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Kamakura Wonders-Half Day

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  • 1.Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine:Unique 'Dankazura' walkway, washing hands at the water basin, making wishes in various ways, lotus ponds, the assassination site of the 3rd Shogun, Dancing hall with a legend.
  • 2. Hokoku-ji Temple is a Zen tepmple and also known Bamboo temple.
  • 3. Riding on the Enoden tram to Hase station
  • 4. The Great Buddha:Taking pictures of the 13 meters tall statue, entering the inside of it for only 20 Yen.
  • 5. Hase-dera Temple:11-faced Kannon statue in a solemn hall, the cavern, the bay view and the beautiful garden.
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Kamakura offers the green mountains and the blue ocean. This stereotype Kamakura tour features visiting Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine, Hokoku-ji Temple,the Great Buddha and Hase-dera Temple. These spots top the list of tourists attractions in Kamakura. You will enjoy the historical heritages, while experiencing Japanese traditional customs and strolling along the Komachi shopping street.

What to Expect

From JR Kamakura station we will walk on the famous approach to Hachiman-gu Shrine, called 'Dankazura Footway'. What makes this approach so unique is that the pedestrain's walkway was constructed in the center of the street dividing the road into two lanes. Also I will show you that the approach was made in the laws of perspective.
Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine was remodeled by Minamoto-no Yoritomo, the first samurai Shogun who established the Kamakura Shogunate in the late 12th century. It had been a symbol of worship among the samurai worriers for nearly 700 years. Before going up the steps to the main shrine, visitors are supposed to wash their hands. It is quite an experience! I'll show you how to do it correctly.

You may throw coins into the offertory box, bow, clap your hands and pray. In addition, you may buy the votive tablet and write your wishes on it. Or you may just enjoy a good view of the approach and Torii gates from the main shrine. . After visiting other spots of interst in the shrine ground, let's take a bus to Hokoku-ji temple famous for the bamboo forest. There is a "Maccha Cafe" where you may drink a powdered green tea.

In Kamakura, you can't miss the Great Buddha that President Obama has visited. We take a pleasant ride on the Enoden tram to Hase station. This statue is designated as a national treasure. He has been sitting here in the open air for 600 years. He was restored 2 years ago. Now he looks cool right after his face lift.

Hase-dera Temple has many attractive spots such as the statue of 11-faced Kannon Bosatsu or the Goddess of Mercy, the wonderful view from the observation platform, the cavern called Benten-kutsu, the revolving book shelves, and the beautiful garden. There is a restaurant with a good view.

You may reach the historical heritages within one hour from Tokyo. I would like to help you experience the traditional customs and spend unforgettable moments in Kamakura. The city is situated between Tokyo and Hakone, internationally known for the hot spring, lake and the good view of Mt.Fuji. In less than an hour, you may get to Odawara station, the gateway to Hakone after my Kamakura tour.

So why not join my Kamakura tour. I am waiting for your reservation.

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  • 1.Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine:Unique 'Dankazura' walkway, washing hands at the water basin, making wishes in various ways, lotus ponds, the assassination site of the 3rd Shogun, Dancing hall with a legend.
  • 2. Hokoku-ji Temple is a Zen tepmple and also known Bamboo temple.
  • 3. Riding on the Enoden tram to Hase station
  • 4. The Great Buddha:Taking pictures of the 13 meters tall statue, entering the inside of it for only 20 Yen.
  • 5. Hase-dera Temple:11-faced Kannon statue in a solemn hall, the cavern, the bay view and the beautiful garden.


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What‘s included
guide fees
What‘s not included
Your transportation fares from and to your hotel and in Kamkaura
Cost of admission to 3 temples
Optional admission fees (for you and guide) to the museums in Hachiman-gu shrine and Hase-dera temple, Yen 200 and Yen 300 respectively.
Hokoku-ji temple's "Maccha" or powdered green tea is optional (you and guide, ¥500/person)
Lunch(you and guide)
Personal expenses
Depart From
Kamakura , Hakone, Yokohama
Meeting Point
West exit of JR Kamakura station
Ending Point
JR Kamakura station
4 hours
Starting time
10:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 4 people   Flexible

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Reviews ( 11 )
Rosalie Rosalie Australia ( Family )
6 days ago

“ Highlight was seeing the wedding at the temple ”

Takayasu was full of information about the area. He knew exactly where to go in the quickest time and fitted in a tea ceremony for us. We ran out of time to complete the tour. We would recommend Takayasu and his tour to anyone


Rosalie, thank you so much for your deep gratitude to me and my tour. I am happy to know that you enjoyed the wedding, tea ceremony and my talk, which is my utmost pleasure. I remember having Bento lunch to save our limited time. Please get in touch with me and set up another visit plan to Japan. Takayasu    

Haydee Haydee Argentina ( Couple )
1 week ago

“ Una muy buena elecci?n! ”

Solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento para el Sr, Takayama. Nos ayudo en nuestro primer dia en Tokio enseñándonos como viajar en los medios de transporte. Hicimos todo el recorrido contratado con muy buenas explicaciones y ajustándose a nuestro ritmo. Lo recomiendo si es q desean disfrutar del tour con una persona agradable, amable y divertida. Gracias Taka.


Haydee y Bob, Mucho Gracious! Thank you very much for electing me as your guide. I am very happy that both of you were satisfied with my showing around the typical Tokyo and stories and legends. I want to guide a nice couple like you, Haydee and Bob again next time you visit Japan. Takayasu

Jonathan Jonathan United States ( Couple )
1 week ago

“ 1 Day of Tokyo ”

Takayasu was a fantastic guide! He was incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable. His English is really good and he goes at an excellent pace. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.


HI Jonathan and Samantha, Thank you very much for your highest appreciation to my guiding. I also enjoyed having spent some time with you, a beatiful couple. I wish I had more time to show you around. I hope your belongings come back to you. Tak

Rosa Rosa United States ( Couple )
4 months ago

“ Trip to Kamakura ”

The trip planning took a lot of time since we had only several hours that we could spend in Kamakura but we really wanted to see all the Temples and get a feel of this one of three great capitals of Japan. Takayasu was very attentive to details. Suggested several options for a trip. On the day of a trip he met us in hotel in Yokohama and we had a great time. Everything went exactly as planned, we accomplished entire itinerary. Takayasu took his time explaining us history of each Temple. I highly recommend Takayasu as a great guide and great human being, responsive to travelers needs and time limitations! Thanks Tak!


Rosa, thank you very much for the highest appreciation by giving me the full score. You have surveyed our history and Kamakura. I also enjoyed telling you the legends and answering your questions. All of you are wonderful guests. I am extremely happy if you bring many pleasant memories back home and talk about them to your families and friends. Thank you again for your beautiful feedback!

Larry Larry United States ( Couple )
6 months ago

“ Energetic, knowledgeable guide ”

Tak could not have packed more information and sights into our day. He provides answers to every question and interjects much into the history of the Kamakura area. He is extremely personal and very energetic but carefully watched to make sure the pace he was setting was the correct one. He provided detailed information on the transportation from our hotel in Tokyo to the meeting place in Kita-Kamakura.


Hi Larry Thank you very much for the highest evaluation of my tour. All of you know or have surveyed our history and culture beforehand. You have a sincere desire to know many things in Japan. I had a very good time to show the sightseeing spots while answering and talking about a variety of topics. I would like to be of service to you when you're coming to Japan next time. Please keep in touch. Best regards, Tak

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