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5-hour Tour in Kamakura with Culinary Lesson & Omotenashi Lunch

5h $ 140 Price up to 7 people


  • JR:Ofuna ->Enoden:Hase->JR:Kamakura->Zushi Marina
  • Tour-> Hase Temple->Great Buddha->Hachiman-gu Shrine
  • ->Zushi Marina - Culinary Lesson/Cuisine Lunch
  • To be held at a private home at Cosmo Miros, Zushi Marina.
  • You will enjoy family lunch after cuisine culinary lesson.
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139.50 USD

Price up to 7 people
FREE cancellation 14 days prior


Kamakura sightseeing (Great Buddha, Hase Temple, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, etc.) plus
Culinary Lesson and Omotenashi Lunch (Sushi Roll & Japanese Gourmet Cuisine) at a private home in the precincts of scenic Zushi Marina. (Note: "Omotenashi"= heart-warming receptive hospitality.)

What to Expect

The guests will be welcome to a family lunch in the scenic precincts of Zushi Marina and Zushi Yacht Harbour. Enjoyable experience of immense interest is assured during the culinary lesson of Japanese cuisine including "how to make sushi-rolls". Upon guests' return home, a great success is well anticipated at guests' hosting home-party occasions with such demonstration of "O-Mo-Te-Na-Shi" (=heart-warming receptive hospitality) with the seven items of Japanese gourmet cuisine packed in a fragrant Japanese cyprus wooden gourmet box, with the integral main course of "Kamakura rice-sushi rolls".

Organized by Haruyoshi

Licensed Guide


  • JR:Ofuna ->Enoden:Hase->JR:Kamakura->Zushi Marina
  • Tour-> Hase Temple->Great Buddha->Hachiman-gu Shrine
  • ->Zushi Marina - Culinary Lesson/Cuisine Lunch
  • To be held at a private home at Cosmo Miros, Zushi Marina.
  • You will enjoy family lunch after cuisine culinary lesson.


This tour is only on a fine weather day, subject to the 12 hour prior notice of cancellation.

I can guide you in Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, Kyoto, Nara, Himeji, the Seto-Inland Sea ( from Kobe to Beppu, Kyushu Island) in addition to Tokyo, Yokohama, Kamakura, Fujisawa, Odawara Hakone, Atami, Mishima, Shizuoka and in any cities in the Northern districts of the main island of Japan, and in Hokkaido Island.

1. The tour is for approx. five (5) hours.
2. Meeting place in principle: at JR Ofuna Station (The exact meeting site to be informed prior to the tour.)
3. The transports depend on the public trains & municipal buses, including a JR one-day use free ticket (@¥700 for Kamakura/Kita-Kamakura/Fujsawa/Eno-Den-Line/ Mono-Rail, all for multiple use.).
4. Guide Fee:¥15000 for min.4 guests ~ max.7 guests (adults only) for the 5-hour tour.
5. Culinary lesson+Luncheon fee:@¥10000/person to be payable at the lesson venue, where enjoyable two hours or so will be spent.

What‘s included
guide fee only.
What‘s not included
1. Public transport fee (JR Trains, One-day-Mutiple use Ticket@¥700, and municipal bus tickets)
2. Temple entrance fee@¥300 at Hase Temple,@¥200 at Great Buddha
3. Culinary Lesson/ Luncheon Fee@¥10000/Person.
4. Alcholic beverage and/or BYOB to be individually payable.
Meeting Point
JR Ofuna station/the exac meeting site shall be informed prior to the tour to commence.
Ending Point
Same as the meeting site.
5 hours
Starting time
09:00 AM , 09:30 AM
Number of people
up to 7 people

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes after I book?

Yes! If you need to make changes such as removing or adding someone to your booking or changing the date or time of your tour, contact us by phone or email

Starting and ending points of the tour.

After you secure your booking, the starting and ending points of your tour can be customized to your convenience (ex.: your hotel, nearby stations, etc.). Don't worry, we will take care of you! Some tours may have an extra fee for this service, make sure to check the tour page.

What happens after I book a tour?

After booking a tour, the guide will accept (or decline) your booking within 24 hours. Then you will be noticed by email from Triplelights.

Is the price per person or per group?

The price is charged per group. Which means that you make a one-time payment for your entire group and the price will not change if it is less or more people.

Can I add more people to my booking?

Some guides accept extra people (more than the specified number) for an extra charge. Please check for the extras on the tour or booking page, or contact your guide directly to clarify.

Will there be other tourists in my tour?

No. Your tour is private, only for you and your family or friends, there will be no other group of tourists together in your tour.

Can the guide pickup me at the airport?

Yes, but there will be additional charge for that and it is not by car. The guide will go pick you up using public transportations. For further details, please contact your guide directly.

I'm travelling alone. Can I book this tour?

Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel at least 14 day(s) in advance of the meeting date, there is a 100% refund.
  • If you cancel between 2 and 13 day(s) in advance of the meeting date, there is a 20% charge.
  • If you cancel within 1 day prior to the meeting date, there is a 40% charge.
  • If you cancel on the meeting date, there is no refund.

About Haruyoshi

Licensed Guide

Contact Haruyoshi
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Languages spoken
  • English ( License )

My domicile profile in Australia: 1965~70 &1981~86. I have been to USA, Brasil、India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore,U.K., France, Italy. Occupation Career: (1) Japanese trading firm till 52 yrs. old (2)Australian NSW Gov't Insurance Office-Tokyo(6yrs.) (3) Canadian Company in Tokyo ( 7yrs.)Retired at 65. .......National Licensed English Guide/Interpreter Certificate: obtained in 1964.  [Academic Title] Bachelor of Art (English Faculty) in 1957 at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies [Character] Generous, cheerful, amiable and sociable.
[Hobbies] Travelling / Sports:Swimming / Social Ballroom Dancing /Cooking / Reading books: Roman & Greek histories [Health condition] Healthy - No record of hospitalization; Life-time non-smoker. I will endeavour to satisfy every needs of my guests in the circumstances of on-going tour program, so that my guests may be able to keep reminiscing their authentic and amazing holidays. read more

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