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  •   Seiryu-ji temple, Five storied Pagoda, Showa Daibutsu
  •   Sannai Maruyama Archaeological site


City Aomori
Depart From Aomori , Aomori
Meeting Point At your hotel in Aomori City
Ending Point At your hotel in Aomori City
Departure 08:30 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Duration 6h   Flexible
Languages English (License) , Spanish (Intermediate)
Tour Type Private Tour ( only for you )
Number of people 1 ~ 15


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What to Expect

Aomori City is the capital of Aomori Prefecture, norhtern most city in Honshu, Japan. It is about 3 hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen (bullet train) which now goes all the way to Hakodate, Hokkaido through the under-the-sea tunnel. In Aomori area, our 1 day tour will include: Seiryu-ji temple - Wa Rasse Nebuta house - Sannai-Maruyama Jomon Period village site - Aspam
Siryu-ji temple was founded in 1982 by Aomori-born carpenter, Aomori Hiba cypress and Tsugaru lacquer workers. So we can call this temple a product of Aomori. It is a Shingon sect temple, same sect as Mt. Koya (World Heritage Site). It was buildt in memory of the war dead and has a five-storied pagoda which is 39 meters (120 feet) and the highest wooden pagoda to the north of Kyoto and the 4th highest in Japan. It is made of Japanese Hiba cypress from Aomori and it has a central pillar hanging from the top which works like a pendulum and resistant to an earthquake. The temple also has Showa Daibutsu (Showa Great Buddha) built in 1984. This Daibutsu is 21.35 meters high and Japan’s largest seated bronze statue of Buddha, even larger than one of Nara or Kamakura.
Wa Rasse is the house of Nebuta floats. They have five floats displayed in the house, so you will be able to see the actual floats used during the summer Nepbuta festival in August. It is the largest festival in summer in Aomori Prefecture. After this tour, we will have lunch and then go to Sannai Maruyama Archaeological sit which is one of the largest Jomon Period sites. Jomon period is from 12,000 years ago to 3,500 years ago and Jomon people in this site lived about 1,500 years during the middle of the Jomon period. You will see re-constructed pit-dwelling, mounds, large houses, Six-pillared Building, burials for adults and children, and Waterlogged Trash Layers. After Sannai Maruyama, we will come back to Aomori City and visit Aspam where you can do shopping local items and also see live Shamisen.

What‘s included

Guide Fee
Hotel pick-up

What‘s not included

Transportation fee
Entrance fee to Seiryu-ji temple, 400 yen for adults and 350 yen for children
Entrance fee to Wa Rasse, Adults: 600 yen
Highschoolers: 450 yen
Middle and elementary schoolers: 250 yen

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Frequently Asked Questions

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