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Mt.Nishibetsu Hike, Enjoy Alpine Flowers and Natural Beauty in Abashiri,Hokkaido

by Hiroshi
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11h $ 235 Price up to 4 people


  • Lots of beautiful alpine flowers at Mt. Nishibetsu.
  • Uramashu Observatory, which gives you an amazing view of Lake Mashu.
  • Kaminoko Ike or God's Child Pond, which is small but so beautiful for its mysterious blue color.
  • Sakurano Taki or Sakura Waterfall, where you can see salmon jumping during the summer season.

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235.00 USD

Price up to 4 people
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Enjoy the hike at Mt. Nishibetsu with lots of beautiful alpine flowers and relaxing time at the Nishibetsu Cabin. You can stop by Lake Mashu Observatory to see the mysterious blue color of the lake water called Mashu Blue. On the way back to Abashiri, which is the start point of this tour, you can see an amazing color of Kaminoko Ike and salmon jumping at Sakurano Taki Waterfall.

What to Expect

You can enjoy the hike at Mt. Nishibetsu, which is famous for its lots of beautiful alpine flowers and a relaxing lunch time at the cottage at the foot of the mountain. Also, on the way back to Abashiri you can enjoy viewing Lake Mashu at the Uramashu Observatory if the weather is fine. Lake Mashu is very famous for its clear lake water, which is the second clearest in the world and its mysteriously blue color called Mashu Blue. If you have enough time, you can visit Kaminoko Ike or God's Child Pond, which offers you an amazingly beautiful color of the water, and Sakurano Taki Waterfall, where you can see salmon jumping and trying to go against the stream during the summer season. The both of them are located in Kiyosato town, a beautiful farming town in Hokkaido.

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Hiroshi Licensed Guide
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  • Lots of beautiful alpine flowers at Mt. Nishibetsu.
  • Uramashu Observatory, which gives you an amazing view of Lake Mashu.
  • Kaminoko Ike or God's Child Pond, which is small but so beautiful for its mysterious blue color.
  • Sakurano Taki or Sakura Waterfall, where you can see salmon jumping during the summer season.


This tour is available from June to October.

I can help you visit the places around Abashiri, where I live and go hiking in our area. There isn't frequent transportation service here and I think you need to take a taxi or rent a car. We basically begin our tours from Abashiri and return to this city. If you plan to start your tour from different cities, let me know about your plan. In that case, you might need to pay for my transportation expenses and accomodation fees. There might be some cases that I have to drive a long way ( more than 3 or 4 hours for one way) and stay at a hotel on the day before meeting you.

There is no public transportation service to get to the all of the spots memtioned above. You have to rent a car to join this tour. It costs you about 7,000 yen a day plus gas. We can take turns in driving a car when you feel tired. In this case, I have to give a photo copy of my driver's license when you rent a car. Tour expense doesn't include lunch, hike food and drinks and Onsen, or hot spring charge ( about 500 yen per person) when you take an Onsen bath after the hike. Taking a hot spring is strongly recommended because there is a possibility to have gotten a tick bite during the hike in summer. read more

What‘s included
guide fee, hotel pick-up in Abashiri.
What‘s not included
transportation fee ( rent-a-car charges), lunch, dinner, hike food and drinks, Onsen or hot spring charges.
Meeting Point
At your hotel in Abashiri
Ending Point
At your hotel in Abashiri
11 hours
Starting time
07:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 4 people

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Yes, you can and you may be able to get a discount if you are traveling alone. Price depends on which guide you choose.

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Reviews ( 1 )
Craig Craig United States ( Solo )
7 months ago

“ Custom tour of Abashiri ”

Hiroshi is an excellent and knowledgeable guide around the Abashiri area. He’s very communicative and worked with me to research and schedule a tour to fit my interests so don’t feel limited by the tour description on Triplelights. He was a gracious host. We ate the best oysters I have ever tasted near Lake Saroma. His English is very good, both written and spoken


Thank you for your kind comments, Craig. I'm happy to know you really enjoyed your stay in Abashiri. December is not the best time to visit Abashiri, but we did have a great time visiting scenic spots, water birds observation and drift ice museum. Especially, having delicious oysters WAS a high-light for me, too. Please come and visit Abashiri again and have more memorable experiences with me. Thanks again for visiting Abashiri. Hiroshi.

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