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Tokyo Must-See Places As-You-Like One-Day Tour

Tokyo Must-See Places As-You-Like One-Day Tour

(92) Reviews

You can make your own itinerary as you like. Tokyo has many interesting and beautiful places. You can select some of these. I can show you around as much as possible. By using Tokyo Metro 24-hour Tick... read more

by Dai
8h $ 271 up to 6 people
Personalized Tokyo Journey

Personalized Tokyo Journey

(65) Reviews

This one-day walking tour is ideal for those first-time-Tokyo-visitor and those who are not as well. The tour is designed only for you, based on your interests. read more

7h $ 196 up to 5 people
One-day Tokyo tour in your own way

One-day Tokyo tour in your own way

(36) Reviews

There are actually many ways to enjoy Tokyo. On this tour, you have an option to spend the day as you would like to - visiting sightseeing spots, eating at gourmet restaurants/bars, shopping at best s... read more

8h $ 249 up to 3 people
Junko's 7-hour Private Custom Tour

Junko's 7-hour Private Custom Tour

(27) Reviews

This tour helps you make the most of your visit to Tokyo. It is basically a walking tour using public transportation. I will plan your tour based on your requests and show you an itinerary in advan... read more

by Junko
7h $ 218 up to 5 people

Essences of Tokyo, overview of Japan, customized way

(28) Reviews

Very much customized way to overview Tokyo, Japan read more

by Yuji
7h $ 249
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Your Best Choice of Tokyo One-day Tour

(2) Reviews

Tokyo has a lot of sightseeing spots for foreign tourist. So, I narrowed them down to 8 spots for your options. If you are wondering where to go, book this tour. Just choose 4 or 5 spots out of them f... read more

by Shoji
7:30h $ 240 up to 7 people

Free Tour In Tokyo wherever you like

(26) Reviews

You can choose 3 or 4 areas you like below . *Imperial palace eastern garden and Marunouchi *Asakusa: Kaminarimon gate, Sensouji temple *Tokyo Sky tree *Tokyo Tower *Roppongi *Omotesando : High... read more

by Kyoko
8h $ 233 up to 8 people

Outer Tsukiji Fish Market, Hama-rikyu Gardens, Cruising to Asakusa

(28) Reviews

Tsukiji Fish Outer Market (including sushi at sushi restaurant for early lunch), Hamarikyu Japanese style gardens with Japanese tea in tea house, Sumidagawa River cruising taking water bus, and Asakus... read more

by Akira.S
7h $ 236 up to 4 people

⭐️Tokyo 1-day Sightseeing tour with Maru⭐️

(17) Reviews

Best tour to discover the highlights of Tokyo. You can also arrange your destinations if there are some places you would like to visit. read more

by Maru
7h $ 218

Exciting Tokyo - One Day Tour

(5) Reviews

You can visit several places in Tokyo where you can experience traditional and modern Japan in one day. Please select some places from the list and I will propose a one-day tour itinerary for you. T... read more

by Hideaki
8h $ 214 up to 5 people

A One-Day Tokyo Tour

(18) Reviews

Hotel (9:00) - Asakusa - Sumida River cruise - Hama-rikyu Garden - Tsukiji outer fish market( lunch) - East Garden of Imperial Palace - Meiji Shrine/ Takeshita St. / Harajuku - Shibuya scramble crossi... read more

by Junichi
8h $ 205 up to 10 people
Customized Day Tour in Tokyo   (Optionally with van and driver)

Customized Day Tour in Tokyo (Optionally with van and driver)

(33) Reviews

Since there are too many places to visit in Tokyo, it is not possible to include all the spots in a one-day tour. I will make a customized day tour in Tokyo based on your requests. You can include 3 o... read more

by Nobu
7h $ 298 up to 4 people

Private Traditional and Futuristic Tokyo Tour

(52) Reviews

Fantastic spots featured here provide you various aspects of Japan including Odaiba as very modern futuristic town, Rogoku remaining the Edo period culture, Akihabara as unique sub culture town showin... read more

8h $ 285 up to 4 people

One Day Customized Tour in Tokyo

(16) Reviews

Recommended for those who want to make the best of your limited days in Tokyo! First, choose 1 or 2 places from the selection list in ‘Highlights,’ and let me know your requests. Then I will suggest... read more

by Tomoko
8h $ 256 up to 5 people

Exploring Katsusika - Shitamachi Walking Tour

(36) Reviews

Katsusika is on the east end of Tokyo and it's widely known as shitamachi: Tokyo's old downtown full of warmth from local people and nostalgic feeling of Showa-era. On this tour, you will explore Kat... read more

8h $ 235 up to 6 people

Hamarikyu Japanese garden , Sumida river cruse to Asakusa Plus 1

(26) Reviews

In the morning, we enjoy Hamarikyu Garden which is one of Tokyo's most beautiful garden. Then we have Sumida river cruse from there. In the afternoon, We enjoy the downtown area of Asakusa. You can... read more

by Kyoko
8h $ 233 up to 8 people

Your Tokyo starts here!

(3) Reviews

Explore Tokyo with Marcus! Temples, shrines, markets, parks, and architecture modern and old, let me help you navigate your way round this most incredible of cities! This is Tokyo your way, seeing ... read more

by Marcus
6h $ 160 up to 4 people

Customized tour in Tokyo

(5) Reviews

Is it your first visit to Tokyo? Do you know places to go? Would like to make a tour in Tokyo as efficiently as possible? Do not worry! I will show you around a lot of good places in Tokyo. From Tsuki... read more

7h $ 202 up to 5 people

Excursion to Fukagawa, a typical of old downtown Tokyo

(33) Reviews

Fukagawa is one of the typical old downtown areas in Tokyo. You may feel something of Japan's good old days during this excursion. We will visit Fukagawa Fodoudou (a temple), Tomioka Hachimangu (a shr... read more

by Nobu
5h $ 196 up to 4 people
Sumo Morning Practice and Tsukiji Fish Market

Sumo Morning Practice and Tsukiji Fish Market

(32) Reviews

We will observeSumo practice and stroll Tsukiji fish market which you can feel Japanese culture. First, we visit one of the sumo stables and watch serious bouts. Then we stroll Tsukiji Fish Outer Mark... read more

by Mari
4h $ 160 up to 4 people

Excursion to a fine Flower Garden and a High-class Temple [Cherry Blossom Viewing]

(7) Reviews

After meeting at your hotel - by train and bus - Jindaiji Temple(located in Chofu city) - Jindai Botanical Garden - Jindaiji Temple Town(lunch, shopping and handmade pottery) - by bus and train - Shi... read more

5h $ 160 up to 5 people

Half Day Tokyo Sightseeing

(20) Reviews

As a half-day tour in Tokyo, I offer you my tour guide service to show you such three attractive destinations like Sensoji Temple (Asakusa), Meiji Shrine and Shibuya (or Ueno Park) . I offer this serv... read more

by Akio
4h $ 160 up to 15 people

Tokyo Highlights Tour 1st Day

(36) Reviews

Make the most of your 1st day in Tokyo! On this tour, we'll visit Tokyo's most popular tourist destinations(Tsukiji, Hamarikyu, Asakusa, Harajuku, Omotesando, and Shibuya) in 8 hours. read more

8h $ 249 up to 3 people

Shinjuku Night Walking

(28) Reviews

Shinjuku Station is the busiest station in the world. More than three million people get on and off at the station. It has several faces. Why don't you walk around this area? read more

by Akira.S
4h $ 142 up to 4 people

Tokyo your way

(31) Reviews

There are many popular Tokyo hotspots. Let's focus on what you're interested in. For a 4-hour tour, please select two or three destinations from the Highlights section (all of which are my personal ... read more

4h $ 116 up to 6 people

Efficient One Day Tokyo Tour

(18) Reviews

Efficiently visiting various popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo. Though Tsukiji inner fish market (wholesale area) moves to Toyosu, this tour visits Tsukiji outer fish market (retail area). Schedule... read more

8:30h $ 151 up to 5 people

Akihabara Walking Tour

(1) Reviews

Akihabara is Japan's largest electric appliance shopping district in Tokyo. At the same time this town is the Center of Geek Culter, or Otaku in Japanese. You will enjoy walking the town and seeing a ... read more

by Shinya
3h $ 107 up to 6 people

Asakusa & Ueno Awesome Tour

(92) Reviews

In Asakusa, we will visit Senso-ji temple, nakamise shopping street, Asakusa shrine and Kappabashi Kitchen utensils street. In Ueno, we will visit Ueno Park area, including Tokyo National Museum, Shi... read more

by Dai
8h $ 271 up to 6 people

Muslim Friendly Customized Day Tour in Tokyo (Optionally with van/microbus and driver)

(33) Reviews

A Muslim friendly day tour in Tokyo. Available to pray in a Masjid or a Prayer Space. (Option) Lunch at Halal restaurant (with Halal certificate, or Muslim friendly) A chartered van or a microbus t... read more

by Nobu
7h $ 307 up to 4 people

Asakusa, Meiji Shinto Shrine and as you like

(28) Reviews

Let's feel a tranquil atmosphere of Shinto Shrine in the midst of metropolitan Tokyo. After that, you are going to visit Asakusa, which is called “Shitamachi”, low-lying area of a city with small ind... read more

by Akira.S
6h $ 205 up to 4 people

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