.

6 months ago |   by Sham

“ Knowledgeable Guide ”

Hiroshi was a very approachable and knowledgeable guide. He explained the history of Japan in a very interesting way during the tour. He was very accommodating when we requested to try the buses in kyoto. Will highly recommend hiroshi as your tour guide in kyoto :-)

7 months ago |   by Shur

“ Excellent tour ”

The tour was absolutely wonderful. Hiroshi is a very knowledgeable man. Throughout our tour he educated us and made sure we enjoyed our time at the same time. Hiroshi is very easy to talk to and very flexible with time. We advised him that we had a reservation for dinner that we could not reschedule or change and he ensured that we got there early and even dropped us off. Enjoyed our tour. Highly recommend if you're considering to book a tour, book one with Hiroshi.

7 months ago |   by Lucas

“ Fantastic Kyoto in one day ”

We wanted to see THE highlights of Kyoto in one day and we managed because of Hiro. He showed us Fushimi Inari Shrine, Sanjyu sangendo, Golden Pavillon, Gion Shirakawastreet and Hanamikoji street and we even had a real Japanese lunch. And all of this in a very interactive manner. At the end of the tour the one who gave the best anwers got a nice present of Hiro. He should get a real nice present because he clearly explained everything you wanted to know about the culture of Japan. Thank you again Hiro we could not have had a better guide.

Very Good
7 months ago |   by Liyana

“ Kyoto 1 day tour ”

Hiroshi was generous on explaining on the history of temples, shrines and etc. He gave us questions and let us guess the answers. It's very engaging. Would recommend booking tours with Hiroshi. Thumbs up

7 months ago |   by Srinivasan

“ Kyoto must see places ”

Mr.Hiroshi was our guide for Kyoto City tour. Mr.Hiroshi had good knowledge of all the places. It was raining continuously from the time we reached Kyoto till the end of the tour. Mr.Hiroshi took us to possible places even though it was raining. He even took us to an Indian restaurant for Lunch.

Very Good
7 months ago |   by Olive

“ Two day tour- Kyoto and Nara ”

Hiroshi was very cordial and his English was okay. We did not have too much trouble understanding him, although sometimes he had trouble translating our questions. The sights he showed us were good choices. We let him determine the entire agenda. It was a good experience.

7 months ago |   by Pamela

“ Best Guide Ever! ”

When I say Hiroshi is the "best guide ever", it's not only because he is full of insights and facts about the spots we went to but more so because of his kind heart! We booked an 8-hour tour with him which started at 9am and was supposed to end around 5pm. But because we are a family of 8 including 2 kids, walking, riding trains and taxis from place to place plus all the meal/snack/pee breaks along the way, we finished around 7pm! Hiroshi was very considerate and flexible with the time. He didn't charge us extra. He even helped us check which train to get on to for our trip back to Osaka. During the tour, he would explain details that we wouldnt have known about had we visited the sights just by ourselves. Factor in the charm of Kyoto and the pleasant weather (ideal for all the walking!), we absolutely enjoyed our day trip in this lovely city with the kindest guide Hiroshi!

Very Good
7 months ago |   by Grace

“ Enjoyable Kyoto Day tour with a creative and informative guide ”

We have Hiroshi as our guide for our day tour in Kyoto. Our first impression of him was that he was quiet and not so approachable. But soon after we reached our first destination, he started to crack jokes and gave us quizzes to help us learn about the things we saw and place we visited. It was creative and interactive. He carried a camera with him and took pictures of us at the best spots. He was also flexible and allowed us to change our places to visit very last minute. We visited Gion instead of the Nishi Market. Gion is an interesting place to visit - beautiful scenery. We managed to see a few Geisha and Maiko. Thank you Hiroshi.

Very Good
7 months ago |   by Maria

“ Our Kyoto Experience with Hiroshi ”

Hiroshi made our tour fun! We were a big group. I can imagaine that it must be hard for any tour guide to keep his audience interested and focused. But Hiroahi was able to do that by adding question and answer games in the tour bus. It was very entertaining! He knew.much about Kyoto and we had a great experience touring Kyoto even with the rain. Thank you Hiroshi! More success to you!

Very Good
7 months ago |   by Agni

“ Arasiyama area/ bamboo forest/ golden pavilion ”

Very good and helpful! I expected though some additional information/history on the visited sights. I heard afterwards that there is a monkey park next to bamboo forest that we would have loved visiting it. Our tour guide didn't mention it.

7 months ago |   by Ellen

“ Kyoto in a day ”

Hiroshi was able to take us to all the highlights even though I am sure we were the slowest tourists in all of Kyoto. He made the day fun and was able to anticipate when we were tired and needed a break. He took us to all the primary temples in Kyoto and was able to provide the background and history of each site. He even found a specialty vendor when my husband mentioned wanting to see some Japanese craftsmanship tools. I am sure this had never been requested before.

8 months ago |   by Eloise

“ Kyoto Tour ”

Hiroshi took us on a tour of Kyoto. Arashiyama, Bamboo Forest, Lunch, and Gion Cultural Center. Our meeting site was on the 2nd floor of the JR Kyoto station. We were on the first floor so it took some time to find. Would have been better to meet on the first floor since that's where the tour started. Hiroshi is a fast walker and for us a little too fast since my mom was on a wheel chair.

Very Good
8 months ago |   by Adriana

“ Kyoto City Tour ”

Hiroshi is a very friendly guide, always with a smile on his face. He organized a day tour in Kyoto to cater specifically to our wishes and was helpful in answering our numerous questions about japanese culture and daily life.

Very Good
8 months ago |   by Yuen

“ Two wonderful days in Kyoto and Nara ”

We spend our first full day in Kyoto seeing temples and shrines with a castle thrown into the mix. Hiro showed us temples and shrines that were very different so we were not templed or shrined out! Each temple and shrine had its own special and uniqueness that made them so interesting that our teenage boys were not bored. Hiro answered our many questions and in turn had questions for us that made the tour enjoyable. The second day we saw one more temple in Kyoto before heading off to Nara. In Nara we visited the Deer Park and the Todaiji Temple. The deer were fun and the Temple was out of the world. It was no enormous that it was difficult to fathom when it was built. Would highly recommend Hiro for touring in Kyoto and Nara.

8 months ago |   by Ryan

“ If you plan a trip to Japan, you need to book a tour with Hiroshi! ”

It was only a few short months ago that my family and I started planning a trip to Japan. Mind you we do not speak Japanese, had no experience travelling overseas, and would have two children in tow! I decided that it would be best to book a professional guide for at least one of our 10 days, and I cannot put in to words how grateful I am to have found Hiroshi! For our first day we booked a guided trip to Nara. Learning about this ancient capital through Hiroshi's questions was both enjoyable and enlightening. Hiroshi is not only a very knowledgeable man, but he is quite fun to listen to and his many years as a school teacher is apparent from the way he engaged our children. It would have been impossible to have had anything close to the same experience on our own. Hiroshi is also an expert navigator and was very helpful when it came to buying train tickets or figuring out when a taxi would save enough time to warrant the cost. He is also quick on his feet and knows how to get around the crowds. From planning the itinerary, to taking photos of the family, or finding my picky eater a great spot for lunch, to buying the girls crackers to feed the deer, Hiroshi was so much more than just a tour guide! Having him there to not just be our interpreter but to truly educate us about Japanese history and culture was an absolute gift. Arigatou gozaimasu Hiro!

9 months ago |   by Alan

“ Tour of Nara Park ”

Hiroshi-san is a knowledgeable man who taught us a lot during our trip to Nara. He played games with us in a fun quiz form which helped us to understand the culture better. He walked a lot with us and answers all our questions, and brought us to key sites of the area so that we wouldn't miss is as it was our first trip to Nara. At the end of the day, he helped me and my friends to reserve tickets for our train to Tokyo. We had a fun and amazing time with Hiroshi-san.

9 months ago |   by Thao

“ Amazing tour with Hiroshi. ”

I don't normally write review but this time I feel compelled to write that I am glad that I asked Hiroshi to be our guide and to plan a trip for us outside Kyoto city. Our trip was to see Shirahige Shrine, Mt Hieizan, Enryakuji temple and several temple complexes in Mt Hiei. When we arrived, the temple complex was completely covered in snow, undeterred Hiroshi took us literally step by step to see each temple. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful so we stopped frequently to take photos and Hiroshi was very kind to let us proceed at our own pace. Sometimes he used his Cannon camera to take photos for both of us. He is knowledgeable and enthusiastic in explaining the temples history, the purpose of different statues and symbols that we saw along the way. And this made our trip so much more interesting than just seeing another temple. Two days before our trip he emailed me to advise that we should bring our warm clothes as Kyoto was still cold and I was glad that I listened to his advice as it snowed when we were in the mountain. Thank you Hiroshi for a wonderful trip.

Very Good
9 months ago |   by Huong

“ 2 day tour of Nara and Kyoto ”

Hiroshi is a good and careful man who will go above what's expected to provide a good trip experience. He's very quick both of mind and body despite his age. The man really likes taking pictures, which he did for us and then sent many of them by mail to our house back in Vietnam. We would recommend him to whomever is interested.

10 months ago |   by Jonah

“ Educational & accommodating ”

Hiroshi was our guide in Kyoto & Nara for 2 days. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. He even took photos of us with his own camera free of charge. He made the tour fun & interesting by asking us questions in a quiz format throughout the tour and purchased chocolates for the winner of the quiz. He adapted the tour based on our interests and went out of his way to find things we were interested in or wanted to do. I highly recommend Hiroshi as a guide for his personal service and excellent attention to his clients.

11 months ago |   by Rakesh

“ Our Kyoto tour with Hiroshi ”

Hiro has good English, excellent area knowledge. Will hire him again. Thanks Hiro for being our guide.

11 months ago |   by Hayley

“ Day aboard in Kyoto ”

Spending a day with Hiro was the best way to get a good feel for Kyoto, plenty of sights to see and he knew them all! We thought we would only get to see a couple but the pace that he walks we got to see quite a few and he was happy to accomadate us. His knowledge and explainations of the sites made it interesting and educational, with the added bonus of Hiro being a keen photographer he captures all the good photos that you can't get in a selfie. Thank you for your time Hiro and thank you for drop boxing and mailing the photos.

11 months ago |   by Shyam

“ Great way to see Kyoto with a helpful guide! ”

We spent two lovely days in Kyoto with Hiro-san, he was a very helpful and considerate guide! Definitely bring your walking shoes as we packed in a lot of sites. Hiro-san was extremely helpful when our camera got lost on the train (before arriving in Kyoto, and we did get it back thank goodness!), communicating with the train stations, JR offices, etc., and he was very kind to let us use his camera in the meantime (sending the pictures via Dropbox). He was also very flexible around our dietary restrictions by finding places with vegetarian food. His background information around the sites definitely augmented the experience, as we wouldn't have known any of the history without him, his background as a school teacher shows! Thank you Hiro-san for your hospitality and a wonderful tour of Kyoto! ありがとうございました!

11 months ago |   by Yana

“ Excellent day in Kyoto! ”

Thank you Hiroshi San for an amazing experience! We were able to see so much! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and making the day fun!

11 months ago |   by Archie

“ Tour of Kyoto! ”

I did a private tour with Hiroshi and it was the best thing I could have done in the city. He helped me understand every shrine and temple and what to know about the meaning of everything. I also got to learn about the transportation and the following days utilized everything I learned from Hiroshi! Thank you!

11 months ago |   by Bryan

“ A day in kyoto ”

Organised, professional, educational, friendly towards our children, he was mindful of costs of logistics and met all our tour requirements.

11 months ago |   by Andreina

“ Excellent and friendly guide! ”

We hired Hiroshi for one day in Kyoto and another day in Kyoto and Nara in our honeymoon. He is a great and friendly person. Always smiling and wanting to please you. We recomend 100% hiring Hiroshi for your days in Kyoto!

1 year ago |   by William

“ Very friendly knowlegable guide ”

Hiroshi was a great guide who took us out for the whole day and we got to see the sights we wanted to as we only had one day in kyoto. Having someone who knows the history and is able to give information on each place was great. Thank you.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Imelda

“ Entertaining ”

Hiro was very accomodating and we really enjoyed our tour. The weather was not cooperating... (rained all day) but he was very good in pointing facts about thhe places we visited. He took our pictures too!

1 year ago |   by Wendy

“ One full day sightseeing in Kyoto ”

We a group of 9 paxs enjoyed very much being guided on a one full day trip in Kyoto by Mr Hiroshi. M r Hiroshi is a very friendly and personable guide.He is helpful and flexible too. A jovial person too. We would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a guide in Kyoto. Thank you Mr Hiroshi

1 year ago |   by Vichanee

“ Wonderful day tour in Kyoto ”

Great full day tour of Kyoto with Hiroshi as our guide. We got to visit all the attractions we wanted to see. His commentaries gave us a better understanding of Japan, its culture and history of the places visited. Hiroshi is a friendly and knowledgeable guide. He went above and beyond by taking our photos, printing and sending them to our home address overseas at no extra cost. We really enjoyed the tour, thanks again Hiroshi, you've treated us more like your friends, not just your customers and we really appreciate that. See you again when we're in Kyoto next time. Truly worth the money to take a private tour, for us this worked out to be about the same price as for seat-in-coach tour so we opted for the private tour guide as we could choose the sites I wanted to visit, when to stop, where to eat, etc. Highly recommended!

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Ricky

“ A rich experience! ”

He is honest person and provides good introduction to the places that we visited. In addition, he lead us to nice food during our way. He knows where to take good photos and offered his guidance on how to go around Osaka on my own. My family are grateful for his time with us. Thanks Ricky Singapore

Very Good
1 year ago |   by John

“ Kyoto Highlights ”

This was the first time we used the services of a guide so we were not too sure what to expect. On meeting Hiroshi (at our hotel) he was friendly and an instantly likeable person. We knew then we would enjoy the day. We saw more of Kyoto than we could have seen by ourselves in a day, and learnt more about Japanese culture and customs. Spoken English was good. From our perspective, it was great to have someone else lead the way and show and explain things to us. The photos he took for us with his camera were great. ( Just make sure you have a dropbox, cloud location or laptop so he can give you the photos)

1 year ago |   by NHELDA

“ “Wonderful Tour Experience!!” ”

We spent 2 days with our tour guide Hiroshi. Our tour covered Osaka , Kyoto and Nara! It was so nice having someone with us to help us navigate through these places. Hiroshi was very knowledgable and was helped us understand what we were seeing. Plus he was always eager to take pictures of us, which is nice since we are very rarely in vacation photos . Hiroshi recommended a great place to eat and even helped us order some delicious Japanese food. She explained everything and made sure all questions were answered. He also gave reward to those who answered his mystery questions. Again, Hiroshi did a great job we highly recommend him as your guide! We enjoyed every minute of our tours!!! Cheers to triplelights and especially to our guide Hiroshi! Arigatou gozaimasu!

1 year ago |   by Samina

“ Amazing, knowledgeable, humble ”

We enjoyed 3 tours with Hiro-San and he did not disappoint. He is so kind, and accommodating for each person in the group. He offered to pick up and drop off, teaching our group how to take public transport, and giving great suggestions. As a retired school teacher, Hiro-San knew the history of each place we visited. He was happy to answer any questions and showed great care to know the correct answers. Very punctual, flexible, and organized. In addition to being such a wonderful guide, he was very flexible and pleasant to spend the day with. Hiro is such a great guy, a humanist, and respectable fellow. He will teach you about the Japanese values that we should all try to learn. Lastly, his guide fee is way too low for what he offers. Hiro-San should charge much more, and I would be happy to compensate him for his every effort. Choose Hiro-San for your visit to Kyoto, Nata, and Hiroshima. You will be glad you did. I don't think there is a better, more peaceful, and knowledgeable guide in all of Japan. Thank you Hiro!! We loved all three tours!!

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Claudia

“ Many Beautiful Sights in One Day ”

If you want a packed, full day experience in Kyoto, Hiroshi is a great guide to bring you from one tourist destination to another. He is also very knowledgeable of each site, being able to give interesting facts that would make you appreciate each place better. He also has a good command of English. Just make sure to wear very comfortable walking shoes as Hiroshi can really get you going to as many as 5-6 places in one day.

1 year ago |   by Brent

“ Excellent Kyoto Tour Guide ”

Hiro is a fantastic tour guide! I spent two days with him in Kyoto and he did a great job navigating around the city to the historic sites in the area and providing the background and context for each temple, shrine, and monument. If you are looking for an easy-going, professional, knowledgeable, and English-speaking tour guide, Hiro is the right guide for you! I took an early bullet train from Tokyo on Saturday morning and in two days we saw: Fushimi Inari Shrine Mt.Arashiyama area Bamboo forest Kinkakuji-temple Nijyo-jyo castle Heian jingu-Shrine Ginkakuji or Silver pavilion Sanjyu-sangendo-temple Kiyomizudera temple I am in Japan on a business trip and so had only one weekend to spend in Kyoto. Thanks to Hiro, my sightseeing trip was exceptionally easy and memorable. I would recommend his services to anyone traveling to the area. BP

1 year ago |   by Cheri

“ Had a great time with Hiroshi ”

Hiroshi came on time and was so helpful and his English is good. We had a great time, has learned a lot and enjoyed so much the tour with Hiroshi. More power Mr Hiroshi!

1 year ago |   by Peter

“ Kyoto sightseeing tour ”

I booked Hiroshi for a group of 6 to tour Kyoto for a day. We had a wonderful time. Hiroshi was knowledgeable, fun, and speaks very good English. I would highly recommend Hiroshi for a tour. His background as a teacher makes him fun to tour with.

1 year ago |   by Maria

“ Hiroshi is a huge blessing! The Best Tour Guide... ”

From the start I knew I had to get Hiroshi as our tour guide. He was in touch with me the whole time and was very detailed with our itinerary, even our meeting point up to what he would be wearing. My Mom and I were very happy to have the tour with him. Not only was it very educational but so much fun as well (I particularly loved how he'd ask questions and even gave me a prize when I won in the end). The whole tour was very enjoyable for us and we got to learn a lot. He even went the extra mile by advising us about our itineraries for our next few days in Kyoto and Osaka! Most importantly, we gained a friend in Hiroshi which ultimately make us fall in love even more with Japan and its people. ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU and see you next time, Hiroshi!

1 year ago |   by Amelia

“ Worth every penny! ”

My husband and I planned a one-day excursion to Kyoto and knew we'd need a guide to maximize our experience, so I pulled up TripleLights, saw this guide with a reasonable fee, and.... wow! we were so glad we did! He was funny, very knowledgeable, and so caring - he even squeezed in an extra stop because I had my heart set on seeing the bamboo grove too! If we hadn't told him we were comfortable with purchasing our own tickets back to Osaka, he would've walked us to the counter and translated for us there too. What an A++ guide! I already recommended to two people before actually getting to do this review. ひろしさん、ありがとうございます!

1 year ago |   by Irene

“ Couldn't demand more for such an excellent guide ”

Mr. Hiro really amazed us with the Japanese responsible attitude. We are a family with a lot of questions towards the places we went especially on the history with why why why and he always answered our questions so patiently and with jokes (chocolate of course haha) and pop quiz throughout the 4 days tour in Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. Always asking our opinion on the lunch he brought us and he enjoys learning new mandarin words and pronunciation too haha! This is the first time we engaged with a local guide so I was asking plenty of questions before departing through Triplelights and Mr. Hiro is really a very patience guide to reply my every single doubt. Very good body Mr.Hiro have as he always walked energetic in front of us haha. Sorry for bring us to Umeda but we decide not to go up in the last minute. Also much thanks for rushing to get the last entry ticket into Todai-ji Temple before it closed at 5pm, just to let us have a look at the temple. It is really a worth visiting temple among all, so huge and grand. Amazingly built. Thanks for being the all time camera man, responsible guide and the good memories in Kansai area Mr. Hiro, hope we will have another chance to meet again in the near future! Such a fun and knowlegable trip, Take care! People out there, don't hesitate anymore when you are reading my review. Just book and enjoy the reasonable price tour with Mr.Hiro, you will not regret I promise. = ) PS : Really in love with Japan now Thanks with love, Irene & family 24 Oct 2016

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Raphael

“ Very interesting ”

Hiroshi is a very friendly and helpful person Was ready to answer all our requests and planned places Hiroshi has a good knowledge of the history and natur of the various sights we visited and helped us with our train tickets for our later plans.

1 year ago |   by Rae

“ An excellent tour with a fabulous guide ”

We thoroughly enjoyed our highlights of Kyoto tour with Hiroshi. I wanted to experience Kyoto with an authentic, local guide rather than having my head down in my guidebook, and I am so glad we did. Hiroshi is a gentleman; knowledgeable, entertaining and funny. We struck lucky. The tour was a highlight of our trip to Japan - not only with the wonderful places we saw on the tour, but the character and experience of spending time with Hiroshi. I thoroughly recommend Hiroshi as a guide - you will not be disappointed. Hiroshi-san - it was a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for making the tour so great.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Sitti

“ Great tour in Kyoto with very knowledgeable and friendly guide ?? ”

We had a great time with Mr.Hiroshi! He explained all the sites very well and even took our pictures so we wouldn't have to worry about that part, haha! Learned a lot about Kyoto from him. Highly recommended!

1 year ago |   by Andrew

“ A local expert and friend for the day ”

I was in Kyoto for work, and had a very short time for exploring. Hiroshi really helped me make the most of my time. He was ENERGETIC, flexible and entertaining. He was also willing to share himself, as well as facts about the place, which is an important way of learning about other cultures for me. I enjoyed sharing our appreciation for old movies and teaching. Arrigato!

1 year ago |   by Nadiah

“ Excellent tour ”

Hiroshi-san is one of our best tour guide we've ever had (we've been using guide services whenever we travel overseas since 15 years ago). He's very attentive to our needs (we're a Muslim family and we have certain diets that we have to follow and prayer that we need to perform). He did an excellent job finding a Halal restaurant and a prayer room for us. His service was beyond our expectation. I would recommend him to anyone who's looking for a guide in Kyoto. Great job, Hiroshi-san! :)

1 year ago |   by Khanh

Mr Hiroshi was an excellent guide. He explained many important details about the culture and history of Kyoto and Japan that was very informative. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mr Hiroshi was very nice and funny, an overall great experience having him as a guide. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family if they are in Japan. Thank you, Mr Hiroshi.

1 year ago |   by Oumar

Mr. Hiroshi was an excellent guide who took care of the slightest details and was very well informed, explaining different Japanese cultures and traditions in addition to the detailed history of every location visited. He was calm and fun yet professional allowing us ample time to purchase souvenirs while on the tour. Lastly, Mr. Hiroshi made sure to finish the agreed schedule while accepting a last minute third individual from our party on the second day of the tour. A true gentleman and professional. I would definitely recommend Mr. Hiroshi to anyone and everyone who is considering travel to Kyoto.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Simone

Hiroshi san guided us for two days around Kyoto's main cultural and touristic sites. We were a family of six, the youngest 13 and oldest 78, with uneven physical strength. Nevertheless, Hiroshi san managed to keep us all together and adapt to different changes to the original plan. He was very proactive and took pictures of our family, which he kindly forwarded to us in digital format, as well as physically by sending us printed copies by airmail after we arrived home a couple of weeks later. Hiroshi san's English-speaking knowledges are above average. Thank you for the memorable support during those two days.

1 year ago |   by Rebecca

We had a very great time with Hiroshi as he is very friendly and helpful guide. Our first 2days of tour in Osaka and Koyasan was really enjoyable. It's easy to communicate with Hiroshi San. His fees are very reasonable and We would recommend his service to all. When we come back again next time we will definitely engage his service again.

1 year ago |   by My

Hiroshi is a great tour guide. One day tour in Kyoto was memorable, educational and fun with all the pop quizzes. It was an excellent tour. We visited quite a few wonderful places with an excellent tour guide. Hiro is a great guide, knowledgeable about the locations, full of interesting historical information, and has a great personality. Hope we didn't disappoint you, Hiro, with our little knowledge about Japan cultural heritage. Hiro was also very helpful by showing us the way to travel from Osaka to Tokyo by bullet train and made sure that we arrived to Tokyo safe and sound. What a great tour guide. Strongly recommended. Once again THANK YOU Mr. Hiroshi Yokoyama

1 year ago |   by Bee

Hiroshi is a great tour guide with a great sense of humor. We had enjoyed our trip to Nara very much. He knows a great deal about the Nara and shared with us many interesting aspect of Nara. Highly recommended!", "feedback": "Great service. Keep it up!

1 year ago |   by Ardra

Hiroshi San was a very excellent tour guide. He was very informative and his extra quizzes and jokes gave life to the tour. We had booked 4 days with him for Kyoto, Osaka and Nara and we enjoyed all the 4 days. We also had a good time talking about each others countries and cultures. Even when we only have a little bit of time left he would always squeeze in that extra shrine or temple visit to make sure that we got the best of our tour time. Thank you Hiroshi San for the excellent tours on all 4 days.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Michelle

Hiroshi is indeed a great tour guide! We requested for a customized full-day Kyoto tour and we definitely enjoyed every minute of it! Not only did we experience the many wonderful sites (I believe we were able to see 6 great sites in 1 day!) that Kyoto had to offer but also learned a lot from Hiroshi from his pop quizzes with matching chocolate prizes if you're answer is correct. :) This really made our trip not just very memorable and educational but also was a lot of fun! Hiroshi, thanks again for spending your day with us! And we are hoping to see you again in our next visit to Japan! :)

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Bee

Hiroshi-San is excellent as a tour guide. He injected a lot of humor and story telling into our tour and we had enjoyed ourselves very much. He is full of vigor and zest and obviously takes a lot of pride in his work. The tour was organized brilliantly and we recommend his tour to anyone who wants to know about Kyoto in a snapshot.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Matthew

As stated in my review right after our tour, we recommend Hiroshi to you. We took full day tours of both Nara and Kyoto with him. He was enthusiastic and the schoolteacher in him couldn't help but come out. Every now and then, there would be a pop quiz and if you got the answer correct, you would get an enthusiastic "Bingo!" Hiroshi was also very generous with his time, taking us to spots not included on our itinerary. Finally, his tours are a great bargain, perhaps the best deal in Kyoto and Nara!

Very Good
1 year ago |   by A.Joy

Tricky as it is to choose a tour guide, we made a good choice with Hiroshi. Truth be told, we chose him because of two practical reasons: he was available on our tour dates and his rate is more affordable than others. We were a bit apprehensive because he seemed stuffy and uptight on his video. Our impression when we first met him was that he seemed bit formal, even stuck-up. But after two days with Hiroshi, we realized how wrong we were. We got to know him as a really fun, interesting and caring guide. We were travelling with my parents who are in their 70’s so understandably, we cannot rush or walk lengthy stretches. Thankfully, Hiroshi set us in a leisurely pace, allowing my parents to take their time. He made rest stops for them every now and then. Even if we missed out on half of our itinerary, he chose to take us to places that amazed us. He gave us the inside story of each site through little “quizzes” with corresponding matcha chocs for rewards. This made the trip fun for all, especially my 9-year old son. Sometimes, we catch him second-guessing himself while we journeyed between places. Maybe it is just his way of coaching us how to use the Japanese public transport. Even with the language barrier, we found Hiroshi to be a sincere person with a good sense of humour, quite fun to be with.

1 year ago |   by Florian

We had the large Kyoto tour with Hiro-Sensei, it was an excellent tour, we saw so many wonderful places in Kyoto, and all this with a very good guide. He gave us a lot of information, i won the chocolate price twice (yeahh). The next time we will come back to Japan, we will book a tour with Hiro again and you should do this too.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Matthew

Hiroshi is a very enthusiastic and energetic tour guide. His love of teaching (formerly a school teacher) is apparent. He is perhaps the best value for your money in Kyoto and Nara!

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Carolina

We spent 2 very good days with Hiroshi in Kyoto and Nara. He is very organized and professional. The third day we did not book with him but he was very kind to write a list ( in English and Japanese ) of the places we should go by ourselves and how to get to the places.

1 year ago |   by Hannah

Hiroshi was a delight to spend the day with. He is clearly knowledgable about the ancient history of Kyoto, but also the modern and present day. It was obvious that he is a school teacher as he is highly organised and exclaims "bingo!" if you answer his quiz questions correctly. He tailored our trip to suit our needs perfectly, we would recommend choosing Hiroshi as a tour guide.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Ana

Had a nice time with Horoshi,

1 year ago |   by Jeff

May 2016...Our tour with Hiroshi in Kyoto was amazing. I was hesitant before finding Triple Lights that the language barrier would prevent us from fully enjoying Kyoto. I requested a tour through Triple Lights and they assigned Hiro to us. He speaks English and as a retired school teacher, is very knowledgable about the area. He was born and raised there. The tour took several hours (happily longer than I was expecting) and he put together the perfect itinerary. He suggested a route that included using the subway, walking and a taxi. He paid for his own subway, but asked that we cover the cost of the taxi....which we readily did. Be ready to walk with a purpose....he can zoom out! Meeting him was a breeze at the tourist information office at Kyoto station. Jeff and John - Washington DC.

1 year ago |   by Alan

Hiroshi-san was an excellent guide. The four must see tourist sites are indeed very unique and amazing in their own ways. Two of them are all UNESCO heritage sites IE Kiyomizudera Temple and Nijojo castle. The Fushimi Inari Shrine and the Sanjusangen-do temple, although are not on Unesco world heritage list, are definitely must see places. It is great to have Hiroshi-San as a guide. He was able to share lots of interesting information about the sites visited - making the sites even more engaging. He is a very humble and helpful guide. Highly recommend his service for those visiting Kyoto and have only 1-day to see it. We also had a day at Nara with Hiroshi-San. Another great day trip with him.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Candy

It was a very pleasant journey with Hiroshi. He is very knowledgeable about Kyoto's history and told us several interesting stories throughout the journey. The stories really enriched our experience. Hiroshi is also very patient with us. Carrying a 10-month baby meant that we had to make frequent stops to care for the baby, Hiroshi was very patient and even helped us to carry the baby pram. Overall, a very pleasant and enriching experience. =D

1 year ago |   by Mala

I have booked for 5 days tour with Mr. Hiroshi. We visited Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. The most important thing I appreciated about his extra help us to find our apartment. The way he arrange the tour also excellent. I would like to thank him all his help in making our trip memorable and worthwhile. I would recommend Mr. Hiroshi as your tour guide in Kyoto. once again THANK YOU Mr. Hiroshi.

1 year ago |   by Nancy

Hiro was very accommodating and my son and I at our hotel instead of the train station. He showed us the planned sights as expected and we covered a lot of area. It was a difficult touring day because it rained hard the entire day. But we still enjoyed the tour and his companionship.

1 year ago |   by Bert

Hiroshi was an excellent guide for us. He was well educated and explained the various temples and other sights in such a way as to make each location come alive with the history and its people. Kyoto is a large city but Hiroshi helped us navigate it easily using both bus and taxi as a means of negotiating large distances as expediently as possible. I would certainly recommend Hiroshi to anyone seeking an interesting tour of Kyoto which included a full day of historical sights as well as a grand ethnic dinner and a brief theater piece exploring the culture of Japan . BW

Very Good
1 year ago |   by Kristine

Vibrant tour with lots of information. Hiroshi is very friendly and had the day well planned out. We lucked out with great weather and were able to see all of the attractions we planned including a delicious stop for lunch. Hiroshi is organized and quick to communicate by email during the planning stage. He arrived at our hotel promptly as agreed and explained what we would do throughout the day.

1 year ago |   by Faiza

Hiroshi was our tour guide for the city of Nara. Our experience with him was nothing but the very best starting from first email communication with him to the actual tour day. He was kind enough to meet us at the hotel, saving us from morning rush with kids. We thoroughly enjoyed our day with him, he was knowledgeable, pleasant, kept us entertained with his great sense of humor. He treated us as if we were his own guests rather than tourists, took our family pictures with his professional camera which, I thought, was very thoughtful. He even paid our cab driver when driver was reluctant to accept our bigger bill and didn't even mention it till the very end when we brought the subject again. His English was sometimes a little hard to understand but that was the case with all three tour guides that we had during our stay. His personality definitely sets him apart and I will highly recommend him.

Very Good
1 year ago |   by David

Hiro was a great guide, personable and knowledgeable about the locations we visited and full of lots of interesting historical information. It was an action-packed 71/2 hour tour and I feel like we only scratched the surface exploring this amazing city. He really helped to make the most of my short stay in Kyoto.

Very Good
2 years ago |   by Linda

Hiroshi was our guide for a day tour of Kyoto during a quick two day trip. Because we were staying in the downtown area and the only guests on the tour for the day, Hiroshi was nice enough to meet us at our hotel rather than at the train station. Before heading out, he went over the plan quickly in terms of walking and transportation to the various sites. He was very well prepared and knew where we were going at all times. He was knowledgable about the sites visited and was able to point out some fun facts. Hiroshi spoke English well, but we had a few moments where we had weren't sure what he said because of the pronunciation. However, English isn't his first language, so it was reasonable. There are so many sites in Kyoto that we appreciated the planned tour and not having to figure out which sites to visit and how to get there, especially for our short visit. Thanks Hiroshi!

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