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Tokyo Highlights Tours

  • Tokyo Must-See Places As-You-Like One-Day Tour

    (171) Reviews
    by Dai
    You can make your own itinerary as you like. Tokyo has many interesting and beautiful places. You can select some of these. I can show you around Tokyo as ...
    8 Hours US$ 303 up to 6 people
  • Tokyo Up-to-You Tour

    (69) Reviews
    by Yoko
    I recommend ending up the day with the night view of the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Bay, the most beautiful night view in Tokyo I would like you to see. ...
    8 Hours US$ 285 up to 5 people
  • One day Door to Door tour of Kyoto from Tokyo

    (269) Reviews
    by Yuki
    This tour is for those who want to visit Kyoto and return to Tokyo within a day. We will use the fastest bullet train "Nozomi" for our round trip between T...
    13 Hours US$ 360 up to 5 people

Tokyo Day Trip

Tokyo Food & Drink Tours

  • Azabu Walk and Tofu Making

    (25) Reviews
    by RIEKO
    In the neighborhood of Tokyo tower, Azabu is very popular among young people for its various kinds of restaurants, bars and food shops. Let us strolling ar...
    4 Hours US$ 144 up to 5 people
  • Tsukiji outer market and Japanese garden

    (25) Reviews
    by RIEKO
    Tsukiji fish market used to be the world largest fish market. Even after the inner market moved to Toyosu, the outer market is still there and keep attract...
    4 Hours US$ 144 up to 5 people
  • Street food and off the beaten track neighborhood in Tokyo

    (25) Reviews
    by RIEKO
    Would you like to try some street food, walking through the longest shopping street in the Kanto area? Not only street food, you can also enjoy an old Japa...
    6 Hours US$ 207 up to 5 people

Tokyo Off the Beaten Path Tours

  • Nostalgic Yanaka Stroll (half day)

    (103) Reviews
    by Tomoko
    This tour is recommended for those who love strolling and look for a less touristy travel experience. Yanaka is one of the few areas in Tokyo where you can...
    3 Hours US$ 142 up to 6 people
  • Half Day private Tour of Off-the-Beaten-Paths in Tokyo

    (13) Reviews
    If you are a frequent traveller and love to find the secrets of the town you visit, here is your solution in Tokyo. We will visit only the places not visit...
    4 Hours US$ 129 up to 6 people
  • Out of beaten path nearby Shibuya

    (25) Reviews
    by RIEKO
    In the neighborhood of Shibuya, there are good destinations not very touristy. Let us enjoy walking in a quiet residential area and drop by some old house...
    5 Hours US$ 176 up to 5 people

Tokyo Unique Experience Tours

  • Half-day Pilgrimage of three Otaku Holy Grounds in Tokyo

    (13) Reviews
    Otaku is a Japanese word for deep lovers of Anime, Manga cultures. This is a tour to visit three holy grounds, meccas for Otakus in Tokyo. You can see and ...
    4 Hours US$ 129 up to 6 people
  • River Cruise Tour: Odaiba, Japanese Garden, Tokyo Tower

    (57) Reviews
    by SHIN
    Let’s check the hustle and bustle of Tokyo from the peaceful river. A comfortable breeze and a lot of seagulls welcome you. This tour starts passing the st...
    8 Hours US$ 270 up to 6 people
  • VR Ninjya experience

    (32) Reviews
    by Hiroshi
    Wtih this tour, you can experience Ninjya fighting in VR technology atmosphere. This is good for family. Even small children over 6 years old can participa...
    7 Hours US$ 252 up to 5 people

Tokyo Nightlife Tours

Tokyo Nature & Outdoor Tours

Tokyo Art & Culture Tours

  • Historical Exploring in Ueno (half day)

    (103) Reviews
    by Tomoko
    Concise Japanese history tour. Recommended especially for those who like to overview Japan’s history and art at the start and the end of your trip. Focusin...
    3 Hours US$ 142 up to 4 people
  • True Tokyo Tour Exploring Its History and Japanese Culture

    (12) Reviews
    by Toru
    If you'd like to see Tokyo from a bit different angle, like history and culture, this tour should be one of your choice. You'll see Tokyo's miraculous tra...
    8 Hours US$ 180 up to 5 people
  • Academic Tour in Tokyo

    by NAOYA
    We will visit Universities in Tokyo. Education since the Meiji Era was one of the secrets of success of Japan's modernization. We will visit characteristic...
    9 Hours US$ 284 up to 6 people

Tokyo Shopping Tours

Tokyo Kids & Family Friendly Tours

Tokyo Online Experiences Tours

  • Online - Origami Lesson

    (165) Reviews
    by YUKIKO
    Origami is one of the elaborate Japanese cultures known as paper folding. This Origami lesson will be given by online. You can prepare a square shaped pape...
    1 Hour US$ 23 up to 2 people
  • Online - Consulting Service for Your Future Trip to Japan

    (165) Reviews
    by YUKIKO
    This service will be useful for individual tourists and backpackers who travel by yourself in Japan. To be ready for your future trip, I would like to shar...
    40 Minutes US$ 23 up to 2 people
  • Exciting Tokyo - Online Tour

    (20) Reviews
    by Hideaki
    This is a two-way communication online tour using online Video Conference System. Based on the itinerary, some pictures and videos of sightseeing spots wi...
    1 Hour US$ 9 up to 5 people

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