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Kyoto Night Walk

by Ryoji
(20) Reviews
2h $ 81 up to 10 people


  • Gion
  • A nighttime secret garden
  • Pontocho
  • Kamo River
  • Shira River
  • Takase River
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81.00 USD

Up to 10 people, Charged per group.
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What to Expect

Kyoto had been the capital of Japan for about 1,200 years. This truly historical city has enchantments both of daytime and nighttime. You can feel the depth of this city only by walking in the nighttime. The image of the city is completely different between day and night. But walking in the nighttime is a bit tricky as it is sometimes too dark to see signs and posts to get one's bearings and know whereabouts.

But rest assured! I will guide you in the city's boisterous district as well as quiet and quaint area where you feel the ancient ambiance and sense its aesthetic beauty. The tour will finish up with a secret and special Japanese garden open in the nighttime known only by few.

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  • Gion
  • A nighttime secret garden
  • Pontocho
  • Kamo River
  • Shira River
  • Takase River


City Kyoto

Depart From Kyoto , Kyoto

Meeting Point At the ticket gates of subway Kyotoshiyakushomae station

Ending Point subway Kyotoshiyakushomae station

Duration 2 hours

Starting time 18:30 PM ( recommended )   Flexible

Number of people up to 10 people

What‘s included
  • English guide fee
  • free entrance to a garden

What‘s not included
  • meals and drinks

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Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel at least 14 day(s) in advance of the meeting date, there is a 100% refund.
  • If you cancel between 2 and 13 day(s) in advance of the meeting date, there is a 20% charge.
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Organized by Ryoji

Licensed Guide

(20) Reviews

Contact Ryoji
Response Time 24 hs

Languages spoken
  • English ( License )
  • Chinese ( Cantonese ) ( Beginner )
  • Korean ( Beginner )
  • Swedish ( Beginner )

Hello! My name is Ryoji Shimada. I am a Japanese national, professionally qualified and fluent English-speaking tour-guide for inbound tourists. Although I received my tour-guide license this year, I have been voluntarily involved in introducing Japan to non-Japanese people extensively for the past 19 years. I set up an international cultural exchange organization in 1997 where Japanese and non-Japanese can get together through diverse cultural activities such as visiting various cultural places or enjoying outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. The organization, SIEN, is still very active and I have been the head since its foundation.

SIEN received an award from the local government, in Saitama where I'm from, which is north of Tokyo. Also, I have visited all 47 provinces (prefectures) in Japan and know various excellent spots and attractions throughout Japan, especially in my old and new hometowns in and around Tokyo and Kyoto (Nara, Osaka, Wakayama and Shiga) where I currently live. It has been my greatest passion ever since my childhood to meet non-Japanese people and introduce Japan to them. I am very happy to see them enjoying Japanese culture and society and mingling with local Japanese. I like visiting historical sites and outdoor activities like hiking. Hiking is a great way to appreciate Japanese nature and scenery. I can coordinate all aspects of many unique hiking tours, outdoor tours and regular tours visiting main tourist spots.

So please contact me anytime, as I'm delighted to discuss creating tailor-made tours to fulfill your own special needs and interests at very reasonable rates. read more

Reviews ( 20 )

2 weeks ago |   by Graham

“ Extraordinary good guide ”

Ryoji is a charming, professional and very knowledgeable guide. His English is impeccable which enabled me to enjoy a relaxed and very enjoyable tour. I would genuinely recommend Ryoji to all other travellers wishing to enjoy exploring Japan.

Very Good
3 weeks ago |   by Lily

“ Thoughtful and fun guide ”

We enjoyed a fun day in Kyoto with Ryoji. He took us to some awesome places and which both ourselves and our two boys enjoyed! Ryoji was very thoughtful and brought us to a nice lunch spot with a wide selection of local specialities even the kids had many choices to choose from. Wish we had more time for him to show us around. Definitely a guide you should consider if you are traveling with young kids.

1 month ago |   by Christine

“ Kyoto at Night Tour with Ryoji ”

The Kyoto at Night tour with Ryoji was educational, as well as thought provoking. His overview of the spectacular hidden garden and canal was so intriguing. A highlight of the tour was our view of a maiko in the tea house, where she graciously permitted us to take a photo of her. Ryoji's night tour is historically evocative and atmospheric, even showing me some small shrines down unassuming alleys. Please seek him out if you want a truly memorable Kyoto experience!

1 month ago |   by Grace

“ Two Beautiful evenings in Kyoto with Ryoji ”

Not knowing what to do and how to get around Kyoto in the evenings, I decided to book Ryoji’s evening tours and he definitely did not disappoint. Our whole family (my husband, our three adult children and myself) enjoyed Ryoji’s company for two consecutive evenings.Ryoji was a very good tour guide. He gave us a walking tour of the Gion district for two nights showing us different spots each night. He impressed us as he was very thorough in his description and expalnation of the minute details seen in the old houses along the alleys in the central district of Kyoto and in the Gion district. He pointed out a lot of things only seen in areas where geikos and maikos still exist. The evenings we spent with Ryoji had been truly memorable.He took us in one of the hidden gardens that was lit up in the evenings and we truly delighted in this experience. He didn’t mind taking us to the Yasaka shrine even if it was out of the plan. Being lovers of Japanese food, he knew just where to take us. We had dinner at a conveyor sushi place during our first evening and in a hole-in-a wall ramen place on our second and last evening. We had the time of our lives enjoying Japanese sushi and real good ramen. And the prices were really affordable. Thanks, Ryoji! You are my daughter’s favorite tour guide! Worthy to note are the email exchanges I had with Ryoji months before our tour. He made sure we had a great time with him by asking for our preferences beforehand. I really appreciate all your efforts, Ryoji! Hope to see you in the future! Cheers!

Very Good
1 month ago |   by Stephanie

“ Interesting and informative evening tour of Gion & Pontocho ”

Ryoji told us many interesting details about the geisha districts and landmarks, and also about the geiko / maiko. He was also very helpful and accomodating to our needs and requests. My personal favourite part of the tour was our visit to the "secret garden", a very charming private garden attached to a restaurant.

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