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  •   ・Gifu Station
  •   ・Gifu City History Museum
  •   ・Public tea house(Matcha-tea break)
  •   ・Shobo-ji (Great Buddha)
  •   ・Nagara River Ukai Museum
  •   ・Kawara-machi
  •   ・Comorant Fishing*(11 May to 10 October)
  •   ・Night view from the castle*(29 April to 6 May, 18 June to 31 August, 5 September to 12 October)


City Gifu
Meeting Point At JR Gifu Station
Ending Point At JR Gifu Station
Departure 10:30 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Duration 9h   Flexible
Languages English (License)
Tour Type Private Tour ( only for you )
Number of people 1 ~ 6


90.00 USD

total price

FREE cancelation 14 days prior

per person Adults Children Infant
1 person 90.00 USD 45.00 USD 0 USD
2 people 162.00 USD 45.00 USD 0 USD
3 people 216.00 USD 45.00 USD 0 USD
4 ~ 5 people 252.00 USD 45.00 USD 0 USD
6 people 270.00 USD 45.00 USD 0 USD

What to Expect

Gifu developed as a castle town during the wartime era in the 16th century. A great warlord, Oda Nobunaga, established this city. A replica of GIFU CASTLE stands on the top of Mt. Kinka and you can easily go there by riding the gondola-lift. From the castle, you can enjoy an excellent view of the city between the Nagara and Kiso rivers. Even though many parts of the center of the city were destroyed by bombing during WWⅡ, a few traditional castle-town areas with temples and shrines still remain at the foot of Mt.Kinka. Walking into this area might make you feel like time slipped to the Edo period. A Matcha-tea break will give you a good chance to know Japanese culture.

On the other hand, the area between Gifu Station and the Yanagase district is a modernized commercial zone filled with many fancy shops and restaurants. Therefore, you can visit not only urban Japan but also pre-modern traditional Japan in only one day.

From May 11th to October 15th, why not enjoy cormorant fishing known as Ukai on the Nagara River at night. Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing style that started over 1300 years ago. You can enjoy eating and drinking on a viewing-boat on the river and see the fishing-masters at work. The ephemeral performance by the fishermen and birds will give you a small glimpse of the old days. If you want to know more about cormorant fishing, you should visit the Nagara River Ukai Museum. This museum is the only one of its kind and features exhibits on everything relating to cormorant fishing.

A night castle tour by lift is another option for your night out on the tour. The panorama view from the castle balcony is unforgettable.

・JR Gifu Station(meeting point) 13:00
・Strolling around Station Front 13:00~13:20
・Gifu City Museum 13:40~14:30
・Public tea house(tea break) 14:30~15:00
・Shobo-ji(Great Buddha) 15:00~15:30
・Nagaragawa Ukai Museum 15:40~16:40
・Kawara-machi 17:00~18:00
・comorant fishing 18:30~20:30
・ night view from the castle 20:30~21:30
・JR Gifu Station 22:00

・JR Gifu Station(meeting point) 10:30
・Gifu Castle 11:00~12:00
(lunch 12:00~13:00)
・Gifu City Museum 13:00~14:00
・Shobo-ji(Great Buddha) 14:00~14:30
・Public tea house(tea break) 14:40~15:00
・Nagaragawa Ukai Museum 15:20~16:20
・Kawara-machi 16:40~18:00
・comorant fishing 18:30~20:30
・JR Gifu Station 21:00

・A few restaurants serve Hida-beef which many people claim is the best in Japan..
・If you’re looking to eat Japanese food, I highly recommend the sweet fish Ayu.

*an attached video shows a scene of cormorant fishing

What‘s included

guide fee

What‘s not included

transportation fee for guide and guests
entrance fee for guide and guests (Gifu CIty Museum:300yen, Shobo-ji:200yen, Nagaragawa Ukai Museum:500yen)
comorant fishing boat fee for guide and guests (adult/child,3400/1700yen per person)
lunch,tea and dinner for guide and guests

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is comorant fishing done every night ?

A1. Everyday between May 11th and October 15th except when the river water is too high.

Q2. Can I see night views from the castle every night?

A2. Everyday between April 29th and May 6th, between July 18th and August 31st, between September 5th and October 12th

Q3. The required time for tour is different between 2 plans. Do I pay the same rate?

A3. Yes, that's right.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Helen Helen
9 months ago , ( Couple ) , From: Sweden

“ Wonderful tour! ”

We had an unforgettable tour with this wonderful guide! Very active and engaged, easy to understand and knowledgeable. Took us around to many quaint places and interesting meetings with people. Highly recommended guide!

I can't thank you enough for your appreciation of me. All your words are a great benefit to help me welcome new guests. I am looking forward to meeting you again.

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