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Geisya Districts, the Present and the Past (Shimabara)

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  • Shimabara Disrict, Old Wooden entertainment buildings (Big Gate, Sumiya Tea house and Wachigai-ya Tea House)
  • Gion Miyagawa-cho District (Wooden Tea Houses & Geisha Houses)
  • Kennin-ji Temple (National Treasure and some important cultural assets and rock garden)
  • Gion corner (some exhibits about Maiko)
  • Tatsumi Inari Shrine and Sirakwa (Old wooden houses, lined up by the canal)
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Shimabara is the another Geisya District, originated from 400 years ago
Simabara Tayu was the highest -rank state-admitted courtesan, who served to nobilities.
Gion is the district of high-class entertainment currently from old days.
Both are the high class entertainment districts, they keep their own
social status, the Present and the Past.

What to Expect

Please feel the atmosphere of the Geisya District in the old town scape Shimabara, and imagine the Tayu in the ancient time.
and at Gion please catch the feeling at present.. You may have a chance of find real Maiko & Geisya.
Kennin-ji Temple is the Zen-temple in Rizai Sect., which is located at the middle of Gion District.
You can appreciate the National Treasure, Important Cultural assets and beautiful rock gardens, there.

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  • Shimabara Disrict, Old Wooden entertainment buildings (Big Gate, Sumiya Tea house and Wachigai-ya Tea House)
  • Gion Miyagawa-cho District (Wooden Tea Houses & Geisha Houses)
  • Kennin-ji Temple (National Treasure and some important cultural assets and rock garden)
  • Gion corner (some exhibits about Maiko)
  • Tatsumi Inari Shrine and Sirakwa (Old wooden houses, lined up by the canal)


Fortunately you may find real Geisya & Maiko , however it is impossible to take a photo together with them
Because they will entertain their customers only, who invite them.
Until PM18:00, they usually stay in Geisya House, and do a training of dance or playing instrument and so on.
Please put on suitable shoes for walking.

What‘s included
guide fee
hotel pick-up in Kyoto city
What‘s not included
transportation fee (you and guide):
Admission fee: Sumiya:  J.Yen1000
Kennin-ji Temple: J.Yen500
lunch (J.Yen1500)
Meeting Point
Hotel pick-up in Kyoto
Ending Point
at your hotel in Kyoto or teh final destinatin
4 hours
Starting time
09:30 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 8 people   Flexible

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Reviews ( 16 )
Kevin Chuck Kevin Philippines ( Family )
3 weeks ago

“ The Excellent Kyoto Tour! ”

Sir Eric was the nicest guide we have encountered. He catered our needs for our tour without any complaints and adjusted to us accordingly. I highly recommend Sir Eric to other tourists. And we are very satisfied with the performance he shared with us. :)


Hi Mr Kevin n your family Thank you for your comments Please come again Kyoto Eric Tanaka

Kim Kim United States ( Family )
1 month ago

“ Excellent Kyoto Tour . ”

Our family of 5 people was only scheduled to be in Kyoto for 2 days when we booked our tour with Eric. Eric took us to 4 areas in one full day. He was accommodating, patient, and thorough, customizing an entire tour of the city based on our interests, requests, and preferences. He even went to eat dinner with us at the end of the tour. Thanks to him we were able to experience the hidden and authentic spots of the city--places we could have never enjoyed if we didn't have a native Japanese local with us. Eric can explain cultural quirks and differences to foreign visitors. Not only that, his personality is wonderful, and he is sincere, funny, patient, and kind.


Ms Kim I am very happy to have your comments for the tour June 11 See you next time ! Eric Tanaka

James James Japan
2 months ago

“ Excellent guide ”

Eric was a fantastic guide. Being from the city, he was both knowledgeable about the sites in Kyoto and extremely kind as well. He helped us schedule our day and provided us with recommendations for restaurants and other activities for the rest of our time in Kyoto. Additionally, he took our booking one day in advance after our other cancelled. Highly recommend.


Hi Mr James Thank you for your mail and I am happy to hear from you that you enjoyed Kyoto Please come to Kyoto again. Stop I felt all of you are nice guy and very tuff. Eric Tanaka

Nancy Nancy Australia ( Family )
4 months ago

“ Outstanding ”

Eric was knowledgeable about history, food, rituals, architecture, and popular culture - making our day trip very engaging and enlightening. His friendly and chatty personality, along with his sense of humour was appreciated. We had a wonderful day. Thanks again Eric!


Hi Ms Nancy Thank you for your comments I wish if you will have wonderful stay in Japan. Eric Tanaka

Francisco Francisco Spain ( Couple )
4 months ago

“ Kyoto&Nara ”

We had a great time with Eric. We visited Funishi-Inari, and Nara (Todai-ji temple and Nara Park) in the morning, after we had lunch together in Kyoto, and visited Kinkaku-ji and Arashiyama area (including bambo grove and Tenryu-ji temple and garden) in the evenig. As we had time and we our Hotel was located in Gion area, he showed also Pontocho and Gion before finishing the tour. Even if it was a rainny day, we followed exactly the agenda, he was very kind and professional. The best part of trip is that we saw magnificient and distinct places, but also we learnt a lot about Japanese history, culture, religion and behavior. Thanks Eric!


Hi Mr Francisco Thank you for your comments and I enjoyed your with you Please appreciate beautiful Japan and I wish if the day in Mt Fuji will be a fine day Eric Tanaka

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