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First Time Visit Kochi Local Tour

by Yuki
8h $ 121 Price up to 15 people


  • Kochi castle
  • Tikurinji temple
  • Katsurahama beach
  • Hirome Market

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Price up to 15 people
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On this tour you can go to main famous places like castle, temple, beach, and local market. On the way to the destination, you can also stop by many interesting places. Kochi was very important domain in Edo era, there’s much drama to know and feel. Benefits of being country is you can feel untouristy real Japan. Local speciality here are fresh fish just taken in the ocean and bubbly drinkers.

What to Expect

This tour is for people who are interested at countryside, communicating locals and having good food.

Tikurinji is an old temple of wisdom in a mountain. It was built on image of a temple in emperor’s dream on 8th century. It has mystical stories with some famous priests. After leaving temple you can stop by stunning canyon scenery, This temple and canyon scenery could be photo spot if it is good weather.

Katsurahama is famous beautiful beach which has souvenir shops and aquarium. You can relax for a bit by seeing ocean. There’ is also big statue of Ryoma Sakamoto one of the most important samurai in Japan. Japan used be a one tiny isolated country. But with his effort Japanese emperor could governed Japan again and could open their country to develop itself as an international country today. One of the reason Ryoma statue stand by ocean is said to mean he is telling people to have high hope by learning from abroad over the ocean.

Kochi castle (Important cultural asset) is built in 1601 first, and rebuilt completely in 1753 after it has burned down. This castle is precious castle because while the most of Japanese castle is replica on their most of part, but this castle has original structure. Luckily no battle were held at the castle. So you could feel it’s history peacefully but the political way. Yamanouchi the lord of kochi castle is as Ryoma Sakamoto, he suggested king to returns political power to the emperor. Maybe not fancy just an very old castle but this is the real castle and you can now understand how much Samurai in this castle and kochi was important for the development of japan today.There is no elevator, you can climb up high stairs to the top, you see the view of Kochi city the lord might saw.

Hirome market is an combined facility of fish markets, souvenir stores and food court local people come to drink with strangers. Kochi is famous for fresh fish, You can eat local speciality for cheep. Kochi has their own warm hospitality culture, Especially from evening to night or even lunch time, you are allowed to talk to local people casually even though it is said Japanese are shy. This place is exception.

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Organized by

Yuki Local Guide
Contact Yuki Response Time: 2 hs


  • Kochi castle
  • Tikurinji temple
  • Katsurahama beach
  • Hirome Market


If you have any requests for me to be your guide in Ehime, Tokusima, Takamatsu, please let me know at least 10 days beforehand.

Bring your passport to get foreigners discount.
The course could be change according to the traffic condition, your health condition or to adjust your interests.

If you are going to use wheel chair please let me know it is foldable or not, if not you need to hire nursing taxi whole the way. it will cost a lot unfortunately, you can message me to check the cost. Also guide is not allowed to get in the nursing taxi. So we will go by different car to the destination.
Wheel chair acccesable places: main hall in Tikurinji temple(not approach gate), Katsurahama beach, Statue in Katsurahama beach, Hirome market, Only around gate and park under castle(not main castle)
Wheel chair enable to access: aquarium, castle, near pagoda. read more

What‘s included
guide fee
What‘s not included
Lunch(around ¥1500), transportation fee(¥500 with foreign passport/¥1000 without foreign passport, there’s possibly to use taxi if the traffic condition is not ok with this rural place inconstant bus schedule), entrance fee(¥420/ if you also want to go to museum next to it +¥310), pick up(¥100 only if you want)
Meeting Point
Kochi station or your hotel
Ending Point
Kochi station or your hotel
8 hours
Starting time
09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 15 people

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