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Himeji Castle and Toy Museum

by Azusa
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  • Himeji Castle's secret strategies
  • Toy Museum's artistic and elaborate antique toys

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We visit Himeji Castle and a roofed shopping arcade in Himeji. In the afternoon we move to Koro town by JR train to visit " Toy Museum." It takes about twenty minutes from Himeji to Koro by train.

What to Expect

Samurai warriors built black castles in the time of wars because black was difficult to see for enemies. And from Edo period, in the time of peace, they built white castles to show dignity of the lord of a castle. Himeji Castle is an excellent example of these white castles. The word " Hime" means " a princess " in Japanese. Some people complain " It looks like a princess wearing a heavy make-up." But she is really a tough lady. There are many clever tricks to trap enemies in this castle. Indeed she is going too far. If you were an enemy, how would you like to attack this fortress ? Please think the way when you visit this castle. Also there are some scary stories about this castle. In " Toy Museum," you'll be impressed by many elaborated works by craftsmen in Edo period and Meiji period. What kind of toys did children use when they were playing house in Edo period? The exhibits are works of art rather than toys.

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Azusa Licensed Guide
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  • Himeji Castle's secret strategies
  • Toy Museum's artistic and elaborate antique toys


Himeji Castle's admission fee : 1000 JPY / Toy Museum 's admission fee : 600 JPY ( closed on Wednesdays)

What‘s included
guide fee , transportation fee ( guide ), entrance fee ( guide ), lunch ( guide )
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transportation fee ( you ) , lunch( you ) , entrance fee ( you )
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Himeji Station
Ending Point
Himeji Station
6 hours
Starting time
10:00 AM
Number of people
up to 5 people   Flexible

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Reviews ( 16 )
Bojan Bojan Austria ( Couple )
19 hours ago

“ Beautiful day in Hiroshima ”

Azusa-san was an excelent guide. We enjoyed every minute of out tour. She also made an efort to find gluten free restaurants for my wife.


Dear Bojan san Thank you so much for your kind words. Unlike weather forecast, it was a lovely day. We saw many deer basking in the sun. Many Japanese people were digging clams near the Big Torii Gate even though it is prohibited. I hope all of you felt a real Japanese vibe in the island. You are all friendly and considerate people. It was my great pleasure to have had a wonderful time with your group in Hiroshima. Have a fun trip ! Sincerely, Azusa Arita

Kevin Kevin Australia ( Friends )
4 days ago

“ What a great guide lady ”

I had a small group of 7 people, all well travelled and looking for satisfaction in every aspect on a visit to Hiroshima where Azusa San led us beautifully. Her personality as well as her knowledge of the area was amazing. I just wish she could have led us on the complete trip of Japan.


Dear Kevin san Thank you for the message that is full of warmth from the bottom of your heart. All of 7 people are so sweet and considerate. The lovely spring day when we spent together in a traditional port town will become a lifelong memory for me. Especially I was surprised at your wife's knowledge about Buddhism. The monk at the Abuto Kannon temple was so impressed with her and gave us special presents. This never happened before. I wish you all the best ! Sincerely, Azusa Arita

ALEX ALEX United States ( Couple )
Very Good
6 days ago

“ Nuestro tour de varios dias cubrio visita al Hiroshima peace memorial park, Miyajima, imabari, Takamatsu, Kurashiki y Kobe. ”

La Señora Azusa fue muy flexible y facil de trabajar con ella. Con muy buena voluntad de *******darse a un plan de lugares para visitar en los lugares antes descritos. Con buenos conocimientos sobre los lugares visitados y con un enorme deseo de complacernos con su trabajo. y Eso es lo que mas valore de su trabajo. Puntual, siempre buscando opciones de otros lugares adicionales como parques a visitar.


Dear Alex san Thank you so much for your kind review. We rented a car and enjoyed 3 days trip together, in Hiroshima, Shikoku island, Kurashiki, Himeji Castle and Kobe. It was my first experience as a tour guide. So it was difficult for me to meet your prompt requests to visit some places not on schedule or not tourist spots. I am not so familiar with all the roads in these areas. I was worried that you were not satisfied with my work. But you kindly gave a pass mark. Thank you, your feedback means a lot to me. I hope you have had a lot of pictures of beautiful Japanese scenery and traditional things. I wish you all well! Sincerely, Azusa Arita

1 week ago

“ Tour Review with Azusa ”

We hired Azusa as our tour guide for the Miyajima Island tour. We were a group of 4 (me and my wife, my sister and her husband). Azusa is an excellent guide with a warm personality and we all got along great with her. She shows a lot of passion in her work as she guided us around Miyajima Island and also has a great sense of humor and always filled our conversations with interesting facts and funny jokes. She also happily volunteered taking lots of photos for us. She took us to one of the restaurants that serves Okonomiyaki Miyajima style and we were seated right at the front of the cooking area where we could watch the chefs go through the various aspects of putting this wonderful dish together. I would highly recommend this. She made reservations for us and we didn't wait even though ... read more


Dear Chris san I really appreciate your kind message. Your words encourage me more than you think. I was so happy to have a lovely day with all of you in Miyajima. You visited Japan best time for cherry blossoms. Now they are almost over. All of you are very sweet, warm-hearted and cheerful above all. I felt like one of your friends. Your jokes made me so happy. Thanks to your sister I have got some tips of guide jokes.I was inspired by her! I was also impressed that all of you showed much interest in Japanese things and asked me many questions. It was my pleasure. I hope my answer made sense to your questions. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and wish you well ! Sincerely, Azusa

suresh Suresh India ( Friends )
Very Good
1 week ago

“ Great trip ”

Azusa was extremely helpful providing us with information about Hiroshima and Miyajima island. We got a little rushed at the Hiroshima peace memorial but she managed to make sure that we got an essence of the place


Dear Suresh san Thank you so much for your kind message. You are all friendly and very well informed people. You seemed to be interested in many kinds of Japanese things. Your point of view was very fresh to me. I realized to take a larger view is very important. Bon voyage! Azusa Arita

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