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 Customized  tour around the must-see places

Customized tour around the must-see places

(26) Reviews

Have a tour around the amazing and interesting must-see places in Tokyo ! I would like to help you with planing and coordinating the tour in accordance with your requests. What you should do is jus... read more

by Takako
6h $ 180 up to 10 people

Half Day Tokyo Sightseeing

(19) Reviews

As a half-day tour in Tokyo, I offer you my tour guide service to show you such three attractive destinations like Sensoji Temple (Asakusa), Meiji Shrine and Shibuya (or Ueno Park) . I offer this serv... read more

by Akio
4h $ 162 up to 15 people

A One-Day Tokyo Tour

(1) Reviews

Hotel (9:00) - Asakusa - Sumida River cruise - Hama-rikyu Garden - Tsukiji outer fish market( lunch) - East Garden of Imperial Palace - Meiji Shrine/ Takeshita St. / Harajuku - Shibuya scramble crossi... read more

by Junichi
8h $ 180 up to 10 people
Asakusa (half day)

Asakusa (half day)

(1) Reviews

A half-day tour to Tokyo’s must-visit area, Asakuksa. Asakusa is not just the iconic Kaminarimon gate with the huge red lantern, but it's also full of interesting spots and cultural attractions. You... read more

by Tomoko
3:30h $ 99

Kagurazaka, a hidden gem town walking

(38) Reviews

This is a half day tour exploring of the Tokyo's oldest and most beautiful fewdal lord gardens, Koishikawa-Korakuen and the neightborhood town, Kagurazaka.Kagurazaka is sometimes called "Tokyo's smal... read more

by Michiko
5h $ 149 up to 10 people
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Tokyo Golden Tour

(70) Reviews

I would like to take you to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Sky Tree, Imperial Palace and Ginza. Sensoji temple is Tokyo's oldest and largest one with a history dating back to 628. Kaminarimon, or "Thunder ... read more

by Hideo
8h $ 270 up to 30 people

Tokyo Rock Performances, at small Live Spots.

(11) Reviews

Find your favorite Japanese Rock Musician and enjoy the live performance in a small live house(s). I assist you to book ticket(s) and attend you to the spot(s) safely. read more

by Tak
4h $ 135 up to 10 people

4 hours night tour in Shinjuku

(20) Reviews

You can fully enjoy the night life in the most exciting city Shinjuku . You can enjoy Tokyo's most authentic sushi restaurant , Isakaya , tavern, or ramen which meets your budget. In Samurai museum,... read more

by Kyoko
4h $ 117 up to 10 people

Factory tour in Tokyo suburbs by private engineer guide.

(5) Reviews

Choose one or two of below factory tour. I will pick you up in your hotel and take you to the factory. I will give you a translation of the factory guide in Japanese with my engineering background and... read more

by Akira.K
8h $ 446 up to 15 people

Tokyo Evening Tour by private guide

(5) Reviews

Enjoy an evening walk in Tokyo. After walking through the shopping streets of either tourism area or the places known to the locals only, we end up in a local Izakaya(Japanese style tavern), sharing... read more

by Akira.K
3:30h $ 168 up to 15 people
Harajuku & Shibuya - Half Day, 4hrs - Daytime or Evening

Harajuku & Shibuya - Half Day, 4hrs - Daytime or Evening

(21) Reviews

Harajuku is the center of Kawaii culture (Kawaii=cute). It's a must-see area for those into kawaii culture (a favorite among young women). This is a walking tour which includes a visit to fashion stre... read more

4h $ 108 up to 10 people


(5) Reviews

Discover Tokyo's top attractions on an 9 hours tour by air-conditioned coach that includes a cruise on Tokyo Bay. See sights such as Meiji Jingu Shito Shirine, the Imperial Palace, Senso-ji Temple in ... read more

by JPT
7:30h $ 108 per person
Full day Tokyo Sightseeing - 8 hours

Full day Tokyo Sightseeing - 8 hours

(19) Reviews

The full day tour covers our most fascinating destinations in Tokyo. I show you around five destinations; Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden, Tsukiji Fish Market, Ueno Park, Akihabara Electric Town and Ginza Str... read more

by Akio
8h $ 225 up to 15 people

One day - Private & Customized Tour in Tokyo (For a big group)

(88) Reviews

All visitors have their own needs, desires and requests. This tour is range from a family to a big group. I had overseas experience with my families including my child and my grandmother. My grandm... read more

8h $ 315
Harajuku, Short Exploring Tour

Harajuku, Short Exploring Tour

Harajuku has a wide variety of places, such as shops, cafes, restaurants and so on. Although it is full of popular places, it is not easy to find the BEST places for each guest. On this tou... read more

2h $ 29 up to 15 people

New and Traditional Tokyo

Visit Ginza (New), and Shinbashi (Traditional) area, and Feel many atractiveness of Tokyo. read more

5h $ 180 up to 10 people

One-day Tour in Downtown Tokyo

(1) Reviews

Enjoy the atmosphere of Edo, the old Tokyo. In the morning, we'll visit Tomioka Hachiman shrine and Fukagawa Fudo-son temple . You can see the difference between Shinto and Buddhism, two major relig... read more

by Masashi
8h $ 90 per person

Your Own One Day Tour in Tokyo

(4) Reviews

'It'll be my great pleasure to prepare a customized tour for you based on your specific interests and requests. I'll also be very flexible about the tour schedule so that you can really enjoy the tour... read more

8h $ 270 up to 12 people

Your Own Half Day Tour in Tokyo

(4) Reviews

It'll be my pleasure to help you to make your own tour based on your requests and interests. I'll also be able to be very flexible about your tour schedule so that you really enjoy the tour. read more

4h $ 135 up to 12 people

Modern and traditional Tokyo!!

(2) Reviews

We will start in one of the tallest towers of the world , then go to the oldest Tokyo temple, get on a boat to cruise along the Tokyo river. Arrive at Shibuya crossing , go to Takeshita dori to spend ... read more

by Carla
8h $ 270 up to 15 people
Tokyo 1 day tram trip

Tokyo 1 day tram trip

(10) Reviews

Let's see nostalgic Tokyo using "Tokyo Sakura tram (Toden Arakawa line)". read more

1 day $ 270 up to 15 people

Evening Hanami (Cherry Blossom) Experience with a Local

SPECIAL LIMITED SEASONAL TOUR- Stroll along a famous Blossom lined canal in Tokyo and experience true Hanami Cherry Blossom season in Tokyo is so beautiful, and even more so in the evening when lante... read more

3h $ 135 per person

Daytime Hanami (Cherry Blossom Time) With a Local

The true Hanami spirit during Cherry Blossom season in Tokyo is hidden in the back streets, old neighborhoods, around temples and shrines (both big and small). Join us on this walking tour of part of ... read more

2:30h $ 108 per person

Crazy Cute Kawaii Food Tour

The Harajuku district of Tokyo is full of cool, cultural, imaginative and above all CUTE food and experiences. Join our tour for the best tastes of this outrageous area. read more

3h $ 128 per person

All-Star Food Tour

Experience Tokyo’s culinary hidden gems on this 3-hour Tokyo food tour through three very famous and must see places in Tokyo! Starting off in Yurakucho, exploring Ginza and ending in Shimbashi, your ... read more

3h $ 137 per person

Japanese Street Food Tour

In this 3-hour Shibuya Food Tour, you will not need a Shibuya map or Shibuya travel guide. We show our guests the delicious side of Shibuya, a place more known for being at the forefront of culture an... read more

3h $ 127 per person

Asakusa Food Tour: Tokyo's #1 Family Food Tour

Asakusa and Sensoji area is one of Japan's Must see spots- taste the flavors of this historic neighborhood! Every guide book and checklist will tell you that the Asakusa area is a “Must See!” But w... read more

3h $ 122 per person

GoldenGai Shinjuku Food Tour

Experience Tokyo’s bustling culinary back streets on this 3-hour Tokyo food tour Start your tour by walking through the busy streets of Shinjuku heading straight for Omoide Yokocho (literally “Memory... read more

3h $ 122 per person

Hidden Gem Food Tour

Explore the streets of Shimbashi on our 3 hour food tour Explore the streets of Shinbashi and experience how the Japanese working class unwind after a long day at the office in a maze of eateries, ... read more

3h $ 122 per person

Private Tour in Tokyo

Chat with a local tour guide you will create the best plan for you, according to your preferences.
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