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Onomichi Walking Tour

by Yuji
(11) Reviews
4h $ 178 Price up to 15 people


  • Sightseeing of Senkoji Temple & Park
  • Jodoji Temple

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178.00 USD

Price up to 15 people
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1 hour extension.
$ 44.50

What to Expect

Very reasonable price because of my hometown. The city of Onomichi has been prospering as a seaport town since ancient times. Close lying mountains approach the coastline of the Onomichi waterway that runs calmly from east to west in the appearance of a cannal. The streets and mountain sides of this slender hillside town are lined with houses and venerable temples which make for a truly beautiful scenery, in this town which is famous for its many slopes.

Organized by

Yuji Licensed Guide
(11) Reviews
Contact Yuji Response Time: 3 hs


  • Sightseeing of Senkoji Temple & Park
  • Jodoji Temple


What‘s included
guide fee
What‘s not included
transportation fee (you and the guide), lunch, dinner, entrance fee, etc...
Meeting Point
In front of JR Onomichi station
Ending Point
In front of JR Onomichi station
4 hours
Starting time
09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 15 people   Flexible

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Reviews ( 11 )
Jeffrey Jeffrey Korea, Republic of
3 months ago

“ Excellent tour of Miyajima and Peace Park ”

I can't provide enough praise for Yuji a highly encourage other visitors to book him. He was prompt, communicative, and took the time to understand our interests and cater the tour to those. He would often run ahead to get the car or purchase tickets to make the whole day seamless and efficient. His commentary and expert insights enhanced our experience immensely. Plus, he's a funny, great person to spend the day with! This is a no brainer choice if you're looking for a good, fun, knowledgeable guide in Hiroshima, who is also a good photographer! :) Thanks, Yuji!


It was also a great time for me to have a tour with your family. We experienced a virtual Buddhist reincarnation in the underfloor corridor of Daishoin Esoteric Buddhist temple, and also enjoyed a short Buddhist pilgrimage at Henjyoin Cave, your father’s jokes created a very friendly atmosphere among us. Thank you that you hired me and see you again. (^_^)v

Richard Richard United States ( Family )
4 months ago

“ Tour Of Hiroshima ”

Juji was our tour guide for the day in Hiroshima. He picked us up at the train station and made sure we got back in time for our departing train. Yuji has a vibrant personality and a great sense of humor which makes the tour fun. He is also very knowledgeable of the sights and history in Hiroshima. He took the time to educate us and to patiently listen to our many questions. If you're planning a visit to Hiroshima, I would not hesitate recommending Yuji. He is flexible and ongoing communication is very timely. Thank you for the great tour!


We enjoyed a lot, various kinds of jokes on Miyajima, Shrine Island. And talked about a bit about the difference of each religions in the world. Thanks for your great help and generosity, I could finalized this tour successful. I traveled many countries in the world by cycling and backpacking, this experience helps me to have good communication with visitors from different countries and regions. I much appreciate your joining to my Hiroshima day tour.

jeanne Jeanne United States ( Family with kids )
5 months ago

“ Hiroshima tour ”

Yuji was amazing!! met us at the train station and on we went. He knew the best spots to take pictures, showed us the local delicacies and gave us a lot information about japanese history and traditions. Very accommodating with our limited time schedule. I highly recommend him.


It was also an unforgettable day for me. Your consideration and smiles made our Hiroshima day tour so smooth like a mountain stream. Visited many photo spots as possible as we could. Thank very much for your nice review to me. Wishing your family healthy life and happiness. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. (^o^)/

Anastacio Anastacio United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Wonderful Experience in Hiroshima and Surrounding places. ”

Yuji is a wonderful tour guide that is willing to make you feel at home since the first minute. He is very knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to adjusting changes in plans or customizing your needs. The trip to Miyajima Island was a beauty, the great Torii gate, the Itsukushima shrine, Daisho-In temple (my wife's favorite) and the Peace Memorial park. He was able to get us a permit to visit one of the historic sites not available to tourists without a government permit. Yuji also helped us adjust a missed reservation by calling himself to fix the issue at a different destination -Thank you Yuji, you are awesome :) Hiroshima was definitely one of our favorite destinations in our marvelous trip to Japan, we enjoyed very much and are already planning to come back in the medium run.


Experiencing the dark corridor of Buddhist reincarnation, abbreviated Esoteric Buddhist pilgrimage on Miyajima island, so called the miracle basement in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. I am a bit different type of tour guide because originally a Cycling guide. It is me to say Thank you, because your kind consideration made our tour amazing. Again I much appreciate you, I really enjoyed great time with you. Wishing your happiness forever.

Robert Robert United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Day in Hiroshima and Miajima ”

Spent a day with Yuji as our guide visiting Hiroshima and Miajima. Yuji met us at Hiroshima station, and for the next 5 hours, he was a wonderful guide to the area. He was knowledgeable about all of the sites we visited. He organized the tour so that in our limited time, we were able to see everything on our list. We first drove to the ferry for Miajima, Yugi brought us to the Ferry operated by JR, so our JR passes allowed free passage. Once on the island, he knew all the sights to see and all of the best photo locations. He was also an excellent guide back in the city of Hiroshima. Taking us to all of the important sites including the museum, peace memorial park, a-bomb dome, etc as well as a unique experience that many visitors are not afforded. Great personality as well. Yuji i... read more


Thank you for your nice review for me. I should apologize that I made you haste several times because of tight schedule I planed. But I'm really glad to hear you could enjoy Hiroshima tour with me. If we had enough time, I could show you more hidden spots in Hiroshima. Hoping your visit Hiroshima again. I'm the guide waiting for your family. (^o^)/

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