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Tea ceremony, Origami (Art of folding papers) and Furoshiki (wrapping square cloths) Experience

by Tomoko
(5) Reviews
2h $ 38 per person


  • You will enjoy watching the entire tea ceremony which is like a stage-drama, eating Japanese sweets and drinking the special tea.
  • You will enjoy learning how to fold papers to create various shapes of the art.
  • You will enjoy experiencing wrapping various shapes with Furoshiki (a square shaped wrapping cloth)

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You can enjoy three traditional Japanese arts such as, the tea ceremony, Origami (traditional art of folding papers) and Furoshiki (wrapping square cloths) in a traditional Japanese room. You will not only enjoy watching the works of the master, but will enjoy creating arts of holding papers and wrapping things with Furoshiki yourself. Total experience time is 2 hours.

What to Expect

You will understand beautiful but practical Japanese art through experiencing three kinds of Japanese arts.

The tea ceremony is considered as as one of the traditional Japanese art of serving and drinking powdered green tea called matcha. It express the attitude that Japanese people treasure each moment. The tea ceremony provides an occasion for a time of communion between the tea master and you.. Not only you enjoy watching the entire process, you will enjoy Japanese traditional sweets and drinking Matcha, feeling like a real Japanese guest.

Origami is an art of paper folding. By folding square shaped paper without using paste or scissors, you will be able to make the shapes of things like card cases, boxes, helmets, cranes etc. Origami is colorful with various patterns and pictures that you will be fascinated. You will learn how to fold from the basic, but with your creativity and sensibility, you will make your own arts.

Furoshiki is square shaped wrapping cloth. It represents Japanese traditional wrapping culture to epxress respect to the other. It has traditional colors and patterns as well as those of today's poppy patterns. With furoshiki, a variety of wrapping is possible independently of shape of the contets, ranging from boxes, sake and wine bottles, globe-shaped watermelon, and even flat nad slender shaped objects. You will learn how to wrap from the basic and at the end of the tour, you will be able to wrap various things.

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Organized by

Tomoko Licensed Guide
(5) Reviews


  • You will enjoy watching the entire tea ceremony which is like a stage-drama, eating Japanese sweets and drinking the special tea.
  • You will enjoy learning how to fold papers to create various shapes of the art.
  • You will enjoy experiencing wrapping various shapes with Furoshiki (a square shaped wrapping cloth)


This tour will be conducted in the Japanese traditional room in my home where you are expected to take off your shoes at the entrance. In the tea room, you are expected to wear white socks, take off your accessories and watch to avoid breaking tea bowls and tools which are very delicate. If you are allergic to any foods or ingredients, please let me know in advance so that I will prepare the sweets non allergic to you.

My home is located in Hiyoshi, Yokohama-city. The nearest station is "Hiyoshi" station on Tokyu Tokyoko Line. I takes about 30 mins to 45 mins from the central Tokyo by the public transportation. From the Hiyoshi station to my home, it takes about 12 mins. by walking or 5 mins. by the bus. read more

What‘s included
guide fee, hotel pick-up in Tokyo or Yokohama area, tea & sweets, origami and furoshiki.
What‘s not included
Meeting Point
At your hotel in Tokyo or Yokohama
Ending Point
At the nearest station or at your hotel depending on your request.
2 hours
Starting time
10:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 4 people

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Reviews ( 5 )
SURAVI SURAVI India ( Family )
8 months ago

“ Extremely polite, efficient and friendly ”

I had the pleasure of meeting Tomoko for our one night tour of Shinjuku. Even though we were staying in Shinjuku, I preferred to hire a guide for the walking tour at night especially for visiting Kabukicho area. She is an excellent guide, very polite, knowledgeable and speaks very good english and communicates well. She gladly customized the tour duration to our need. I wish I had planned some of the day time tours also with her. I would strongly recommend hiring her to get to know more about the places you are visiting.


Thank you very much for very thoughtful and warm comments. Suravi and her parents were very nice family to be with. Our trip time was not long, but I also had a wonderful time with them. She was attentive and showed her interests to every places I guided. I truly hope that they come back again to join my different tour.

Karen Karen Kuwait ( Family )
1 year ago

“ An amazing and fun insight into Japanese Culture and Tradition ”

This was a brilliant trip for us; suitable for children and adults (we are 47, 44, 13 and 10), and holding all of our attention throughout. Tomoko speaks perfect English, was always prompt in answering our questions in the build up to our trip, and even came to pick us up at our hostel and dropped us off at the end of our time with her. We did origami, kimono wearing, furoshiki (gift wrapping with a single piece of cloth) and finished with a tea ceremony (both with her making it and serving us, and then a chance for us all to make it and serve her and each other!) - all at her house. Great instruction, loads of fun and pics, loads of answered questions (on a wide range of topics) and an amazing time had by all. Did not rush us at all. A perfect way for children to experience it all... read more


Thank you very much for a great feedback. I am really flattered. In fact, I had also a wonderful time with all of you!! You were so engaged and paid attention to all activities positively, that made our tour a special one. Hope that you come back to Japan and have a time with you again. Please enjoy your rest of traip safely!!

simone Simone Australia ( Couple )
Very Good
1 year ago

“ Antique and Tokyo market tour ”

Tomoko was very sweet and organised a great itinerary. Unfortunately the weather did not agree with us on the day so we were unable to do all that was planned. It was great to have a locals knowledge of the less populated shrines and areas. She took us to some wonderful areas. Unfortunately in the rush to get back to the hotel and airport the antique Kokeshi Dolls that I bought were lost, left in the taxi maybe?


I am so sorry to hear that you lost the antique Kokeshi Dolls.... It was too rush to get back to the airport, and I should have managed time better so that you could have more time to return. However, I personally, really enjoyed traveling with you. You and your friend were very nice with alot of a interest and respect to Japanese culture and warm attitude towards me in spite of various changes in plans and schedules. Really hope that you come back to Japan again, so that I will sure to make up.

minal Minal India ( Friends )
Very Good
1 year ago

“ Super Kamakura ”

Tomoko did a good job guiding Kamakura. She also selected a wonderful seaside place for vegetarian lunch. And went out of the way to take us to Ginza which we really appreciated and will definitely remember her and are very thankful.


Dear Minal, Thank you very much for your feedback. I truly enjoy traveling together with you and your friends. Really hope to see you again!!

Dorie Dorie United States ( Friends )
Very Good
1 year ago

“ Very kind / Good Communication ”

Tomoko was very good! She helped us so much with figuring out how to get around in Japan and we really enjoyed our time with her in Shibuya, Omotesando, and Harajuku. She is easy to understand and very kind.


Dear Dorie, Thank you very much for your kind message. I really glad to hear that you enjoyed places we visited in spite that there were so many people there. I also enjoyed communication with both of you very much during the tour. Hope to see you again!!

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