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  •   Chichu Art Museum
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  •   Benesse House Museum
  •   Art House Projects @ Honmura Area


City Kagawa
Depart From Okayama
Meeting Point At JR OKAYAMA station
Ending Point At Jr OKAYAMA station
Departure 08:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Duration 8h   Flexible
Languages English (License)
Tour Type Private Tour ( only for you )
Number of people 2 ~ 6


58.50 USD

total price

FREE cancelation 14 days prior

What to Expect

The island of Naoshima is located on the Seto Inland Sea. It takes only 30 minutes by ferry from Uno port (Okayama Prefecture) to Miyanoura port (Kagawa Pre.). Naoshima is famous for the special place of contemporary art presented in distinctive settings such as the Chichu Art Museum, the Benesse Art Museum, and Art House project.

Art sites in Naoshima are located in three different areas, such as Museum area, Art House Project area in Honmura and Miyanoure area. First we will go to Museum area, where there are three museums.

1. Chichu Art Museum: The museum was built mostly underground to avoid affecting the beautiful natural scenery of the Seto Inland sea. Art works by Claude Monet, James Turrell, and Walter De Maria are on permanent display in this building designed by the globally famous architect Tadao Ando.

2. Lee Ufan Museum: The museum opened in June 2010. Paintings and sculptures by the internationally acclaimed artist Lee Ufan are housed in the Ando-designed semi-underground structure.

3. Benesse House Museum: This museum is a facility that integrates a museum and a hotel designed by Tadao Ando, based on the concept of “coexistence of nature, art, and architecture.”

◆ There are many outdoor artworks around the Museum Area.

Then we’ll move to Art House Project area in Honmura by the local bus, only 6-7 minute-ride.
Art House Project is an art project underway in Honmura district. It began in 1998 with only one house, “Kadoya”, and now comprises 7 locations. This is a project to transform old houses, which enable artists to turn the space themselves into very unique artworks. You may encounter some unexpected style of houses.

Lastly we will visit, actually come back to Miyanoura port area where the ferry got. You’ll find some unique huge objects around the port, such as “Red Pumpkin” by Yayoi Kusama. You can’t miss this artwork because it must be one of the best picture spots in this trip.

Though seeing around only one island, at the end of the tour, you’ll realize you need more time to enjoy and appreciate both beautiful inland-sea sceneries and a number of distinctive artworks.

Why don’t you join my tour!
I’m looking forward to seeing you and sharing wonderful time with you!


What‘s included

guide fee

What‘s not included

◆Transportation fee
 You (per person) < JR train> : Okayama ⇔ Uno 1,060 Yen 
           : Uno ⇔ Miyanoura 560 Yen

guide :   Kibikogentoshi (home) ⇔ Okayama  2,060 Yen
< JR train> : Okayama ⇔ Uno  1,060 Yen 
       : Uno ⇔ Miyanoura 560 Yen
(***Pay directly to the guide during the tour)

◆ Entrance fee or admission / per person ( free for children 15 and under )
    You :   Chichu Art Museum 2,060 Yen
        Lee Ufan Museum 1,030 Yen 
       Benesse House Museum 1,030 Yen 
       Art House Project (multi-site ticket) 1,030 Yen 
       ANDO MUSEUM    510 Yen 

◆ Lunch 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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John John
1 week ago , ( Family ) , From: United States

“ Excellent Guide! ”

While in Japan we had two professional guides from different companies. Chizuru was by far the best of the two - it was not even close. She had great communication beforehand and throughout the day. She was extremely conscientious about making sure we had the best experience throughout the day. In fact she went above the call of duty. There was a possible typhoon coming in that day and she made sure we caught the fastest trains and kept track of the typhoon on her iPhone throughout the day. She was kind, very friendly and knowledgeable. Professional tour guides are costly but Chizuru was well worth the price. We would never had the same experience visiting Hiroshima and Miyajima Island. If we ever return I will hire her again!

Hi John, Thank you for your very generous complement. I’m so glad to hear that. As a guide, there is nothing like the words you gave me. I have been worrying about the typhoon since one day before the tour because the weather forecast said that the typhoon would hit Hiroshima area without fail. We were very lucky because the typhoon had passed Hiroshima area very quickly. So our tour didn’t have much trouble except heavy rain in a short period of time. I appreciate that I could share wonderful time with you and your daughter. Thank you very much for that. I pray for you and your daughter’s happiness and health. I also pray that we will be able to meet sometime again. Chizuru

1 month ago , ( Couple ) , From: New Zealand

“ A day visit to Art Island from Kyoto ”

Our plans for the day were quite ambitious - a return day visit to Art Island from Kyoto. We could not have had a better guide than Chizuru. She was very organised, incredibly well informed about the island and the art and graciously shared this knowledge. She was a delight to spend a day with and had an amazing level of energy which ensured we saw a great deal on the island (lots of walking involved). She also gauged our areas of interest and tailored the tour to cover this. We felt incredibly fortunate to have had such a wonderful guide which resulted in a magical and unforgettable day. It was a 15 hour return day trip from Kyoto but Chizuru smoothed the way for us from the moment we meet her en-route.

Dear Michelle & Stuart, Thank you very much. I appreciate your review with full of complements. I’m so happy to receive it and “Five Stars”. The day we visited Naoshima was perfect in all. The weather was nice with a light breeze. The views of Seto Inland Sea and scattered islands were incredibly beautiful. We covered all attractions of the island smoothly thanks to no accident or no trouble at all. I was very glad as a guide whenever I saw two of you showed the impressed facial expression by many art works and the architectural buildings designed by TADAO ANDO. It was precious time with you. Thank you so much! I wish you continued success and health. Best regards, Chizuru

3 months ago , ( Family ) , From: Israel

“ Very good guide, English was perfect ”

Chizuru was a very good guide, well spoken English and very caring throughout the trip, through lunch, the various museums and taking us back all the way to the hotel in Okayama.

Hi Erez, Thank you very much for your review. I’m very glad to receive your message. I also thank you for joining my tour. We could fully enjoy contemporary artworks and museums in Naoshina. We also enjoyed “UDON” for lunch. I bet you enjoyed the rest of the tour in Nara and so on. I felt happy when I saw your family enjoying the tour and talking happily. How wondrful your family is! I hope your family come back to Naoshima and stay in the other hotel. Of course “Oval !” Thank you. Best regards, Chizuru Morofuji

3 months ago , ( Friends ) , From: United States

“ Very sweet ”

Chiruzu was very efficient and responsible! She kept in touch and notified us along the way before meeting! She found all the highlights to see! Unfortunately, she did not offer much to each highlight and when it came to the Peace Museum we were tired and she made it seem like we weren't missing anything! We had a chance to go back the next day and felt she should have impressed upon us how vital this was in understanding the tragic event of April 6, 1945, as it was something we will never forget! A very sweet woman that is anxious to please, but needs a little more urgency in what is really important when you have one day to see!

Hi Judy, Thank you very much for your reviews. That is very useful and important point to me as a guide. I will continue to make effort to make my tour enjoyable and useful for my guests. I hope you visit Japan again. Good luck with your life. Thank you. Best regards, Chizuru

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