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Eileen Eileen Singapore ( Family with kids )
11 months ago

“ 7 hours with Maru taking Tokyo public transport ”

Thank you Maru for being very patient with me and my family ❤️.My 2 young girls are still thinking of her .... :) Maru brought us around to experience Tokyo subway. We went to East Imperial Garden to take nice pictures and we went so crazy shopping at Tokyo station character street . We also had a very nice dinner at the rec. Gonpachi dinner. Thank you Maru for offering to carry all our shopping bags for us while we continue to shop ! Take care, keep in touch and we will definitely look for you again next time ❣️


Eileen, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I was happy to spend a great day with you all. The red and yellow colored leaves in the Imperial Palace East Garden were spectacular? and we had a lot of fun shopping cute items and chatting while eating dinner! Your daughters were really cute and I was very touched when they run back and gave me a big hug before I left. Also, your father was very gentle and kind. I am also thinking of your daughters until now. Yes, keep in touch and let’s meet again soon? Thank you so much!! Maru

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