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KOBE 10 Million Dollar Night Scene

by Hideo
(73) Reviews
4:30h $ 151 Price up to 30 people


  • Maya Viewline (Maya Cable Car)
  • Maya Viewline (Maya Ropeway)
  • Kikuseidai, or an observatory deck close to Maya Cable Hoshi Sta.
  • Kirakira Path decorated with glittering Maya Stones

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What to Expect

Kobe's night scenery has charmed so many tourists that it ranks itself among the top three in Japan.
The spectacular view of Kobe from Mt.Rokko and Mt.Maya is often called the "10 Million Dollar Night Scene."

There are many restaurants in Sannomiya, the central part of Kobe.
After having dinner such as Kobe beef, sushi, or Chinese food with you, I'd like to take you to see the night view from Mt.Maya. From JR Rokkomichi Station to Mt.Maya it takes about 40 minutes and we'll have to use three modes of transportation. First, it takes about 15 minutes by bus from JR Rokkomichi Sta. to Maya Cable Station. Second, we'll go to the Niji (Rainbow) Station on the Maya Cable Car. Finally, we'll take the Maya Ropeway to Hoshi (Star) Station. The time it takes on the cable car and the ropeway is about 5 minutes each.
From the cable car and ropeway which link the top and the bottom of Mt.Maya in a line, you can enjoy the view of Mt.Maya ,a mountain covered with virgin forests. It's a great way to get up close and persona with the mountain and get to the magnificient panoramic view renowned as the 10 million dollar night scene, easily and quickly.

Mt.Maya Kikuseidai is an observatory deck close to Maya Cable Hoshi Station. Kikuseidai in Japanese means a base(dai), for scooping stars (Kikusei). It provides you with a jewel-like night view of Kobe spreading before your eyes.

And also you can enjoy the promenade, which is called "Kirakira Path", decorated with glittering "Maya Stones", which absorb plenty of sunlight during the day and glitter in the night. It looks like a brilliantly shining Milky Way standing out in the darkness.

Why don't you enjoy Kobe's 10 million dollar night scene, one of the three best night scenes in Japan !!

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Hideo Licensed Guide
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  • Maya Viewline (Maya Cable Car)
  • Maya Viewline (Maya Ropeway)
  • Kikuseidai, or an observatory deck close to Maya Cable Hoshi Sta.
  • Kirakira Path decorated with glittering Maya Stones


I guide you Sapporo Furano Otaru in Hokkaido, Miyazaki Nagasaki in Kyushu, Kochi in Shikoku. Please get in touch with me!!
Thank you.

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Reviews ( 73 )
1 month ago |   by Maria

“ he saved us plenty of time to tourist ”

He planned so much ahead that he came fully prepared so we did plenty of beautifull visits and spend a splendid time in Kyoto. Thank you for your time Hideo!!!

1 month ago |   by Dmitriy

“ Good tours ”

We had two Hideo tours in Kyoto and one in Osaka. Hideo was well prepared for the tours with maps, tickets and printed tour plants. He coomunicated with me prior to the tours and put together these tours based on my requests. He navigated through paublic transportation system very well. His english is not perfect and sometimes it was difficult to understand him, but we gor buy OK. We wanted local cultural experience and got it.

1 month ago |   by Steve

“ Hideo quickly realized my Dads desire for a photo tour and organized a great tour with a car and wheelchair ”

Fantastic!! Hideo is a great guide we saw all my dad wanted to see plus a few extras. We Highly reccomend him!! Steve

1 month ago |   by Laura

“ Awesome experience ”

Hideo was fantastic

2 months ago |   by Alan

“ Very unconcerned ”

When we first me Hideo the first thing he did was ask for $64 for transport from his house .. I said no and he said ok Did not like that thought it was rude Wherever we want I felt he did not know where we were going He never gave info unless asked and several times did not know answer and never looked up in google as several other guides did I felt he was rude by constantly walking ahead of us and not seeming to care His English was not very good On a level of 1-10 I would give him a 2 I would not recommend him to anyone Trip to Nikko was great in spite of him I just can’t imagine how much better it could of been if we had a good guide like several of our other guides at triplelights

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