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Urayasu (Chiba Prefecture) Tour

by Momoko
3h $ 53


  • Urayasu Fish Market
  • Urayasu Folk Museum

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Have you heard of Tokyo Disney Land?
They say "Tokyo" but actually it is located in Chiba Prefecture.
Urayasu is located in the west of Chiba Prefecture, just to the north of Disney Land, and is a very, very convenient place to visit from the Tokyo and Makuhari areas.
You'll feel relaxed visiting Urayasu--so come on and join us.

What to Expect

Urayasu is in Chiba Prefecture, bordering the east side of Tokyo. It is famous for the Tokyo Disney Resort which is located in Chiba just next to Tokyo.
Before TDR was constructed, Urayasu used to be “a fisherman’s town”, known especially for manila clam (asari) and seaweed (nori), producing more of these than any other place in the Kanto area outside of Tokyo.

a) Urayasu Fish Market (2 minutes walk from Urayasu Station)
You may have heard of "Tsukiji Fish Market, the largest fish market in Japan. Compared to Tsukiji Market, Urayasu Fish Market is much less crowded, with no turret trucks or motor bikes driving around.
It's a compact and cozy place, offering a wealth of fresh seafood from Tokyo Bay and the Pacific Ocean. You will find a number of small restaurants at the Urayasu Fish Market, where you can eat sushi, of course!

b) Urayasu Folk Museum (free on admission fee)
Another nice spot to visit is the Urayasu Folk Museum. You'll feel transported back to the old fishing town of Urayasu, the way it was before the 1950s. There’s a workshop for making wooden boats, called "beka-bune", and you can walk among reconstructions of old-time houses and shops and look at displays of old toys and other items. You may be able to see the seasonal workshops such as removing the shells of shellfish or making “nori” (seaweed).

If you have more time, Urayasu offers plenty more to do whether visiting shrines and parks or walking along the canals.

I recommend Urayasu if
a) you feel tired of being in crowded places.
b) your flight or train is in the late afternoon or in the evening.
c) you only have Sunday or Wednesday left staying in Tokyo and you want to visit a fish market.
(Tsukiji Fish Market is closed on Sundays and often also on Wednesdays.)
d) you want to use your time after or before visiting Tokyo Disney Resort.

To access Urayasu: about 20 - 30 minutes' train ride from Tokyo station
To access the Haneda Airport: about 50 minutes limousine bus ride from Shin-Urayasu station
To access the Narita Airport: about 70 minutes limousine bus ride from Shin-Urayasu station

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Organized by

Momoko Licensed Guide


  • Urayasu Fish Market
  • Urayasu Folk Museum


a) comfortable shoes are preferred.
b) bring YEN cash with you. (almost all the shops in the fish market and the museum only accept cash.)
c) we use a commumity bus (100 yen) from Urayasu Fish Market to Urayasu Folk Museum.

What‘s included
guide fee,
What‘s not included
transportation fee, food
Depart From
Urayasu Station (The Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, T18)
Meeting Point
Urayasu Station (The Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, T18)
Ending Point
Urayasu Station (The Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, T18) (if you are taking limousine bus, please let me know in advance. I can take you to Shin-Urayasu station)
3 hours
Starting time
08:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Number of people
up to 4 people   Flexible

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the admission fee for Urayasu Folk Museum?

Free for everyone!

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