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Personalized Tokyo Journey

Personalized Tokyo Journey

(49) 口コミ

This one-day walking tour is ideal for those first-time-Tokyo-visitor and those who are not as well. The tour is designed only for you, based on your interests. read more

7h ¥‎ 22,000 5人まで people
Tokyo tour à la carte

Tokyo tour à la carte

(129) 口コミ

This tour covers my favorite places in Tokyo. You can choose three places in Tokyo from the list in the highlights. Please pay the extra fee of 3,000 JPY for high seasons (April, May, June, Septembe... read more

by Yuki
7h ¥‎ 21,000 5人まで people
Tokyo Private One-day Tour

Tokyo Private One-day Tour

(31) 口コミ

Tokyo is a beautiful, unique and exciting city. It has various kinds of charms of both traditional and modern aspects. This is a customized tour just for you. I listed popular places to visit below. ... read more

by Makiko
7h ¥‎ 24,500
Tokyo Must-See Places As-You-Like One-Day Tour

Tokyo Must-See Places As-You-Like One-Day Tour

(75) 口コミ

You can make your own itinerary as you like. Tokyo has many interesting and beautiful places. You can select some of these. I can show you around as much as possible. By using Tokyo Metro 24-hour Tick... read more

by Dai
8h ¥‎ 30,000 6人まで people
 Day tour  Must See Tokyo

Day tour Must See Tokyo

(22) 口コミ

Tokyo is capital of Japan is a concentrated center for everything from culture to politics to economics. There are so many spots to see one of its charms is modern buildings and monuments meet histori... read more

by Atsuko
7h ¥‎ 25,000 5人まで people
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Tokyo Up-to-You Tour

(15) 口コミ

I recommend ending up the day with the night view of the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Bay, the most beautiful night view in Tokyo I would like you to see. We will visit the spots you would like to ... read more

by Yoko
7h ¥‎ 23,800 5人まで people

One-day Tokyo tour in your own way

(25) 口コミ

There are actually many ways to enjoy Tokyo. On this tour, you have an option to spend the day as you would like to - visiting sightseeing spots, eating at gourmet restaurants/bars, shopping at best s... read more

8h ¥‎ 28,000 3人まで people

Tokyo One Day Customized Tour

(14) 口コミ

I selected must-see places in Tokyo . Please choose three places you'd like to visit from the highlight below. I will add another place if we have time.If you'd like to take time for shopping or s... read more

by Keiko
7h ¥‎ 24,500 8人まで people

Your Best Choice of Tokyo One-day Tour

Tokyo has a lot of sightseeing spots for foreign tourist. So, I narrowed them down to 8 spots for your options. If you are wondering where to go, book this tour. Just choose 4 or 5 spots out of them f... read more

by Shoji
7:30h ¥‎ 27,000 7人まで people

One Day Customized Tour in Tokyo

(9) 口コミ

Recommended for those who want to make the best of your limited days in Tokyo! First, choose 1 or 2 places from the selection list in ‘Highlights,’ and let me know your requests. Then I will suggest... read more

by Tomoko
7h ¥‎ 24,500 5人まで people

Free Tour In Tokyo wherever you like

(22) 口コミ

You can choose 3 or 4 areas you like below . *Imperial palace eastern garden and Marunouchi *Asakusa: Kaminarimon gate, Sensouji temple *Tokyo Sky tree *Tokyo Tower *Roppongi *Omotesando : High... read more

by Kyoko
8h ¥‎ 25,600 8人まで people
Must see places in Tokyo

Must see places in Tokyo

(40) 口コミ

This tour covers major sightseeing spots, Tsukiji Market, Hamarikyu traditional garden and Asakusa in 6 hours.we ride on a cruising boat running the Sumida river. read more

by Michiko
6h ¥‎ 23,000 4人まで people

Tsukiji Fish Market Walking and Sushi Making Workshop

(22) 口コミ

This tour consists of Tsukiji Fish Market walking and Sushi making workshop. First, we will go to Tsukiji Outer market where you will have chances to taste food samples. Then we will move to Sushi ... read more

by Mari
4h ¥‎ 17,000
Customized Day Tour in Tokyo   (Optionally with van and driver)

Customized Day Tour in Tokyo (Optionally with van and driver)

(27) 口コミ

Since there are too many places to visit in Tokyo, it is not possible to include all the spots in a one-day tour. I will make a customized day tour in Tokyo based on your requests. You can include 3 o... read more

by Nobu
7h ¥‎ 33,500 4人まで people

Tokyo east part one day tour

(26) 口コミ

This tour will escort you to the popular sightseeing spots in the east part of Tokyo. The basic itinerary is as follows. (Morning) * Pick up at your hotel at 9:30. 1) Visit Meiji shrine ... read more

by Uemitsu
8h ¥‎ 25,000 5人まで people
Kahoko's Tokyo

Kahoko's Tokyo "As you like" One Day Tour

(120) 口コミ

Let's customize your tour reflecting your needs or interests : gourmet : architecture : entertainment : pop culture and so on. Or you can choose several areas you like to visit. Here I indicate ten z... read more

7h ¥‎ 28,000 5人まで people

Exploring Katsusika - Shitamachi Walking Tour

(25) 口コミ

Katsusika is on the east end of Tokyo and it's widely known as shitamachi: Tokyo's old downtown full of warmth from local people and nostalgic feeling of Showa-era. On this tour, you will explore Kat... read more

8h ¥‎ 26,400 6人まで people

Tsukiji Fish Market, Hama-rikyu Gardens, Cruising to Asakusa

(22) 口コミ

Tsukiji Fish Market (including sushi at sushi restaurant for early lunch), Hamarikyu Japanese style gardens with Japanese tea in tea house, Sumidagawa River cruising taking water bus, and Asakusa Kann... read more

by Akira.S
7h ¥‎ 26,500 4人まで people

Variety of Tokyo - 1 day Customized Tour -

(20) 口コミ

Tokyo is a city visitors never tire of exploring. There are numerous attractive places and things to do. We'll go around the city on foot and by the world’s most punctual public transportation, visiti... read more

by Aki
7h ¥‎ 28,000 4人まで people

How about an enjoyable walking in Tokyo?

There are lots of sightseeing spots in Tokyo. I will help you visit your favorable places effectively. This tour will be designed for internarional visitors to enjoy walking around some of such famous... read more

by Yoshi
7h ¥‎ 20,000 4人まで people

One day - Experience Tokyo & Edo Culture

You never see Tokyo until you see Edo. By joying the tour, you will experience the present Japanese culture, history, the way of thinking, and a sense of beauty developed from the Edo period. I am sur... read more

by Nobuo
7:30h ¥‎ 23,000 8人まで people

Colorful Walking Tour in Tokyo [Cherry Blossom Viewing in Shinjuku Gyoen]

(6) 口コミ

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory(a panoramic view) - Shinjuku Gyoen National Park - Meiji Jingu Gaien(a famous street lined with ginkgo trees) - Nezu Art Museum(besides exhibits, a w... read more

8h ¥‎ 25,000 5人まで people

Tokyo Day Trip for Standard Interests

(1) 口コミ

This is a typical day trip in Tokyo. Tokyo has been the capital since the early 15th century, so it has so many historic and cultural venues. I'd like to introduce you to them eagerly. read more

8h ¥‎ 24,000 6人まで people

A One-Day Tokyo Tour

(5) 口コミ

Hotel (9:00) - Asakusa - Sumida River cruise - Hama-rikyu Garden - Tsukiji outer fish market( lunch) - East Garden of Imperial Palace - Meiji Shrine/ Takeshita St. / Harajuku - Shibuya scramble crossi... read more

by Junichi
8h ¥‎ 20,000 10人まで people

Exploring Tokyo! -One day customized tour

(3) 口コミ

This tour is One day tour customized for you. I will coordinate the tour according to your interests or the places you would like to go. Also, please let me know what kind of food you would like to ha... read more

by Hiromi
7h ¥‎ 10,000

Exciting Tokyo - One Day Tour

(3) 口コミ

You can visit several places in Tokyo where you can experience traditional and modern Japan in one day. Please select some places from the list and I will propose a one-day tour itinerary for you. T... read more

by Hideaki
8h ¥‎ 24,000 5人まで people

Tokyo Private Half-day Tour

(31) 口コミ

Tokyo is a beautiful, unique and exciting city. It has various kinds of charms of both traditional and modern aspects. This is a customized tour just for you. I listed popular places to visit below. ... read more

by Makiko
4h ¥‎ 14,000

Efficient One Day Tokyo Tour

(6) 口コミ

Efficiently visiting various popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo. As tourists are not allowed into the wholesale area of Tsukiji fish market before 10am, this tour is arranged to visit there at 10am w... read more

8:30h ¥‎ 17,000 5人まで people
Kahoko's Tokyo

Kahoko's Tokyo "As you like"Half Day Tour

(120) 口コミ

Where do you like to visit in limited 4 hours? Let's customize your tour "As you like". Here I indicate you the nine zones of Tokyo's popular sightseeing areas: Zone 1 Imperial Palace / Marunouc... read more

4h ¥‎ 16,000 5人まで people

Private Tour in Tokyo

Chat with a local tour guide who will create the best plan for you, according to your preferences.
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